The Subject We Love to Hate … Going Back to Work!

The dreaded subject that we us mom’s and dad’s don’t want to think about, but a lot of us have to think about … going back to work.

I will start off by saying, that I started working at the age of 16 and never took that year or so off to travel the world and find myself after high school or University, so naturally when I found out I was pregnant, I was quite excited at the thought of having a “stress free” year off to spend with my child (jokes on me right?!)

After having my son (who is my first), I kept thinking “wow, I have an entire year of not working” (obviously not knowing how much work I had in store for me), then as I am celebrating my son being 4 months old, 5 months old and then 6 months old, I had slowly come to the realization that I am soon going back to work and panicked (yes actually panicked)! At this point, my husband kept reminding me that 6 months was a long time from then and not to stress about now, but then my son was 8 months, 9 months and really becoming a fun, full of life little boy (and of course I made so many great mom friends and are some of my closest friends) and then the anxiety stepped in at the thought of leaving him and my great group of friends – it’s only natural right?! Time really does fly by because the next thing I knew, I was planning my son’s first birthday and immediately after that I was back to work.

I have now been back at work for 7 months and in my opinion, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to say I am extremely lucky because I love my job, my bosses, my co-workers and my clients and part of me was very excited to get back to them, but the other part of me was thinking “my son is going to hate me for leaving him and I will miss him saying his first word and I will miss all my new friends “ and the list goes on. I think I must have cried the entire week before starting back. Here’s the best part: walking out the door that Monday morning, my little guy waved, blew me a kiss (in his funny awkward way) and then got back to watching Barney which made me cry even more! I built this all up in my head and he didn’t even care (which isn’t a bad thing I know).

So there you have it, going back to work ain’t half bad, in fact, it’s a nice little break from mommyhood where I can talk to clients and not discuss the colour of my son’s bowel movements and I can go out for lunches and not speed through them because my little guy is about to wake up screaming (we have all been there) and the best part is getting excited near the end of the day knowing that as soon as you walk through the door, there will be all smiles and lots of hugs and kisses in celebration of you coming home – what could be better than that!



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