The Must-Have Toys for the Holidays – List 3 #GIVEAWAY

The Must-Have Toys for the Holidays

Are you ready to see what the must-have toys of the season are? We (yes “we” does include me) had a lot of fun testing out the newest toys for the Holidays and I am excited to finally let you know what they are. Brace yourself there are A LOT that we loved and want to share! All these toys were sent to me for review and I have hand picked our favorites.

NHL AirPuck (3+)
This is going to be a HUUUUUGE hit this season!!!!
The amount of marks and dents I have on my wall in the basement from hockey pucks/balls hitting it is my new kind of normal. My big guy started playing hockey 5 or 6 years ago and used to practice shots in the basement with my husband. It wasn’t until a puck ALMOST hit my little guy in the head that I stopped it. There is a solution!!!! The brand new NHL AirPucks have protective foam padding around it so it won’t damage walls. Turn it on and it lights up and hovers over smooth surfaces. This actually makes playing hockey fun for my 5 year old.
Side Note: it does not come with batteries so make sure you have it accessible (4 x AA)

Where to Buy: Party Rock $25



MGA Entertainment’s Ready2Robot Battle Pack (4+)
A gift within a gift within a gift within a gift!!! Just when you think you got your toy, there is a blind box that the kids unwrap (parents get the scissors out for this one) and it reveals different parts of the second battle robot which the little one’s assemble (don’t worry, it’s easy to put together). What really made my little guy laugh was that he had to stick his fingers into a little container of gooey slime to get the little character that goes onto the top of the robot! If you want a stocking stuffer or to collect more, you can buy the blind boxes separate.
Note: Make sure to open all three areas of the chamber to get all robot parts. 

Where to Buy: Indigo $30

Battle Robots


MGA Entertainment’s Crate Creature Flingers (4+)
Brake the crate to let your creature free! We can’t seem to get enough of these little guys (i’m a sucker for a not-so-scary monster). Not only are they cute, but you pull their tongue and they say funny things and best of all (what gets the kids laughing), they belch. For the parents (like myself) that dislike toys that just randomly talk when they aren’t being touched, this is not one of them and there is an off button on the back. These are great as a stocking stuffer or as a smaller gift (he is about the size of my hand)
Note: they come in larger furry creatures 

Where to Buy: Indigo, Amazon $15.99

Crate Creatures Flingers


Flushin Frenzy – Pop the Poop by Mattel (5+)
Talk about getting a laugh, this game is a MUST have for the Holidays!!!! I mean, what child wouldn’t love a game with a flying poop. Yup, you heard me: roll the dice and plunge the toilet as many times as the dice shows to unleash the flying poop. The first person to grab it or catch it in the air gets a coin. The first person to get the most coins wins (it’s just that easy).

Where to Buy:, Indigo, Toys R Us $17.50

Flushin Frenzy


Hydro Strike by Pressman Toys (7+)
So first off this game totally reminds me the old school pinball games but mini version. My big guy really liked this one and that says a lot since he doesn’t really play games anymore with me 🙁 Fill the two little containers on the side with water, drop a ball down ramp and try to keep it out of your zone. If the ball gets through your zone, the game will squirt you. Not to worry parents who don’t like a mess, it’s just a little squirt but since they are little it gets them bang on (hence why he took his shirt off) LOL.

Where to Buy: $38.50 (includes import fees)

Hydro Strike


Grossery Gang Bug Strike (5+)
Back 5 years ago, my older son was introduced to Grossery Gangs by his cousin. My mini has since taken over his collection and we have a bin … yes a BIN full of Grossery Gangs. The newest line is called Grossery Gang Bug Strike and they are little rubbery creatures that kids can collect. The best way to describe these is that they are the boy version of Shopkins. The best part is that they come in little toilets which you add water to (before you open it) and when the kids break the seal (no pun intended) it is filled with a yellow bubbly substance with the figures inside (you dump it out after – it’s just for giggles).
They come in smaller toilet packs (great for stocking stuffers) and larger packs (great for the bigger presents), as well as a lot of garbage trucks and motor bikes the kids use the little figures with.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Price ranges from $3.99 – $24.99 for the packs

Grossery Gang Bug Strike


Flik Flak Watch
A few years ago, my big guy was learning to tell the time so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy him a watch. First stop, the Swatch booth at Yorkdale (their kids line is called Flik Flak)! We were offered a chance to check out Flik Flak’s new line of watches and my mini was so excited because he was finally getting a watch. They both have not taken them off since. This year they are offering really great patterned and textured bands great for their little audiences and their older audiences.

Where to Buy: Amazon Swatch $80-$95

Flik Flak Watches


DC Super Friends HeroDrive Batman Racer by Funrise (3+)
Calling all Superhero fans! Little one’s are going to love these racers, with lights and sounds they are sure to please those curious little minds. I thought they might be too young for my mini but he has been playing with them using his little superhero figures that we have.  There are a lot of options in this new line: the Signal Squad cars have a signal light that illuminates on walls and retail for $12.99, from the Mash Machines which make sounds and have flashing lights retail for $9.99 and lastly the ultimate Batman Racer has lights, engine sounds and music  which retails for $29.99. The added bonus, all come with batteries!!!

Where to Buy: Toys R Us and Home Hardware

Batman HeroDrives


Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef’s Kit
This is neat!!! Now that it’s getting colder out, parents are always looking for indoor things to do with their kids and this is a great activity! Cooking brought to life. Download the app onto your phone, insert your phone into the virtual reality glasses then look at one of the recipes and Professor Maxwell comes to life introducing your child to the recipe and he even explains the science behind the food. Look at all the steps and it activates “how to” videos. Note: this product DOES NOT come with the food, but it does come with all the utensils (measuring cups, cutting board, spatula, measuring spoons, apron, hat and much more!
Side Note: the VR glasses were too heavy for my mini to wear so he lost interest

Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice Best Buy $40 (other options available: Science and Chemistry Kits)

Professor Maxwells 4D Chef


Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty (8+)
Remember the days when putty was only a beige colour and came in an egg and we thought it was the coolest thing ever? Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty has completely changed putty and it can’t get any cooler. You name it, they have it. Everything from: sparkly putty, magnetic putty, hypercolour putty, unicorn putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, scented putty to name a few. When my kids saw these, they begged me to open them. One was the Strange Attractor Putty which is magnetic (which they were fascinated with) and Super Fly Putty which is an illusion putty. What they were even MORE excited about was the Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit which they create their own heat sensitive putties and even make their own tin labels. This one makes for a great rainy day activity – my new go-to birthday gift! I love that it’s non-toxic and made in the USA.
Side Note: the tin can be hard to open, I had to use a fork to separate the tin (part of the putty was under the lid which is why it was sealed as tight as it was)

Where to Buy: Amazon $32 and Scholars Choice $30

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty


Tic Tac Tongue by Yulu (4+)
This is a very easy game that the whole family can play. Put the tongue through the frogger face mask, attach the mouth cap to it (easier to clean), insert the number images into the little stands, put them randomly in a row and begin the game. The object of the game is to get the most cards in your colour by choosing the correct number shown and knocking it down with your frogger tongue. This game is perfect for the little one’s who are learning to recognize numbers, plus they loved blowing out the tongue!
Side note: the kids loved the face mask but I had a really hard time with having my face covered 

Where to Buy: Amazon $17.99 or Indigo $20

Tic Tac Tongue


LeapFrog LeapStart Learning System
This is fabulous learning tool that is actually a fun way for kids to learn! My recommendation: purchase some books right off the bat. First you are going to need to charge your LeapStart Book then download the audio for the books you have purchased by going to the leapfrog web page. If you want to know which books are suitable for your kids, you can go online and see what they offer by grade. Once that is all done, your little one takes the pen that is included with the LeapStart and tap on all different points of the book and it will read/say what you have touched. There are different icons at the bottom of some of the pages, those will guide you to different activities/challenges/problem solving etc that your mini can do throughout the book. Up next for us, the beginner learn-to-read series! Big fan.

Where to Buy: Amazon $50 and Mastermind Toys $60, Books range in price from $10-$25

LeapFrog LeapStart


HexBug Ring Racer (8+)
I feel like this is the kind of product I would walk right by at a toy store (probably because it’s small), but now that we have tested it out, that would have been a mistake! Out of allllll the toys we have gotten to test, this is the only one that caused a fight because they both were fighting over who got to play with it. So first, let me recommend BUY TWO if you have two kids. They can battle it out together and create their own unique stunts (my kids had it fly down the stairs)! The HexBug Ring Racer tumbles, spins and flips over 360 degrees using the little controller. There are two speed settings: regular and fast mode. Best of all, the batteries are rechargeable so no need to go through a ton of batteries. Just make sure to charge it before you give it to them (it comes with a cord and charges pretty quickly).

Where to Buy: Mastermind Toys $30 or Amazon $32

HexBug Ring Racer


There are two more toys that I wanted to show you as I thought they would be great for the Holidays, however I did not test them so I can not review them, BUT I am going to purchase them for my kids if that helps 🙂

A. Crate Creatures: I have the Crate Creature Flingers which made my list but this is the larger version that is plush and makes tons of hilarious noises that kids just love! Plus you have to break them out their crate which is always fun for kids
B. Kerplunk Game: A game that would be great for both of my kids to play. Carefully pull out the sticks but don’t pull the the wrong one otherwise all the balls will fall.

Kerplunk and Crate Creatures


Just in time for the Holidays, we are giving away (1) Hydro Strike game to (1) lucky reader! This contest is open to Canada and US residents. Here’s how to enter: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to our friends at Stortz Toys, they are offering (1) lucky reader a chance to win (1) NHL AirPuck (your team choice). This contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: all items were sent to me for review. Opinions are strictly my own


  1. We love that the HydroStrike game is like pinball!

  2. The air puck works well on hardwood

  3. I like that the Hydro Strike game squirts water 🙂

  4. I like that the AirPuck has protective foam padding

  5. Love that the AirPuck prevents injuries and damage!

  6. Love that the Hydro Strike game squirts! Takes it to a whole new level.

  7. I like that the NHL air puck has protective foam padding so it won’t damage walls or my kid!

  8. I like that the hydro game is like pinball!

  9. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I just love that the Hydro Strike game squirts! how fun is that!

  10. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I like that the Airpuck has protective foam padding

  11. ! appreciate the extra protection around the puck for walls

  12. Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite feature of the Hydro Strike Game is that it squirts just a little bit of water – sounds like it will be enough to make my kids happy but not enough to make a mess. Love it!

  13. Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite feature of the NHL Air Puck is the protective foam padding so it won’t damage walls – without that I probably wouldn’t allow my kids to use it in the house, so that is a great feature!

  14. Amy Heffernan says:

    I love how safe it is….My son would adore this!

  15. Darrah Bailey says:

    I like that the hydro strike game shoots water.. looks so fun

  16. Darrah Bailey says:

    Love how safe the AirPuck is!! What a great idea.. so fun.

  17. I love that it have protective foam padding around

  18. I like the protective padding

  19. I like that its have water , would be a lot of fun

  20. I love the protective foam padding

  21. Rhonda Greig says:

    I like the fact the NHL air puck has protective foam padding for our boys!

  22. Kristina Ziegler says:

    The protective foam padding

  23. Kacee Hoffman-Nunez says:

    It won’t ruin your floor

  24. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I really like that the AirPuck prevents injuries or damages.

  25. I like that the puck won’t damage my walls

  26. lynn clayton says:

    love that both games require imaginative play but the game reminds me of old school pinball

  27. Jenny Major says:

    I like that the AirPuck has protective foam padding

  28. lynn clayton says:

    i llove that the puck lights up

  29. I like that the hydro strike squirts. Sounds fun for my kids.

  30. It is nice the puck has lots of padding to protect the walls and people lol.

  31. Melissa Campeau says:

    The padding around the puck is GENIUS! Then maybe I’d be more willing to let my boys play hockey in the basement… I’m sure they’d love that! Those regular pucks are so dangerous… Id l9ve to have them use these. They seem safer

  32. Foam on the puck!

  33. The Hydro game looks like a blast. Haven’t played pinball in years.
    The Airpuck sounds very interesting as well. Love that it has padding on it.

  34. What a great idea for a toy. My son is on a hockey team and if we won this we would not only use it at home but bring it to tournament I bet everyone on his treat would want one!

  35. Jenny Major says:

    Love that the Hydro Strike game squirts!

  36. The Puck looks amazing because my walls can stay somewhat unscratched!! And obviously because anything that floats across the floor makes the kids feel like they’re on the ice!

  37. I like that this game is something that my grandsons can play with together.

  38. I like that you can pick your team and that they save your walls from being marked up.

  39. Carol McCann says:

    hydro game is like pinball! it appears to safe game

  40. Diana Flores says:

    My son and daughter plays hockey and the air puck is one gift they have asked for hanukkah… i love that it works great on hardwood floors

  41. Diana flores says:

    The hydro game squirts water… that seems so much fun

  42. I like it for being fun water game!

  43. That you can play it indoors when it is cold and icky out there!*l*

  44. thomas rusinak says:

    The puck won’t hurt anything or anyone!

  45. My boys would love to get these for Christmas!

  46. I like that the Hydro Strike game uses water. I know my boys would love that feature.

  47. I love that the Air Puck has foam padding to protect walls and furniture

  48. Erica Seaman says:

    I love that it is safe to use inside the house, there has been so much stuff marked up in my basement from Hockey Pucks.

  49. The squirt of water would be fun and it’s not too big a game.

  50. The maple leafs puck is definitely the team I would have chosen too, good taste haha. I like the hydrostr8ke game! We love silly games like that, like pie face.

  51. Jeremy McLaughlin says:

    Like how the game squirts water.

  52. I think the Hydro Strike game is cool because if you score a point your opponent gets squirted with water

  53. The air puck is nice because it can be used on hardwood floor and has padding so nothing gets hurt.

  54. Jennifer Cervantes says:

    I like the protective foam padding feature.

  55. Jennifer Cervantes says:

    I like that the hydro strike game uses water, my daughters will love that feature.

  56. kathy downey says:

    My favorite feature of this game is the squirt of water

  57. kathy downey says:

    My favorite feature of the AirPuck is the foam padding to help save the walls

  58. I like the squirt of water for the hydro strike

  59. wendy hutton says:

    the protective padding this way it wont ding up my walls

  60. The AirPuck won’t damage my floor or walls!

  61. wendy hutton says:

    I like that the Hydro Strike game squirts

  62. Katrina Brockavich says:

    I love the whole idea! My favorite feature is the squirt of water; I think my kids would think that was the best part!

  63. Katrina Brockavich says:

    I love that the airpuck hovers on the floor and lights up. So much fun!

  64. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I like that the NHL air puck has protective foam padding

  65. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I like that the Hydro Strike Game gives you a little squirt of water — kids will love this feature.

  66. I like the idea of the Hydro Strike Game squirting you with water, thats funny and would be fun to watch my grandchildren getting squirted lol

  67. I like that the air puck has a protective foam padding around it, makes it safe for young ones!

  68. Sarah tennyson says:

    Hydro strike game looks like just the right amount of competition for my kids. Add water and wow!! They would love it

  69. Sarah tennyson says:

    The air puck looks like so much fun! I love that it has an NHL team on it, and that is had lights for that cool.factor!

  70. My kiddos would love the fact that hydro strike squirts water, and I will appreciate that it’s not a ton on water to make a mess

  71. I love that the air puck won’t damage my walls, and my boy could still feel like he’s hitting something

  72. Megan Evans says:

    I love that the hydro strike is a fun new take on a pinball game with little mess.

  73. Like that air puck has protective foam padding.

  74. Katherine S says:

    I like the protective padding.

  75. PattiAnn Green says:

    I love that the Hydro Strike game squirts water at you! Fun!

  76. Natasha tucker says:

    I like that it’s like a fun little pinball game my son and I could play together.

  77. Sara Stegeman says:

    Hydro Strike is like a pinball game! SO much fun for kids and nostalgic adults 🙂

  78. Kristy Reid says:

    I like that the AirPuck has protective foam padding.

  79. Hydro Strike you can add water!! So fun!!!

  80. I like AirPuck does not damage walls!

  81. The puck won’t hurt my big boy

  82. I like that you use water with it. My daughter loves playing with water

  83. Tamara Regan says:

    I like the foam padding around the puck. No stubbed toes while playing with the kiddos,

  84. I like that the air puck wont damage the walls!

  85. My favorite part of the Hydro Strike is that it squirts just enough water to be fun but not too messy.

  86. My favorite part of the NHL AirPuck is that things are padded so that it doesn’t cause damage.

  87. Kayla Klontz says:

    I love that it’s padded!

  88. My favourite part of the hydra strike game is that it squirts water. Such a fun addition to a classic pinball battle style game

  89. YVETTE NEWMAN says:

    I think this is neat NHL AirPuck

  90. YVETTE NEWMAN says:

    I like that it does not damage walls or floors

  91. I have a 4 year old and this is right down his alley. He loves his baths and he loves the pool. Just anything water he loves!!

  92. sam m (samantha) says:

    I didnt see the other game. My son would love either of these. the air hockey game is great for any boy. Then the water game is great for those like my son who love water. I wish I had come up with them. I love them. I would look forward to playing them both with him. Isnt that the best gift you can give someone? Something that you would play with them?

  93. Maggie Smith says:

    My boys would love love the Hydro Splash because they are always splashing each other!!!

  94. I like that it is like pinball.

  95. I like how fun both these toys look.

  96. LeAnn Harbert says:

    My granddaughters getting squirted with water would be my favorite part.

  97. Kelsey Vinson says:

    Having foam on the puck is genius

  98. Debbie Penney says:

    This looks very easy to play for the kids

  99. Heather smith says:

    My kids!

  100. Vanessa Richard says:

    I love that hydro splash squirts you. My son loves pinball so he would have a blast

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