The Latest in Drink and Snack-ware!

Hello my name is Terri and I am a coffee addict!

Yup, I am that person who can not start my day without a cup of coffee and if I don’t have it, I get the dreaded “no coffee” headache. So basically, what I take this from this is that I can not leave my house without a coffee in my hand and for that reason I have a wide collection of coffee cups.

Here are my issues with most of the coffee cups I own: some don’t fit into my cup holder in car, some are not dishwasher safe (which I actually find highly annoying, let’s be honest) and the absolute worst are the cups of mine that LEAK!!!!!!!!!!

So here is the latest in drink-ware: I was sent two new coffee cups to try (it’s like they knew I had duds for coffee cups) and they seem pretty good so far!

The first one is called Kafe in the Box and is exactly as the name states … coffee in a box. At first glance, I was confused by the shape, but after testing it out, I quite liked the shape. The body is not too wide so it fits into your hand nicely (I have small hands too). The inside cup is made with BPA/BPS free Tritan (tritan is a higher quality plastic for those that don’t know what it is) which normally I wouldn’t go for, however this cup has a double wall which keeps hot hot and cold cold and doesn’t burn or freeze your hands. It has a silicone stripe around the lid in order to hold the lid nicely in place and the part that you drink from has a slight spout so your mouth fits over it nicely. Best of all, for all you straw drinkers (I now am the proud owner of a metal straw), the opening is the perfect size to fit a straw! Oh ya and did I mention, it fits PERFECTLY under my Keurig which is soooo rare to find these days AND is dishwasher safe??!! WINNING

Kafe in the Box

Where to Buy:
Price: $17.99

Next up is the Multi-Flask which is your all-in-one beverage system therefore reducing the amount of clutter (I have a lot of that since I have tons of water bottles and tons of coffee cups). Now, I have to tell you that I am not a flavoured water fan so I did not try out the water portion of the bottle, but I quite like the idea of it because you can put fresh fruit into the infuser (also made with Tritan). I did however put the coffee tumbler to the ultimate test by pouring coffee in at 8:00am and left it for a few hours. I was pleasantly surprised that by 11:00am the coffee was still VERY warm. Here is the one draw back, it is quite large so it wouldn’t fit under my Keurig, but I did tilt it and held it underneath where the coffee drip’s out (thankfully it brews quite quickly). It has a outer powder coating on it which I quite like the feel of and it doesn’t leak (I threw it into my purse on the way to my workout – bold move I know). For all you loose leaf tea drinkers, this tumbler comes with a tea basket which you screw to the under portion of the lid and there is a screen built into the lid that stops the loose leaves from getting into your mouth. Now this one you have to hand wash, but considering all it’s functions, it’s not a deal breaker for me!


Where to Buy:
Price: $59.99

Alright, now onto the kids products … these one’s you don’t want to miss … why??? because they are both AWESOME and you’re going to want them!

First is the Drink in a Box which is officially my favorite sippy cup yet (yes my 5 year old still drinks from sippy cups … if it doesn’t have a lid, it spills). It’s cute, it’s easy to open, it comes in great colours (pink, blue, green, purple, clear and orange) and most importantly … it doesn’t leak!!! The minute I pulled it out of the box, my mini grabbed it and asked me if he could bring it to school everyday (and it’s pink which I love). Guess I will be buying more!!!

Drink in the Box

Where to Buy:
Price: $14.99

Say goodbye to baggies with this next product! Snack in the Box is what every parent needs in their house. At any given time, I have at least two or three bags of snacks floating around in my purse or car which tends to open and get everywhere or the snack ends up getting crushed and has to be thrown out (grrrr). 1 product, 2 x 6oz sides that have easy open lids (for the little fingers), comes in great colours (purple, pink, blue, green, clear and orange), easy to pour and keeps others dirty little paws off the snacks. Fill it, close it, shove it in your purse and go! Oh ya, did I mention it’s dishwasher safe?!

Snack in the Box

Where to buy:
Price: $14.99


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