Tis the Season of Runny Noses #BoogieWipes #Giveaway

Boogie Wipes

I feel like I should be a spokesperson for Boogie Wipes because I LOVE them and have been using them for over 5  years on all the runny noses in my house! In fact, in winter I don’t leave home without a pack in my purse or bag because my kids have runny noses ALL winter! The minute that cool air hits my kids nose faucet turns on and there is no turning back. So if you are ever at a kids event or party with me and you need a Boogie Wipe, feel free to find me.

In the last two months, my mini has been sick three times and due to my extreme laziness (it’s winter give me a break) I had to use normal tissue because we ran out of our Boogie Wipes and let me tell you, that didn’t work out so well. After a day of constantly wiping his nose, it got so raw underneath and he would cry anytime I went near him with a tissue to wipe what seemed like Niagara Falls coming out of his nose.
Epic Mom fail!

Reason #1 to stock up with Boogie Wipes … your kid will end up love them too.

Boogie Wipes

What I love about Boogie Wipes
– Boogie Wipes are moistened with saline which actually helps break down those Boogies
– Moisturizes with Aloe, Vitamin E and Chamomile
– The wipes themselves are SUPER soft
– They come in great little travel packs with a hard cover so they don’t dry out
– Comes in three scents (well two really as one is unscented): Grape and Fresh Scent (Fresh Scent is my fave)
– The scent is not overpowering at all for those little noses
– They now have a hard case with refills for your “around the house” Boogie Wipes with a big easy-open button that kids can open themselves

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Boogie Wipes, they are giving away a Boogie Wipes Gift Pack full of all their wonderful products. The contest is open to residents of Canada only. Here’s how to enter:
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So don’t walk to stock your house up with Boogie Wipes … RUN!!!! Run as fast as you can, I promise you (well your little one really) will thank me 😉
Keep those little noses clean now that you know you are covered by Boogie Wipes




Cold-FX was put to the Ultimate Test!


True Story:

By day, I work in the promotional marketing business for a company called Universal Links and have been with them for almost 10 years. 7 years ago, both my bosses invited me to Vegas to attend our industries largest tradeshow as a fun perk and I have been going every year since then (minus two years when I had my boys).

No joke, the 5 years I have gone I have been sick EVERY single trip. Whether it be getting sick prior to leaving or getting sick after a day of being there, I have not had one healthy trip and if you don’t believe me you can ask my bosses.

It was two or three years ago that one of my bosses told me to take Cold-FX before going the next year to help boost my immune system and therefore preventing a cold, but truthfully, I didn’t believe in it so I never took it and just succumbed to the fact that I was just going to be sick every year in Vegas. It wasn’t until this year, 2 kids later that I promised my bosses this year would be different.

About a week and a half before leaving for Vegas, I swear I started to get sick; I felt like crap by night and kept sneezing (that’s how it all starts with me). Days later I was still feeling crappy, but I didn’t have a full blown cold, it just seemed to be lingering waiting until the day before I leave to come out, so I figured what the hell and gave Cold-FX a shot, no harm in trying right?! Well I have been home for almost a week, still taking Cold-FX and still not sick. Now if that is not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

What’s new with Cold-FX? Cold-FX First Signs

Cold-FX First Signs
– At the first sign of a cold, mix one daytime sachet with 1 cup of hot water every 4-6 hours (3 sachets max) or 1 nighttime sachet an hour before bed
– Helps to relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory infections, Coughs, Bronchitis, Colds & flu
– Natural lemon flavour

Go ahead give it a try!