A Children’s Concert not to be Missed #SACH


Here’s a great event with a great cause that is happening in Toronto this weekend!!! A Treehouse favourite … Splash ‘N Boots

Save a Child’s Heart Sings is an annual children’s concert in support of Save a Child’s Heart. The concert was first organized in 2009 by a group of mothers on maternity leave looking to promote and raise awareness of this incredible organization. Over the last six years, we have successfully introduced Save a Child’s Heart to many young families and through their generosity have raised over $200,000 to support life-saving surgery.

We are so proud to announce that the very popular Splash’N Boots will be returning for the concert on Sunday, February 28th, a Juno-award nominated group that now has a television show on Treehouse. We will also have a great carnival before the performance, complete with games, glitter tattoos and photo booth, and an amazing raffle with incredible toys and products. This is one event you do not want to miss!

Save a Childs Heart Splash 'N Boots
For tickets and more information, please visit https://sach.akaraisin.com/sachsings2016



Summer Time in the City #MomTrust

Summer Time in Toronto

So it’s summer time (though these days it doesn’t feel like it here in Toronto) and you want to spend as much time outdoors with your kids as possible since we only have a short amount of time to enjoy it, but what is there to do? The real question though should really be “Where do I start?”

Although we have no big family trips planned this summer, there is so much to do around the city, it’s hard to fit it all in, in only a few short months. Wondering what all those things are? Well here are few  things to do in Toronto that you may or may not have thought of to help kickstart your summer fun:

1. Centre Island
Whether you just want to walk around and enjoy nature or speed it up and jump on some rides (including the fairy boat ride to the island which the kids love), this is a great place for kids of all ages. Plus I love it because it brings back a lot of memories from when I was a kid (did I mention not much has changed there since I was a kid?!)


Summer 2013 with our one and only (at the time)

2. Canada’s Wonderland
Canada’s largest playground and I promise it will keep the kids entertained for HOURS!! For the little kids (or the adults like me who are scared of large rides) there is Planet  Snoopy and for the bigger kids there are roller coasters, roller coasters and more roller coasters. Oh did I mention there is a large water park?


Summer 2012

3. African Lion Safari
Now I haven’t been before, but it is on my list for this year! I have heard such great things and I think my older guy will freak seeing exotic animals so closely. Now I know a lot of people worry about ruining their cars, but not to worry as a friend told me you can pass by the area with the monkeys which apparently is where they jump on the cars and can scratch it up.

4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium (save this one for those rainy days)
What a cool place and both parents and the kids will love it. It’s like an escape into an underwater world with the most beautiful fish swimming all around you and there are lots of fun, interactive things for the kids to do. One word to the wise, it’s best to go as soon as it opens or close to. PS you know what’s even more fun? Taking the subway down, the kids love it!

Ripley's Believe it or Not

5. The Toronto Zoo
I have to say I am quite proud of our zoo though don’t expect to see elephants because they are gone (my son was very sad about this discovery) but giraffes, tigers, monkey’s and zebras there are 🙂 


Baby VS The Monkey (my little guy seems confused)

6. Backyard Fun
If you are just simply looking for something on the more “chill” side, buy some sprinkler toys, a little table for the kids to do some arts and crafts on, a little blow up pool and your set. If you are thinking bigger (and spending more money), go for a bouncy castle, cottage, sand table and/or water table to keep them busy.


Enjoy the weather while you can
Happy planning

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Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park – Enter to Win a FREE Jumping Pass

Sky Zone

Would children view this as exercise .. NO!!!! Let me tell you, those kids are coming off the tramponlie’s completely red faced and out of breathe from all the running and jumping – this is actual exercise and my husband will attest to that!!!!

BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how A-MAZING Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is, but I am going to in a very lengthy post because this is one place that everyone (yes adults included) must experience at least once. Make sure to read through the whole post because there are so many different things this place has to offer!!! Being pregnant I was pretty sure that I shouldn’t go on and let me tell you there was pure jealousy going on – this kind of stuff is right up my alley!!!

What’s There:

For real .. what isn’t there is really the question!!!

First off every court has angled walls that you can jump off of. All those who have dreams of being Spider-Man, your dream might just come true here

There are 3 or 4 trampoline courts and then one MASSIVE court

sky zone

Frankie’s first jump!!!!

There is a large foam pit which have about 5 individual trampolines in front of the pit to run/jump/flip off of and land softly (and sink) – I saw some pretty cool flips!!! Frankie on the other hand clearly didn’t get the concept, he jumped on the trampoline and then crawled into the pit 🙂

Sky zone

He didn’t quite grasp the concept of jumping into the pit LOL!

Obviously we didn’t try it, but there are two trampoline basketball courts where you jump/flip (whatever your heart desires) down the trampoline and then do a slam dunk. There are two heights, one for the younger(ish) kids or smaller adults (lol) and one for the adults or taller kids

Sky Zone Basketball

Obviously not my child … but HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!

For the dodgeball players out there, they have regular courts that are all set up for dodgeball games. The staff here were all soooo nice and opened up one of the courts just for my husband and Frankie to jump by themselves.

Sky zone dodgeball

I’m actually not sure who is having more fun, my husband or my son???!!

There are three large party rooms each equipped with a tv and metal picnic tables for birthdays

Sky zone party room

One of the party rooms

Here’s How it Works:

– You buy a pass/ticket online at www.skyzone.com/toronto OR http://www.skyzone.com/mississauga for either jumping for half an hour or an hour. Yes you can walk in, however, I do not recommend it as they only sell 100 spots in order to keep the facility safe and if those are all sold when you come in you have to wait to jump (if you have a little one that to me just sounds like a disaster! Picture waiving candy in front of your child and then telling him/her they cant have it – YIKES!)

– When you go into the facility, you have to sign a waver. Read through it to make sure you are comfortable with everything. Then, you (the jumper) get a pair of what looks to be “moon” shoes (don’t worry footphobics, they are very clean) … little one’s just go bare foot.

– You go to the assigned court and a referee type person explains the rules of the trampoline and then you are off to jump free!

Some of the Rules:

Try explaining to a two year old the rules (it makes me laugh just thinking about it) – it’s really up to you the parent to try to explain in toddler terms what to do and not to do (this is not an easy task)

– As you can see from the the pictures, the courts are separated into squares and only one person can jump in a square at a time (really smart to avoid collisions). On the busier days, like weekends, there are certain number of spaces/squares that adults must keep from kids and larger kids from smaller kids, again to avoid collisions which any adult can appreciate. However, if you have a smaller child who especially is shy and wants to stick near their parent, that is a no no so maybe it is better at that point to stay on the side lines and watch.

– The blue pad partition’s are not there to sit and hang out on, a parent can stand on it to help steer their little one in the right direction but that’s really it.

What they Offer Besides Plain ol’ JUMPIN’:

– Skyrobics: If I wasn’t pregnant I would have been reviewing this because this sounds A-MAZING!!!!

– Toddler Time: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there are toddler times which is great

– Dodgeball Leagues

– Private parties: you can rent out courts for adult or kids parties

Here’s how it ends:

sky zone tired

The End …


THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends at Sky Zone, they are giving away 1 pass for 1 hour of FREE jumping to two of my lucky readers!!! Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on Sky Zone: prices, locations etc visit www.skyzone.com/toronto or www.skyzone.com/mississauga

Happy jumping



Chipotle (Yummmm) Guest Review and Giveaway

I’m a big Mexican food fan so naturally when I was asked by a fellow blogger (her blog is a personal fave of mine) to do a joint post, I jumped at the opportunity. I have gone, I have tried and I loved!
Here is Maya’s Guest Review (www.mayahoodblog.com)
About five years ago when I was in New York city for work, a colleague of mine suggested that we go to an amazing Mexican restaurant near our office.  Not knowing the area we were in too well, I took him up on his offer.
I have never heard of Chipotle before, but I was excited to try it out the moment I set foot in the door.  All of the ingredients looked fresh and the aromas were amazing.  I loved that I could order a burrito in a bowl. I have to say, it was one of my favourite restaurants to eat at in New York.  Yes, I just said that, but it’s true.  It was love at first taste.  I was sooooo excited when they finally opened their doors in Toronto and I could take my family there.  To this day it’s one of our favourite restaurants when we want a special “treat”.
Here’s some awesome facts about Chipotle (as if you needed additional persuasion to go and eat there):
  • It’s committed to serving natural and (unprocessed) organic meat
  • Food is freshly prepared in front of the customers in an open kitchen
  • They serve dairy products that are rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) free.
There are four Chipotle restaurants in Toronto so make it a Chipotle night or lunch with your family.  And to help you achieve that, Babylish Advice and Mayahood Blog are giving away FOUR Burrito bucks (each Burrito Buck is equivalent to one free meal good for a Burrito, Burrito bowl, Salad or order of Tacos). The contest is open to GTA residents only! Enter below on Rafflecopter (it’s easy).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T. and Maya

A New Way to Trick-or-Treat

Why not try something different this year!!! No, I dont mean not to trick-or-treat (because we all know that would never happen), it just means teaching your children about giving.

Hand out Change for Kids coins supporting Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Tons of amazing prizes to be won!!! It’s like giving away a Lotto ticket really.
Here’s how it works (it’s easy and fun):

Step 1: Buy a $5 Change for Kids Coin Card
– you can buy an activated card at any Scotiabank branch in the GTA
– you can also find the coin cards at Spirit Halloween, Costco, Toys“R”Us, newspapers or magazines (these must be activated which can be done on their website)

Step 2: Hand out coins to trick-or-treaters
Pop out the coins from your card and have your child pass them on to other children (well maybe their parents) while walking around or when kids come your door

Step 3: Make sure to tell the kids and their parents to go online and enter the coin’s PIN code for their chance to win amazing prizes (see its like a Lotto ticket but supporting a great cause)!

Each coin has a unique PIN code. With the help of a parent or guardian, kids can enter their PIN code at www.changeforkids.ca starting October 31, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. for their chance to win instant prizes and be entered into a final draw. There are more than 500 prizes to be won, including a Grand Prize weekend stay at Great Wolf Lodge for your family and 9 other families of your choice, plus 10 individual one-night stays at Great Wolf Lodge, and Cineplex movie tickets!

Best of all, every time a child enters a PIN code, Scotiabank will make a $5 donation to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (to a maximum of $20,000).

For those of you who dont know, Change for Kids supports Holland Bloorview’s highest priority needs: life changing treatments and therapies for kids with autism, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities, and programs like arts, music, life skills and respite care.

This Halloween, give more than a treat.