Have you Heard of the MomSneak? #Netflix

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Have you ever found yourself sneaking away from your children just to have a¬†few minutes to yourself with one of your guilty pleasures like watching a show you are addicted to on your tablet or in my case reading a book? Yes, there are times that I run into my bathroom, close the door and just sit on the floor reading my book just to have a few minutes to myself. Well apparently there is a name for it and it’s called the #MomSneak (makes sense). Every mother needs it even if it is just 5 minutes!!! It’s the new mom binge.


I recently discovered a new Netflix show Friends from College that I am kind of addicted to and I would totally do the #MomSneak just to get a few minutes to watch everyday – is there such thing as a #WorkSneak ūüėČ Here’s a fun guide from a Netflix Survey of where moms are doing the #MomSneak

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Happy Sneaking

Are you a Netflix Cheater? #StreamTeam

Netflix Cheat

Since my husband doesn’t read all my blog posts, I can openly admit that I am a Netflix cheater! That’s right, I have Netflix cheated on him.

I am sure you can all agree there have been 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) Netflix shows that you start watching with your “other”, you get so into it and just when¬†the episode finishes he/she¬†drops the bomb on you that he/she¬†is going out tomorrow night and all you can think about is¬†the ending to the last episode you watched and when you can get your next fix. We have ALL been there!

That’s how I felt about Suits, I seriously could not¬†get enough and needed to just keep on going so when my husband told me he was going out the next night, I tried telling myself I will just watch in a few days, but then the next night came and I was sitting solo on the couch with nothing to watch and then I did it! I watched two episodes without him. I felt so guilty about it after but the truth … i’m pretty sure he still doesn’t know.

Here are some cheat worthy shows

Netflix Cheating Shows

Stranger Things
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
A Series of Unfortunate Events
One Day at a Time
Ultimate Beastmaster

Did you know that 46% of Netflix Global Viewers Cheat! Have you Netflix cheated?


Oh the Lies! #StreamTeam


Put your hand up if you lie? If for even one second you thought about not raising your hand, your lying! We all do it … period … the end!

I feel bad telling my little one itty bitty lies, but come on, it must be done! Yes honey the park has a bed time too, one day when your tooth falls out a tooth fairy will come, the DVD player magically turns off … to name a few

I kept telling my husband over and over that¬†our big guy never¬†lied ‚Ķ until the day he lied and well it hasn’t changed since. At first I thought it was cute and now it is just innate (odd how quickly they pick it up). We tried teaching him about Pinnochio and his ever growing nose when he lies, but we couldn’t find the movie¬†to help him better understand (my kid is better with visuals).

If you are going through this now, do not fret as Netflix has a bunch of great titles for all age groups that will teach your little one about lying (and there are even one’s for adults, because sometimes we need a lesson too).

Little Kids:


 1. Super Why! S1, E15: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures: Pinnochio
2. Curious George: S1, E19 Truth about George Burger
3. Clifford the Big Red Dog: S1, E26 The Kibble Crook
4. The Adventures of Chuck and Friends: S1, E9 The Pothole/ Chuck’s Perfect Plans

Big Kids:


1. Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action
2. H20: Just Add Water
3. Mean Girls
4. iCarly: S1, E12 iPromise Not to Tell

The Biggest Kids of them All (Shows for us):


1. Bloodline
2. Just Go With It
3. Liar, Liar (the old time classic)
4. Pretty Little Liars (my next series that I am going to watch)