The Summers Best Natural Sunscreen #GIVEAWAY

How many sunscreen’s have you purchased and then weeks later find yourself reading the latest recall list only to find that new sunscreen that you just purchased and put on your child countless times is on that list because of an active ingredient in the product? So what brand do you trust???

I am sure I am not the only one but in my house, the sunscreen battle is one of the biggest battles I have with my kids because they absolutely hate wearing it (it’s sticky, thick and smelly according to them) and this is one thing I don’t give into and lather them up head to toe while they kick and scream.

I am going to introduce you to two great natural Sunscreens: Alba BOTANICA and LiveClean Baby Mineral Sunscreen

Why I love Alba BOTANICA Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen
– they have sunscreen for the whole family (not just for kids) both in facial sunscreen and sport sunscreen
– NO oxybenzone, PABA, artificial colours, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours, phthalates or sulfates
– it’s an emollient sunscreen meaning it moisturizes and conditions your skin
– ingredients include: Lavender flower, Aloe leaf, Calendula Flower and Camelia Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower, Coneflower, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng Extract
– no fragrance (the smell is not over powering)
– it’s very light weight (it’s thin which makes it easy to apply)
– absorbs quickly
– not greasy in the slightest (won’t clog pores which is a big complaint of mine with past sunscreens)
– leaves no icky film or residue
– 100% vegetarian formula
– both UVA and UVB protection
– SPF 40
– water resistant (keep reapplying though)
– I love their spray bottle!!! I am not talking aerosol can, I am talking about a gentle squeeze spray that allows the sunscreen to come out in a nice fine line so it doesn’t feel like they are being smothered 

Price: $9.99
Where to buy: Whole Foods, London Drugs and

Why I love Live Clean Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF45

Live Clean Mineral Sunscreen

– A little thicker than above, however it quickly absorbs and doesn’t leave a white film
– A brand you know and trust (and of course love)
– fast absorbing which is obviously good for kids
– no synthetic chemicals, petroleum, paraben and phthalate free
– no dyes
– the packaging is recyclable
– contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide instead of chemicals
– contains nourishing and soothing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, echinacea extract and green tea extract
– It doesn’t smell!!!! This is extremely important to my kids
– not greasy
– comes in an adult version

Price: $16.99
Where to buy: Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart


Alba Botanica Sunscreen

Thanks to our lovely friends they are giving away a Alba Botanica Sunscreen Pack to 1 lucky winner. Must be a resident of Canada. Here’s how to enter: 

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Summer Time in the City #MomTrust

Summer Time in Toronto

So it’s summer time (though these days it doesn’t feel like it here in Toronto) and you want to spend as much time outdoors with your kids as possible since we only have a short amount of time to enjoy it, but what is there to do? The real question though should really be “Where do I start?”

Although we have no big family trips planned this summer, there is so much to do around the city, it’s hard to fit it all in, in only a few short months. Wondering what all those things are? Well here are few  things to do in Toronto that you may or may not have thought of to help kickstart your summer fun:

1. Centre Island
Whether you just want to walk around and enjoy nature or speed it up and jump on some rides (including the fairy boat ride to the island which the kids love), this is a great place for kids of all ages. Plus I love it because it brings back a lot of memories from when I was a kid (did I mention not much has changed there since I was a kid?!)


Summer 2013 with our one and only (at the time)

2. Canada’s Wonderland
Canada’s largest playground and I promise it will keep the kids entertained for HOURS!! For the little kids (or the adults like me who are scared of large rides) there is Planet  Snoopy and for the bigger kids there are roller coasters, roller coasters and more roller coasters. Oh did I mention there is a large water park?


Summer 2012

3. African Lion Safari
Now I haven’t been before, but it is on my list for this year! I have heard such great things and I think my older guy will freak seeing exotic animals so closely. Now I know a lot of people worry about ruining their cars, but not to worry as a friend told me you can pass by the area with the monkeys which apparently is where they jump on the cars and can scratch it up.

4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium (save this one for those rainy days)
What a cool place and both parents and the kids will love it. It’s like an escape into an underwater world with the most beautiful fish swimming all around you and there are lots of fun, interactive things for the kids to do. One word to the wise, it’s best to go as soon as it opens or close to. PS you know what’s even more fun? Taking the subway down, the kids love it!

Ripley's Believe it or Not

5. The Toronto Zoo
I have to say I am quite proud of our zoo though don’t expect to see elephants because they are gone (my son was very sad about this discovery) but giraffes, tigers, monkey’s and zebras there are 🙂 


Baby VS The Monkey (my little guy seems confused)

6. Backyard Fun
If you are just simply looking for something on the more “chill” side, buy some sprinkler toys, a little table for the kids to do some arts and crafts on, a little blow up pool and your set. If you are thinking bigger (and spending more money), go for a bouncy castle, cottage, sand table and/or water table to keep them busy.


Enjoy the weather while you can
Happy planning

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The Best in Sunglasses – Teeny Tiny Optics

Teeny Tiny Optics

As if the name isnt cute enough, these are the best of the best for kids sunglasses and how do I know that, because Frankie would ONLY wear this one pair. When they broke (might I add that it’s because they were stepped on), I tried buying similar styles and he refused to wear any of them. If that’s not a screaming review (literally), I am not sure what is!

An Important Note: sunglasses are crucial to protect our little one’s eyes as they are not fully developed and as parents, we should protect them like we do with their skin considering the amount of time they spend outside. Teeny Tiny Optics sunglasses have 100% UVA/UVB protection. The earlier you get your little one’s into sunglasses, the better! My theory … why not protect their eyes in style!

How I learned about this company: I was in NYC about two years ago and saw these super trendy, wayferer kids sunglasses and immediately bought a pair thinking there is no chance Frankie was going to wear them, but they were just too damn cute not to buy! When I brought them home and was sooo excited to give them to him, he looked at me as if to say “where are the toys” and pushed them aside and moved on. It wasn’t until a few months later when he saw me wearing my sunglasses, he wanted to wear them, so I ran inside and got him the sunglasses and that’s when it all began and he insisted from then on that he wear his sunglasses every time he leaves the house. If i’m wearing mine, he MUST be wearing his.

Teeny Tiny Optics

Lucky for me, I happened to be headed to NYC post sunglass breakage and where do you think my first stop was … the same place I bought the sunglasses from years before, but they didn’t have any left in that style so then I ran around for two days going to every toy store, kids clothing store etc on the Upper East Side and NOTHING (yes I admitting this). I even wrote Teeny Tiny Optics on Facebook to see what they recommended and they immediately wrote me back with names of stores and yes I went to/called those stores and no wayfarers.

When I got back home, I wrote them a kind letter explaining my son’s love for these glasses and how I really wanted to find another pair for my son and I have to say they were SOOOO wonderful to deal with. They called me immediately and were so kind to send me whatever pairs they had available in the style I was looking for (and even a super mini pair for the new baby to be). I’m such a fan and so is Frankie!!!!

Teeny Tiny optics

Where to Buy in Canada:
Olly Shoes, several locations
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes in Edmonton
Aunt Em’s in Vancouver
Advice From a Caterpillar in Toronto
Kidsrepublic in Toronto
Peggy Sue’s in Gibson
Bean Sprouts in Vancouver
Great Things in Store in Cochrane
Jumpin in Toronto


Hottest Toys for Summer

Canadian Toy Association

Lucky me, CTA (Canadian Toy Association) hosted their hottest toys of the summer event at the Toronto Zoo and I was invited with Frankie to have him test them out. I have to say my kid was in absolute heaven!!! There were toys EVERYWHERE!!!! Here are my picks as the favorites and some notables:

1. By far the biggest hit of the event was the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Bouncer. Although I love the Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide Bouncer that I bought last year, I am kicking myself for not waiting one more year (but I guess who was to know) because I would have 100% bought this. It combines water with a bouncy castle, what more can you ask for. The slide becomes a water slide and at the bottom of the slide is a little mini pool. You also get the benefit of having a dry area where there is no water which is right in the middle and a fun climbing wall.

Little tikes 2-in-1 Wet 'n Dry BouncerLittle Tikes Wet 'n Bounce

Price: approx $500
Where to buy: Toys R Us or on

2. Angry Birds Blast N Launch was another hit that day with my little guy. It is something that is so simple yet can keep them busy for a while. It is recommended age 6+ however, Frankie figured it out pretty quickly and then kept coming back to this game. All you have to do is step on the air launch pad and watch the angry birds rocket fly.

Blast N Launch

             Blast N Launch

Price: $15
Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Walmart, Target

3. Discovery Kids Inflatable 7 Piece Bowling Set is a larger than life bowling set (well for my son that is). Do you remember growing up the punching clown that never fell down? Same idea! They are weighted at the bottom so they pop back up, that is if you moms and dads aren’t smacking them down hard. I really enjoyed watching Frankie play with this toy

Discovery Kids Inflatable BowlingDiscovery Kids Inflatable Bowling

Price: appox $10.00
Where to Buy: Bed Bath and Beyond Online

4. My Knights’s Castle Mega Play might take a long time to put together (I honestly don’t know because it was already built by the time we got there), but is a lot of fun for the kids once it is complete. The best part is they can keep adding to it by purchasing more Mega Bloks or just keep changing the look up. The best part I find is that it is great for imaginative play

Mega Bloks Knights Castle

Mega Blocks Knights Castle

Price: approx $100
Where to Buy: Walmart Online 

5. As Frankie has started learning how to play different kinds of sports at Sportball, he went right over to the Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf set and started hitting the golf balls that were already on the ground. For all the parents that hate bending, push the golf club down on ball and it magically appears in the clear shaft of the club. Im not sure he grasped the concept that you are supposed to aim for the cup with the pin, but none-the-less he was smacking the golf balls around. Perhaps maybe the next Phil Mickelson?!

Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

Price: $20.00
Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Sears, Walmart

This is only a small portion of the toys that were there to test and there was a large selection for kids of all ages. To see more of what got on the hot list for the summer, click here

Enjoy summer