Great Apps for Us .. The Parents!

I am always trying to find the latest greatest apps for my little guy, but WHAT ABOUT ME!!!! I am not big on gaming because I just can’t find the time, but I have found a lot of useful apps that I thought I would share:

Magic Jack

Magic Jack: If you are headed to the US download this app!!! Since getting an iPhone, my phone bills are always crazy post vacation especially my calling because I always go over my plan minutes. My boss told me about this app and I tried it out and it actually works. Call within North America for FREE just make sure you are on WIFI otherwise it will use your data. Over the last few years I got smart and turned off my data until I hit WIFI so I don’t worry there, but that is one piece of advice I must give!

 I have done a previous post about and my love for their service (FREE SHIPPING, NO MINIMUMS) and now they have created an app so I can order diapers, creams etc while out. I was going away on a business trip, realized that Frankie’s school needed diapers so I ordered them through the app from the airport and done they were at my house within a few days.

 For all those who are interested in the real estate market or just plain curious what is going on in your neighborhood, this is the perfect app for you! Use your filter, check new listings, check old listings – love it!






Apphero: For real, we needed an app to help us find apps and here it is. With the thousands and thousands of apps out there, I find it hard to search for those that I think I will like, so this was the perfect app for me. Using your current downloaded apps and with answering some questions, this app will recommend apps for you and you can choose which one’s work for you. Highly recommend for those who get overwhelmed with apps 🙂






Starbucks: Ok so officially this has to be one of the most useful apps on the market for the Sbux fans and well I am one of them! If you haven’t already, REGISTER YOUR CARD! You get lots of great perks by registering and hook it up with your app and you can just use your phone to get a coffee, no wallet … nothing! It’s easy to leave the office or the house without a wallet (yes I have done it many of times), but you will NEVER leave the house or office without your phone. It also keeps track of your freebies!






Hautelook: ATTENTION SHOPPERS – this is the app for you! I thought everyone had heard of Hautelook until I mentioned it to a friend in a gym class and she hadn’t! Brand names for less – yes less. I have only bought a few things for myself, but I buy a ton of brand name stuff (Rowdy Sprouts, Natives, Splendid etc) for Frankie on Hautelook. For those who know, the good stuff goes quickly so this ends up being the best app for when I can’t be next to my computer. Sign into your account from the app and shop – that easy (not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing) 😉






WebMDBaby: Thank you Apphero, this was their recommendation! We all know of WebMD and now there is WebMD baby .. great! First this is a one stop shop so-to-speak where you can create a baby book using all your pictures that you take thousands of on your phone, create a journal where you can track feedings, diaper changes, sleep etc or read up on articles of the most common topics like baby and toddler care (crying and colic, sleeping and napping etc), illnesses and emergencies, parenting tips and best yet to name a few. It seems to be a great resource for parents.







Songza: I am a ‘music by the mood’ kind of gal meaning that sometimes I am in a mood for mellow music especially after a long stressful day at work and mornings I like fast beat, ‘get me up and ready’ kind of music and then sometimes I have no clue what I want to hear .. and then there was Songza which lets you choose your genre, create playlists or click on the concierge and they will help guide you.

If you have any other great adult apps (and I don’t mean the dirty kind), please feel free to post the names of them below for all to enjoy. If you have a great new app and would like myself or my testers to try it, email me

I hope you like these as much as I do

Disclaimer: The apps in this post are all apps that I have found and I was not paid to review any of these apps