Holiday Gifts for Mom and Dad #GIVEAWAY


Well we can’t forget about us, we like gifts too!

We spend so much time looking for gifts for our kids that sometimes we forget about ourselves or our partners until last minute and then scramble. So for the first time on my blog, here are some great gifts that are great for the adults:

Casper Pillow
What is better than giving the gift of sleep!!
The minute you have children you can say goodbye to those pre-children deep, undisturbed sleeps and sleeping in … what’s that? That’s why I think it’s so important to have the most comfortable bed possible because the minute I get my kids to sleep, I literally fantasize about getting into my bed (my how things have changed 😉 ). We all have different views as to what is comfortable when it comes to pillows and sheets (which is why I was sort of worried about testing out a new pillow), but I have to tell you, this pillow is heaven to me! I can only describe it as a good combination of plush where you sort of sink into it but somehow still a little firm which is good because I worry about my neck hurting (I have been using it for months now!). Best part of all: it was delivered right to my door!!! If you don’t like it, return it. They have a money back guarantee!!! PS the packaging is pretty awesome too

Where to Buy: Casper $85 for a standard pillow, $100 for a king pillow
psst: they offer free shipping 😉

Casper Pillow

Art by Erin Rothstein
I have lived in my house for almost 5.5 years and I only have 2 paintings up on the walls … why? They are so damn  expensive!!!! It wasn’t until I was scouring Instagram and came across THE BEST image of all, an Air Jordan 1 shoe in the classic Red/White/Black (if you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with shoes especially Jordan’s). I reached out to the artist to inquire about it and I was blown away when she told me she painted it, it wasn’t a photograph. Erin is a local Toronto artist and her prints are extremely reasonable and adds so much life to a room. She is truly talented!
Side Note: I was NOT gifted this product

Where to Buy:

Where to Buy: Erin’s Website

The kiss (or anything square) comes in the following sizes:

24″ x 24″ – $400 + HST
16″ x 16″ – $300 + HST
12″ x 12″ – $200 + HST

The avocado (or anything rectangular) comes in the following sizes:

24″ x 30″ – $500 + HST
16″ x 20″ – $350 + HST
12″ x 16″ – $250 + HST

Amped & Co Neon Lights
I absolutely LOVE these lights and they make such a great unique gift! These neon Amped & Co lights are a great addition to any room. They can be used as an accessory on your shelves, for an office, mood light in a room or even a night light in a child’s room (I have ours in my son’s room). They come in fun shapes like a peace sign (which I have), lips, flamingo, cactus, unicorn, pineapple and many many more. this one is sure to be a hit.

Side Note: I was NOT gifted this product

Where to Buy: I got mine at Elte Market, however Amped & Co also has an great selection
Price: $80

Amped and Co Neon Lights

Bogs Footwear
With winter upon us, who wouldn’t want a new pair of warm, comfortable, trendy boots! I have owned the same pair of winter boots for the last 6 years and was ready for a new pair, however I didn’t want to spend without knowing whether the boots truly were warm. I have always known the Bogs brand as I have bought so many pairs for my kids, but I never really thought of them for myself until I had the opportunity to test them out!! First off, let me tell you something: I spent an October day outside on a farm wearing them and not once did my toes feel cold. I got a pair that were SUPER cute called the Amanda Plush boots which as the name says, is all furry (don’t worry it’s faux fur) and plush inside. There are handles on each side which makes them easy to slip on with big thick socks and they are 100% waterproof  with a weather rating up to -25 degrees Celsius. BOOM!! Best. Boot. Ever (men’s, ladies’, children styles available)

Where to Buy: Bogs $130

Bogs Amanda Plush

Amazon Kindle
I have owned my Kindle for well over a year now and I am completely in love with it. For all the people who love to read out there, I know what you are thinking: I love holding a book and you love the smell of a new book (am I right?) Yup I was right there with you and I took the plunge and couldn’t be happier I did. The books are cheaper, you can purchase them on the spot (on wifi), I love the size of it because I can throw it in my purse before I leave for an appointment and it’s not as heavy as a book. Plus I got a really cool case for it that I love! I think these make such a great gift so much so I got my in-laws each one for their birthdays and my husband. Ohhhh and I just heard that you can share books with friends who also have a Kindle (it’s a loaner for 14 days)!!
Side note: I was NOT gifted one, I purchased it on my own

Where to Buy: Amazon $100

Amazon Kindle

I just received my Mixtiles and I was BLOWN away!!!
I was scrolling through Instagram one evening and I saw an ad for these was very curious about them because anything that doesn’t involve a hammer and nail will immediately get my attention, but of course any ad I see on an Instagram I wonder if it is too good to be true (I have had some bad experiences)? It just so happened that a few weeks ago, I was at a friends house and noticed these on her wall! When she showed me how easy they were to put up I knew I had to contact the company and put these on my Holiday list. These ease of Mixtiles is just so good. All you have to do is download the Mixtiles app, pick the pictures you want from your phone (the one’s that are too low resolution they will black out), review your choices and click pay .. THAT EASY!!!!!!!!! Oh and guess what, they offer FREE shipping in Canada!!!  Each picture is an 8″ x 8″ photograph and are great for living rooms, kids rooms … well any room for that matter. For those parents that like sentimental gifts, these are just the thing ANDDDD you don’t have to worry about ruining your walls. I put mine up today and had to readjust them a few times and the paint on my walls was not ruined. How do they stay up if it’s just using an adhesive? They are made out of a foam material which makes them extremely light weight but the print is of the highest quality. I can not say enough good things about these, they are a MUST!

Where to Buy: Mixtiles app 3 tiles $59 and every additional tile is $12



Erin Rothstein

Erin is VERY generously giving away (1)  24″ x 24″ unframed limited edition Air Jordan 1 shoe PRINT to (1) lucky reader. This has a retail value of $400!!! Keep in mind that the original is a hand painted piece of art. The giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents, you must be 18 years or older. Here’s how to to enter: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sleep? What’s that!!!!

Tired Mama


Can you even remember the days when you slept in till 10am and went to bed at 12am … why did you do that … no reason … just because you could?!!!

I strongly feel that sleep deprivation is one of the hardest adjustments to parenthood, but GUESS WHAT … there is a light at the end of the dark dark  tunnel that your trying so hard to run to (wait .. too dark? There are some people out there that function extremely well on no sleep (that’s my sister) and then there are those who love their precious sleep so much that the massive change is such a hard adjustment (that’s me!). I swear my first born knew I was a new mom and had no clue what I was doing so he decided to throw me into a pool to see if I would sink or swim, how about I was lightly treading. He was colicky and didn’t want to sleep .. EVER. I bounced him on a fitness ball for hours, I took him out for walks in freezing cold weather, I sat next to a running tap in my kitchen and I even paced and rocked him in my laundry room while the dryer was running and I even added in a pair of running shoes to the dryer so that it would make loud ass noise (desperate times) and this is how I survived the first five months. On a happier note, my new little guy was the complete opposite, easily goes down (well now after sleep training him) and is just such a calm, happy baby.

With all that, here are a few things I have learned and I personally recommend to help

1. ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
My mom always asked me if I needed anything, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, everyone and I kept saying “no, I am ok thanks” and really I wanted to say “yes I would love the help” but I was too proud and well I crashed and then had no choice but to get the help. Second time around, anyone asked if they could hold the baby, I passed him right over. If anyone told me they would take him so I could lie down, sure no problem. I know its hard, but let people who offer help!!!

I know this is not easy especially when you have a thousand things to do like laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, making the beds etc but try to close your eyes for sure once and if you can twice a day. Even little cat naps help to make you feel just a little bit better (I know easier said than done).

Everyone made me believe that by rocking the baby to sleep, holding him too much or co-sleeping with the baby I would somehow damage him and made me think that I would be doing this even when he was 18 and then I spoke to a few friends (one of which is a paediatrician) and she gave me the best advice “do what you need to do to survive” and I did (in fact when I was doing all these things and having anxiety about doing them, I kept repeating this over and over in my head) then at 4 months, you can sleep train to break all the bad habits (totally your comfort level – I did with both kids and they are both amazing sleepers)

You will get through the sleep deprivation and feel human again, I promise!!
If you have any sleep tips that helped, please share them below

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Happy sleeping

Disclaimer: This is part of #MomTrustTipsCanada #Playtex