If You Don’t Know … Now You Know!


Well I am going to start this blog post off with a big YOU’RE WELCOME! Why? Because after this post you will be thanking me for introducing you to this product that I promise will make your life SOOO much easier.

Growing up I wasn’t exactly a girly girl! I loved to play sports, I hated the colour pink, frills and bows or anything froufrou for that matter (all of which my older sister loved) and over the years I didn’t really let go of my Tom boy roots, but embraced it just with a twist. Sure, when I needed to clean up for an event and wear a dress with heels I would, but my day to day life was (and still very much is) very casual.

It’s no secret that I love shoes! Clearly I am not talking about all those pretty high heeled, seriously uncomfortable shoes because to no surprise I legitimately despise wearing them, but sneakers … I have a serious soft spot for sneakers!! Having my two boys really let me embrace my boy sneaker envy and well now they both have a pretty awesome collection of retro Jordan’s.

Here is the problem: as your children get older and you are searching for shoes for them, you will find that they offer less and less shoes with Velcro and elastics and they are all lace up (Jordan’s especially). The solution … Laceez!! The minute I saw this product I had to have them. I had the opportunity to test out a few pairs and within 15 minutes I was online ordering 8 more pairs in all sorts of fun colours and sizes.


What I love about Laceez
– they make every parents life easier just by changing their regular laced shoes into slip on shoes
– you can change up the look of the shoe by changing the laceez colour
– they are so easy to lace up
– a friend of mine got the wrong size once and she said their customer service was amazing with helping her
comes in a few different sizes XS-XL (there is a guide of which size you should order in comparison to shoe size)
– they ship to Canada (if you order 3 or more they will discount the shipping)
– the tips of the laces easily lock them into place
– they have lots of fun bright colours (i’m hoping they will come out with some cute prints like gingham in different colours etc)

As if I don’t love them enough already, they are kindly giving away a set of 3 pairs of laces to 1 lucky winner!!! The contest is open to Canadian and US readers. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on Laceez or to order them, click here
*i went up a size for both my kids shoes

Happy Shopping

How to Tell the Left Shoe from the Right Shoe #ClipClops


Ever wonder how you are going to teach your little one left from right, left shoe from right shoe? I have tried the “hold your hand up and if you can make an L with your fingers <thumb and index> than that is your left side” – not exactly the best explanation to give a 4 year old. Then I tried “let the toes kiss” which is cute, sounds perfect … but … still didn’t work. So what’s next?

Here’s what I love about ClipClops
– The cute designs get the kids excited to put them on their shoes
– The designs are simple and easy to understand like a dog chasing a cat, a butterfly goes to a flower,  a rocket going to the moon and more
– The product is very good quality
– They exceed Canadian Safety Standards
– I absolutely love that it was created by a PhysEd teacher who saw kids having trouble with figuring out left shoe from the right shoe
– Very reasonably priced
– They work on both elastic laces, regular laces and velcro shoes

I knew my son would understand the concept of the dog chases the cat and that the space shuttle goes to the moon, so those were the designs I chose and when I attached them and gave him his shoes, he told me that the dog (giving me his left shoe) chases the cat (giving me his right shoe). Not bad huh?!!!! Now he has it down pat.

Word to the wise, once you buy them, watch the short clip below (also shown on ClipClops website) for how to attach them onto velcro straps, the elastics are not needed on the regular and elastic laces.

Clip Clops

Want them? You can purchase them on ClipClops website

Easy learning

Freshly Picked Moccasins – ENTER TO WIN!

Freshly PIcked

The Google dictionary defines OBSESSION as “the state of being obsessed with someone or something” and “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” that pretty much sums up how I feel about baby shoes! I swear I look at baby shoes and my ovaries explode (wait TMI?!)

So as it seems (from my SwimZip post), I like to watch Shark Tank a lot and a few months back I was watching an episode about a brand Freshly Picked. Not having any clue what the brand was, I kept watching (good thing) and the moment I laid eyes on the adorable moccasins, I instantly checked them out on all forms of social media and like a stalker, I went through every picture, post etc and just couldn’t get enough … I HAD TO HAVE THESE!!!!

There are no words to describe how ridiculously adorable these moccasins are and I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to chat with their amazing team and review a pair. I don’t think I was on the website for more than 30 seconds before I spotted the pair that I wanted (camo of course) and within days they were in my hands and immediately on my little guys feet.

Freshly PIcked Moccasins

Here’s what I love about Freshly Picked
– They are made in the USA
– The patterns they have are so unique (ie. ant print, pineapple print, watermelon print) and they also have standard colours for those who don’t want a print
– An amazing mama started this company making shoes from scrap leather at her kitchen table
– They have elastics to help stretch the moccasin to get your child’s foot in (because we all know that getting shoes on baby feet is near impossible) and they help with keeping the moccasins on their feet
– They come with a little shoe bag and button
– Made out of genuine leather
– They are HAND MADE (how often do you hear that)
– Their website is fresh (you will see what I mean) and is easy to navigate and to order from
– They have a size chart in order to determine what size your little one is and if you don’t know your little one’s size than they give you a guide on how to measure his/her foot 

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Now I have to note that these aren’t cheap ($60 a pair), but remember you are getting a handmade product, made in the USA, good quality and you will see that when you get them in your hands … they are SOOOO worth it!

A huge thank you to our very generous friends at Freshly Picked they are offering one my very lucky readers a chance to win a pair!!! The contest is open to residents of Canada and the US. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Summer’s Best Kids Shoes #TinyToms

Tiny Toms Shoes

I am sure most, if not all of you know about TOMS shoes (I do have a few myself), and with their amazing initiative coupled with the cutest, trendiest and most comfortable shoes, these are the must-have shoes for the summer.

Tiny Toms

I recently had the opportunity to review Tiny TOMS for my two boys and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the shoes.

Tiny Toms

I always have issues getting slip on shoes on my kids because both of them have “puffy” feet (that is really the only way I can describe it), but these are the ONLY one’s that I can get on without having a massive fight with my older guy and trust me I have tried many.

Why I love these Shoes:
The question is what don’t I love about these shoes! Beyond the fact that they easily slip on to my kids feet, they give back with their One to One campaign. For every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, a pair is given to children in Argentina – AMAZING right?!
– They have shoes for children aged 0-5 (tiny sizes) and 5+ (youth sizes)
– There are many styles to choose from
– One style (the one’s we tested) have a velcro strap which makes it super easy to get the shoes on
– Their website is extremely easy to navigate and order from (I am a big online shopper so this is very important to me)
– They have a Canadian site so you aren’t paying duties and international surcharges
– They are lightweight and come in a ton of colours and adorable prints

Tiny Toms

TOMS on Social Media:

For more information on TOMS and ordering check out their website www.toms.ca

Happy wearing

Back to School with Reebok – Enter to Win a Pair of Reebok Shoes!

Reebok ATV19

It’s that time of year again … BACK TO SCHOOL and Reebok has unveiled their new line of ATV19 footwear for kids, good for all terrain which my little man was lucky enough to try out.

Here’s what makes the shoes so great …
– first off I have to say that I LOVE the colours and funky styles
– the ATV19 collection by giving kids a shoe that adapts to whatever surface they are playing on
– each pod on the ATV19 is strategically positioned to cushion the foot, provide traction when moving and be durable for all environments.
– the ATV19 has 19 unique, colourful pods on the sole each designed with a rubber outsole to give kids added grip and traction while playing


My little guy wearing his new shoes at the playground

Where to Buy:
Reebok Kids ATV19 footwear is available at Foot Locker, Sears, Sport Chek and through www.Reebok.ca at $75 for grade school sizes and $65 for preschool sizes

Thanks to our friends at Reebok, they are offering ONE of my readers a pair of the brand new Reebok Kids ATV19 Shoes. This contest is open to Canadian residents only. Sizes for this giveaway include: Grade school (sizes 3.5-7) and Preschool (sizes 10.5-3). Here’s how to enter …
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Good luck!