Tis the Season of Runny Noses #BoogieWipes #Giveaway

Boogie Wipes

I feel like I should be a spokesperson for Boogie Wipes because I LOVE them and have been using them for over 5  years on all the runny noses in my house! In fact, in winter I don’t leave home without a pack in my purse or bag because my kids have runny noses ALL winter! The minute that cool air hits my kids nose faucet turns on and there is no turning back. So if you are ever at a kids event or party with me and you need a Boogie Wipe, feel free to find me.

In the last two months, my mini has been sick three times and due to my extreme laziness (it’s winter give me a break) I had to use normal tissue because we ran out of our Boogie Wipes and let me tell you, that didn’t work out so well. After a day of constantly wiping his nose, it got so raw underneath and he would cry anytime I went near him with a tissue to wipe what seemed like Niagara Falls coming out of his nose.
Epic Mom fail!

Reason #1 to stock up with Boogie Wipes … your kid will end up love them too.

Boogie Wipes

What I love about Boogie Wipes
– Boogie Wipes are moistened with saline which actually helps break down those Boogies
– Moisturizes with Aloe, Vitamin E and Chamomile
– The wipes themselves are SUPER soft
– They come in great little travel packs with a hard cover so they don’t dry out
– Comes in three scents (well two really as one is unscented): Grape and Fresh Scent (Fresh Scent is my fave)
– The scent is not overpowering at all for those little noses
– They now have a hard case with refills for your “around the house” Boogie Wipes with a big easy-open button that kids can open themselves

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Boogie Wipes, they are giving away a Boogie Wipes Gift Pack full of all their wonderful products. The contest is open to residents of Canada only. Here’s how to enter:
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So don’t walk to stock your house up with Boogie Wipes … RUN!!!! Run as fast as you can, I promise you (well your little one really) will thank me 😉
Keep those little noses clean now that you know you are covered by Boogie Wipes




The Summers Best Natural Sunscreen #GIVEAWAY

How many sunscreen’s have you purchased and then weeks later find yourself reading the latest recall list only to find that new sunscreen that you just purchased and put on your child countless times is on that list because of an active ingredient in the product? So what brand do you trust???

I am sure I am not the only one but in my house, the sunscreen battle is one of the biggest battles I have with my kids because they absolutely hate wearing it (it’s sticky, thick and smelly according to them) and this is one thing I don’t give into and lather them up head to toe while they kick and scream.

I am going to introduce you to two great natural Sunscreens: Alba BOTANICA and LiveClean Baby Mineral Sunscreen

Why I love Alba BOTANICA Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen
– they have sunscreen for the whole family (not just for kids) both in facial sunscreen and sport sunscreen
– NO oxybenzone, PABA, artificial colours, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours, phthalates or sulfates
– it’s an emollient sunscreen meaning it moisturizes and conditions your skin
– ingredients include: Lavender flower, Aloe leaf, Calendula Flower and Camelia Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower, Coneflower, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng Extract
– no fragrance (the smell is not over powering)
– it’s very light weight (it’s thin which makes it easy to apply)
– absorbs quickly
– not greasy in the slightest (won’t clog pores which is a big complaint of mine with past sunscreens)
– leaves no icky film or residue
– 100% vegetarian formula
– both UVA and UVB protection
– SPF 40
– water resistant (keep reapplying though)
– I love their spray bottle!!! I am not talking aerosol can, I am talking about a gentle squeeze spray that allows the sunscreen to come out in a nice fine line so it doesn’t feel like they are being smothered 

Price: $9.99
Where to buy: Whole Foods, London Drugs and Well.ca

Why I love Live Clean Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF45

Live Clean Mineral Sunscreen

– A little thicker than above, however it quickly absorbs and doesn’t leave a white film
– A brand you know and trust (and of course love)
– fast absorbing which is obviously good for kids
– no synthetic chemicals, petroleum, paraben and phthalate free
– no dyes
– the packaging is recyclable
– contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide instead of chemicals
– contains nourishing and soothing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, echinacea extract and green tea extract
– It doesn’t smell!!!! This is extremely important to my kids
– not greasy
– comes in an adult version

Price: $16.99
Where to buy: Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart


Alba Botanica Sunscreen

Thanks to our lovely friends they are giving away a Alba Botanica Sunscreen Pack to 1 lucky winner. Must be a resident of Canada. Here’s how to enter: 

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The Mist with a Twist #BoogieMist

Boogie Mist

Since my littlest one was born, I don’t think a month has gone by where he has not gotten a cold (thank you to his older brother who is a petri dish and brings home every little germ). Like any parent, I hate seeing him uncomfortable because he can’t breathe out of his nose and of course extremely miserable because of lack of sleep. I am no better when I am sick and at least I can blow my nose!

Over the years, in true Terri fashion, I have bought many saline sprays to test for my little ones (all of which I have used on myself first) and the spray’s were all seriously intense so I stuck with nose drops (which suck for the little guys) … until now!

I recently had the opportunity to try Boogie Mist from one of my favourite well know brands, Boogie Wipes and it’s perfect.

Why I love Boogie Mist
– most importantly it is a very light, gentle mist which won’t startle your little one when sprayed
– comes in two scents, fresh and grape (I really like the fresh – I just want to eat the grape .. weird i know)
– reasonably priced at $8.00
– uses natural saline spray which helps break up the boogies
– the mist applicator is scented (just an added little touch)

 Where to Buy: Toys R US

Happy breathing

Help Your Cold with HydraSense – Enter to Win!

We know that winter is synonyms with getting colds and we wait (impatiently) for the warmer weather to come thinking that cold season is ending, but with the onset of the higher numbers in the weather forecast the jackets, gloves and hats come off and just when you think cold season is over, the viruses re-emerge.

I have being using HydraSense since my oldest was a little baby. He got his first cold when he was 8 months old and naturally I panicked (he was my first what do you expect) because the poor little guy was so stuffed up and MISERABLE (which is an understatement) so I went into my trusty bag of samples that I got at a baby show and there were the many samples of HydraSense Easy Dose.

I, by no means am going to tell you he loved it because he HATED it, he screamed his head off when I put the drops in and sucked whatever was up there clogging the kids nose making him not able to eat, but I can tell you that the moment after I picked him up, put a bottle in his mouth, he realized he could actually breathe he was happy again and the cycle  continued with every cold. Now comes my second who got his first cold when he was only 3 weeks old (thanks to his older brother who was learning about sharing) and has had a cold every single month of his life .. actually! This kid hates the drops just as much as his brother especially now that I have added the nasal aspirator to the routine, but there is instant relief (that I can promise you) and lots of smiles .. what can be better than that?! Most importantly, it is made with 100% undiluted natural-source seawater.

HydraSense has something for everyone 
•             Easy dose (newborns and infants) – these little tubes makes it clean and easy to administer the drops
•             Nasal aspirator starter kit (newborns and infants)
•             Gentle mist  (age 2+)
•             Medium Stream (age 2+)
•             To Go (age 2+) – great for moms on the go to carry in their purses
•             Congestion relief kids (age 6+)
•             Congestion relief (age 12+) – this is what I use every day


For those that are prone to getting sinus infections (yup thats me), I highly recommend using their Congestion Relief Spray. It has a great pump that really helps hydrate the sinuses and reduce inflammation.

Thanks to our friends at HydraSense, they are giving away 4 products of your choice from the selection above to 1 lucky winner (you can tailer the prize back to your family). The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter:

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For another chance to win a great HydraSense gift pack, make sure to visit Multi-Testing Mommy

Breathe Clean

Officially the BEST Toddler Toy on the Market #SandsAlive – Enter to WIN

Sands Alive

This could possibly be the BEST invention and i’m here to tell you all about it since it is my son’s absolute FAVORITE toy and well … it’s actually brilliant!!! This is the toy that when my son is having a massive meltdown, I tell him I am going to take it away to get him to stop and it actually works to calm him down. WARNING TO ALL PARENTS: this is highly addictive, you will love to play with this too, trust me.
Small side note for those who know the product, yes it was called “Living Sand” but was recently renamed “Sands Alive” – same product.

Ok so let me start by saying I HATE SAND!!!! It’s messy, dirty, full of bacteria and in fact it grosses me out watching my little guy playing with it, but this is totally different.

Here’s what I love about Sands Alive:
– The sand is soooo soft .. it’s NOT like actual sand at all
– It is all natural so you don’t have to worry about kids putting it in their mouths (though obviously that is not what you want, just saying you don’t have to freak out)
– It NEVER dries out! Mine has been sitting out for over a month and it feels like it did when I first bought it
– If pieces do get on the floor, just take a little piece in your hand and use that to pick up the other pieces, its just that easy
– It is BACTERIA FREE .. yes you heard right BACTERIA FREE for all us germaphobes out there
– Latex free and gluten free
– Molds easily so your kids can be really imaginative with it (my son hides his little superheroes in it and uses other superheroes to find them)
– Comes with great tools and molds
– Both the small and large Sands Alive come with containers so you don’t have to worry about where you are going to put the sand

Sands Alive

This is the large Sands Alive box

I have been asked a million times (this is my go-to birthday gift and I always tell people about this toy) “does it make a mess” and the truth is what doesn’t make a mess these days, but that being said they are asking in the sense of it being like real sand where it just gets everywhere and no it doesn’t. My son knows that if he throws it or takes it away from the sand box, I take it away. I did however, go to the dollar store and bought a cheap plastic table cloth and whenever I bring it out for the kids to play, I put it under it.

Living Sand

So with all that, I am really not sure I have fully described how truly awesome this is so check out the video below and see for yourself

Try it out for yourself!!! Sands Alive has massive sand boxes (6 foot x 3 w) with moles set up at Chapters, Scholars Choice and Mastermind Toys Science Centre (great for March break) for the kids to experience the magical feel and creativity of it

MasterMind Toys – Science Center
Starting: Saturday March 8th running for 2 weeks outside their store on the second level (they will have Sands Alive video playing on a large TV for people to watch)

Chapters Bayview Village:
March 8th Saturday 9:30am – 9PM
March 9th Sunday 9:30am – 9PM

Scholars Choice Toronto / Leaside location 1599 Bayview Avenue:
Starting: Saturday March 8th will be in store for the whole month of March.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for .. a HUGE thank you to our friends at Sands Alive, they are giving away 3 large Sands Alive (valued at $100 each) to my very lucky readers. The contest is open to CANADIAN residents only (sorry to my US readers). Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until March 18th, double your odds and enter to win a Large Sands Alive box from Multi-Testing Mommy – click here

Where to Buy: Mastermind Toys, Home Hardware, Indigo, Scholars Choice, TruServ Canada and Federated Co-Op (these sell out quick so make sure to call before to make sure there is one available)

Happy molding/building/squishing

Boiron Helps with Cold and Flu Season


When it comes to colds and flus, I like to use all natural remedies. I have been using Boiron products since my older guy was born (my girlfriend swore by it), so when they asked me to review their line, I was happy to do so (and I got to test out new products that I hadn’t used before).

Boiron Products

Thanks Boiron for the great cold and flu pack, good timing #mommycold

As my 3 year old gets older, his colds seem to be getting more intense and those damn coughs last soooo much longer! Lucky for me, he went from one cold immediately to the next so it was a good time to try out the new Boiron products I had not yet tried. Even luckier for me, he passed along his cold to me so now I was able to try out the remedies for adults.

Well let me say that for the last four weeks I have had a lingering cough that has kept me up all night (and my husband). I have to sleep on a 90 degree angle just to stop coughing for a very small period of time. As I started to write this blog post, I remembered that some of the products I was sent were for adults and one specifically was for coughs (it’s like they knew) called Stodal and for real, last night was the first night I slept for four hours uninterrupted and I attribute that to Stodal and best part, it doesn’t taste awful like all the cold/cough medications on the market (cough syrup is disgusting). They also have a kids version ($10 kids, $15 adults)

Boiron Stodal


My first born was 7 months old when he got his first cold and a friend of mine, who’s daughter is older, told me she swore by Coryzalia and passed along a few samples for me to try out. Two and a half years later, I am still using it to help with decongestion, sneezing and runny nose. Now his nose runs pretty much all winter, but it did help with the continuous sneezing and the stuff nose along with a humidifier and being elevated. If your older one is like mine and comes home weekly with a cold and has gotten your little one sick, you can give this to your little guy starting at 1 month of age. $15 for kids, $14 for adults.


Ok so these are a must buy, Fever Bugz! When you are concerned that your little guy has a fever, peel and stick on to their forehead and then show them in the mirror and you will be sure to get a laugh out of them. The image that will come up will show you whether they have a temperature. Best part, they are reusable. I have a pack of these on every floor in my house .. you never know when you need them.

Fever Bugz

I was just introduced to Oscillococcinum (that’s a mouth full) to relieve flu symptoms and is good for the whole family. Nobody has yet to get a fever (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself) but when the time arises, we will try this out and will let you know. $21 for 12 doses

OscillococcinumLastly, there is one more remedy for cold/flu season called Cicadermine which provides relief for skin and nasal passage irritation from all the nose blowing. Made with plant extracts to soothe irritated skin and mucous membranes, it can be used to relieve the dry, and red skin around the nose, as well as in the treatment of chapped lips, and dry cuticles (hey why not) $9


Want to win a Babies R Us or Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to go buy the products? Click here to enter on Facebook

Good luck this cold and flu season, these products will sure be of help

Disclaimer: I was given these products free of charge to test out and review. All the opinions above are are my own.

100% Natural Baby Care Line – Abundance Naturally Baby

Abundance Naturally Baby

I wanted to introduce you to Abundance Naturally Baby. It is not the smell that is the attractive feature of the product (it’s a plant based aroma for those that are curious), it is the fact that the line is 100% natural deriving all its contents from our environment which I know is important to a lot of parents. I truly love that this line was created by a mom who clearly understands what us moms are looking for in our baby products and this is evident as she breaks down how each ingredient helps soothe or heal.

Abundance Naturally Baby Balm:
I was never inlove with the idea of using Polysporin on my little man’s cuts or cortisone for his extreme dry skin and cradle cap and there now is an all natural solution. This balm helps soothe dry itchy skin, minor cuts, burns, cradle cap and has been proven to treat diaper rash. You will see below below in the ingredients why it is so healing.

Ingredients: Calendula (Reduces inflammation, protects & soothes irritated skin and kills bacteria), Chickweed (An external remedy to ease itchy, red, irritated skin), Goldenseal (Contains natural antibiotics that fight inflammation), Marshmallow root (Cools and moisturizes wounded inflamed tissue), Lavender (Reputed to heal burns, skin infections, and sun damage), and Sandalwood ( A fragrant essential oil commonly used to moisturize)
Price: $11.99 

Abundance Baby Balm

Abundance Naturally Baby Oil:
It was very important to me to incorporate massage into our night time routine (and i’m not talking about mine and my husbands – I wish) especially with having a colicky baby and massage oil is a very important part because it helps calm the baby. A lot of oils are petroleum based but this oil is infused with sweet cherry and vitamin E

Ingredients: grape seed oil (a light, emollient carrier oil with astringent qualities that penetrates quickly), sunflower oil (rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, its emollient and moisturizing), grapefruit seed extract (a natural preservative and anti-oxidant to prolong the stability of product, naturally) and essential oils of lavender and chamomile (Wild-crafted flowers known for their calming, soothing and relaxing essences, this aromatic oil is full of beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory)
Price: $11.99

Abundance Baby Oil

Abundance Naturally Baby Bum Bum Spray:
A litter-free alternative to chemical-laden disposable wipes. Use this spray for diaper changes and clean-up of little hands and faces. Because of the contents, you can also use this spray to soothe scrapes and cuts on-the-go … first aid without the sting.

Ingredients: Lavendar flower (soothing, calming, hydrating mild cleaning essence water), aloe, coconut oil (it penetrates the skin readily, thus acting as a carrier for transdermal therapeutic ingredients with exceptional ability to transport essential oils and actives) and witch hazel (alcohol free -with natural astringent properties, it soothes and cleanses), tea tree oil
Price: $11.99

Abundance Bum Bum Spray

Abundance Naturally Baby Bubble Wash:
Not bubble bath, bubble wash!!! It’s a foaming all-in-one baby wash for fine hair and baby’s new skin. It is filled with soothing and hydrating properties and lots of vitamins. A tear-free and mild formula is great even for the older one’s (Frankie likes to pump it out himself and clean his body since he can see the foam when he puts it on himself).

Ingredients: Organic Liquid Castile Soap (a mild natural soap made from saponified organic oils of sunflower and coconut making it good for sensitive skin), Aloe Vera Juice (well respected and moisturizing agent rich in vitamins B & C and folic acid), Lavender Floral Water and Chamomile (soothing, calming, hydrating mild cleansing essences)
Price: $11.99

Abundance Naturally Baby Bubble Wash

Abundance Naturally Baby Belly Butter:
A product just for me!!! With all the great healing properties in this belly butter, it is great for the expectant moms and their bellies and/or cracked nipples (ouch). I have been very lucky to not have stretch marks for either pregnancy (I don’t want to jinx myself since I do have 6 more weeks to go), but I have decided to put on this belly butter every night before bed as precaution .. it can’t hurt right! It actually relieves the itchy belly that comes with pregnancy!

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, flaxseed, rosehip and vitamin E oils (are all known to help reduce stretch marks), Shea, Cocoa, Mango Seed butters (moisturizing, emollient, reduces the formation of stretch marks and rejuvenates skin; rich in EFA’s containing natural anti-oxidants and promotes cell regeneration), Essential Oil of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Balsam Peru Oil (aromatic and promotes calmness and moisturizes)
Price: $11.99


All these products are available on their website (click here), well.ca or find it at your local pharmacy and health food stores all over Canada.

Have you tried any of these products? Please let us know what you think below