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Mommy Connections

So you find out your pregnant and are the happiest person in the world and then months later you start panicking about birth, breast feeding, getting the house ready, which products to buy, who do you know that is pregnant around the same time and well everything else that comes with having a baby and that’s where Mommy Connections comes in. What an amazing resource!!!!

Mommy Connections introduces moms and moms-to-be to programs and services available within your neighbourhoods in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario – 25 locations across Canada and Mom & Tot.  The weekly classes provide a learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your babies while meeting other moms.  The classes offer fun and interactive demonstrations as well as informative expert speakers on a variety of topics.

Moms-to-Be: This program educates moms and dads about the birthing process which can be quite scary for first time parents – do yourself a favour and don’t watch any videos on birthing). It is designed to connect parents and create a support network before the babies are even born!  The programs are held on week day evenings for 2 hours for a six week period and include expert speakers, child birth education, relaxation techniques and more.

Mom and Baby: new moms will learn about products, businesses, classes, programs, services, moms clubs and have the opportunity to meet a lot of other new moms that live nearby. You will hear from expert speakers on topics such as post-natal fitness, baby wearing, diapering, baby communication, community programs, clubs and classes for mom & baby, dosing, baby dental concerns, nutrition, infant safety, infant massage, returning to work and more!

Mom and Tot: Weekly programs are offered for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop. They bring moms together from around the neighbourhood to introduce you to the services and products available within your own communities. We provide educational and supportive programming for moms, from pre-natal to toddler, within a fun and social environment. We facilitate newconnections between moms, tots and their community. Programs are modern and topical, changing regularly to reflect the needs of the community of moms within their area

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Mommy connections is expanding and looking for directors to run their programs across Canada. The ideal candidate (WAHM’s are perfect!) is someone who wants to make additional income for their family in a fun and social environment. For more information click here

Whether your an expectant mom, new mom or a mom with an older child who is looking to get out of the house, get more information, meet other moms or even run a program yourself, make sure to check out them out