The Battle of the Bottle #MomTrust

Battle Between Breast and BottleI remember walking around the halls of the hospital trying to progress my labor and seeing signs everywhere about breastfeeding: why “breast is best”, guides how to breastfeed, ways to get the baby to latch and so on and so on, and I thought to myself ‘what about the moms that can’t breast feed or for that matter don’t want to, will they look down on mothers for not breast feeding’ and sure enough before I started pushing the nurse said “would you like to breast feed your baby as soon as he comes out”. There was no question as to whether I was breast feeding or bottle feeding, I was just basically told this is what I was doing.

As a first time mom, your walking in blind! You have no idea what to expect, so I did as I was told. Before my little guy was born, I was given some advice by some experienced parents; offer a bottle earlier than later to avoid the baby rejecting the bottle later on since it will be your only chance to have an extended amount of time to yourself (husbands/parents/grand parents/siblings/friends could do a feed for you). I know this isn’t for everyone as a lot of people believe in nipple confusion, but it was the right advice for me. It wasn’t the perfect transition (only slightly difficult), but compared to a lot of friends I had it good switching from breast to bottle, bottle to breast.

Choosing a bottle can be difficult because there are so many on the market, so which to choose? I have seen so many of my friends have issues finding a bottle their child would take, spending hundreds of dollars trying out EVERY bottle on the market including those that are not found in your local baby or pharmacy and only on the internet. What if you could buy a kit that has two bottles and four different nipples to try? Smart right? Playtex has introduced a bottle and nipple gift kit in both medium and slow flow so you can use the same bottle but try out different sized and shaped nipples (you can buy the nipple variety pack separately as well). Nipple innovations a few years back are not what they are now!

Unfortunately, I can not talk about my son’s experience with this kit since my youngest son is now 7 months old and has been using the same bottle since he was about 4 weeks old, so he wouldn’t take a new bottle (the kid likes what he is used to and doesn’t like change, can’t fault him for that), but no two kids are alike so this is just my experience. The variety pack was created to reduce the trial and error for young babies learning to take a bottle as there are a variety of options. I have never seen anything like this on the market and I think its an amazing idea.

There is a great selection to choose from in the variety pack:
1. Breast-like Shape which was designed to mimic the breast
2. Full Sized for those with wider mouths
3. Angled for upright feeding
4. Naturalatch

Way to go Playtex, you did it again
Happy Feeding

Mommies Connect with Mommy Connections

Mommy Connections

So you find out your pregnant and are the happiest person in the world and then months later you start panicking about birth, breast feeding, getting the house ready, which products to buy, who do you know that is pregnant around the same time and well everything else that comes with having a baby and that’s where Mommy Connections comes in. What an amazing resource!!!!

Mommy Connections introduces moms and moms-to-be to programs and services available within your neighbourhoods in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario – 25 locations across Canada and Mom & Tot.  The weekly classes provide a learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your babies while meeting other moms.  The classes offer fun and interactive demonstrations as well as informative expert speakers on a variety of topics.

Moms-to-Be: This program educates moms and dads about the birthing process which can be quite scary for first time parents – do yourself a favour and don’t watch any videos on birthing). It is designed to connect parents and create a support network before the babies are even born!  The programs are held on week day evenings for 2 hours for a six week period and include expert speakers, child birth education, relaxation techniques and more.

Mom and Baby: new moms will learn about products, businesses, classes, programs, services, moms clubs and have the opportunity to meet a lot of other new moms that live nearby. You will hear from expert speakers on topics such as post-natal fitness, baby wearing, diapering, baby communication, community programs, clubs and classes for mom & baby, dosing, baby dental concerns, nutrition, infant safety, infant massage, returning to work and more!

Mom and Tot: Weekly programs are offered for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop. They bring moms together from around the neighbourhood to introduce you to the services and products available within your own communities. We provide educational and supportive programming for moms, from pre-natal to toddler, within a fun and social environment. We facilitate newconnections between moms, tots and their community. Programs are modern and topical, changing regularly to reflect the needs of the community of moms within their area

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Mommy connections is expanding and looking for directors to run their programs across Canada. The ideal candidate (WAHM’s are perfect!) is someone who wants to make additional income for their family in a fun and social environment. For more information click here

Whether your an expectant mom, new mom or a mom with an older child who is looking to get out of the house, get more information, meet other moms or even run a program yourself, make sure to check out them out



Sleep? What’s that!!!!

Tired Mama


Can you even remember the days when you slept in till 10am and went to bed at 12am … why did you do that … no reason … just because you could?!!!

I strongly feel that sleep deprivation is one of the hardest adjustments to parenthood, but GUESS WHAT … there is a light at the end of the dark dark  tunnel that your trying so hard to run to (wait .. too dark? There are some people out there that function extremely well on no sleep (that’s my sister) and then there are those who love their precious sleep so much that the massive change is such a hard adjustment (that’s me!). I swear my first born knew I was a new mom and had no clue what I was doing so he decided to throw me into a pool to see if I would sink or swim, how about I was lightly treading. He was colicky and didn’t want to sleep .. EVER. I bounced him on a fitness ball for hours, I took him out for walks in freezing cold weather, I sat next to a running tap in my kitchen and I even paced and rocked him in my laundry room while the dryer was running and I even added in a pair of running shoes to the dryer so that it would make loud ass noise (desperate times) and this is how I survived the first five months. On a happier note, my new little guy was the complete opposite, easily goes down (well now after sleep training him) and is just such a calm, happy baby.

With all that, here are a few things I have learned and I personally recommend to help

1. ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
My mom always asked me if I needed anything, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, everyone and I kept saying “no, I am ok thanks” and really I wanted to say “yes I would love the help” but I was too proud and well I crashed and then had no choice but to get the help. Second time around, anyone asked if they could hold the baby, I passed him right over. If anyone told me they would take him so I could lie down, sure no problem. I know its hard, but let people who offer help!!!

I know this is not easy especially when you have a thousand things to do like laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, making the beds etc but try to close your eyes for sure once and if you can twice a day. Even little cat naps help to make you feel just a little bit better (I know easier said than done).

Everyone made me believe that by rocking the baby to sleep, holding him too much or co-sleeping with the baby I would somehow damage him and made me think that I would be doing this even when he was 18 and then I spoke to a few friends (one of which is a paediatrician) and she gave me the best advice “do what you need to do to survive” and I did (in fact when I was doing all these things and having anxiety about doing them, I kept repeating this over and over in my head) then at 4 months, you can sleep train to break all the bad habits (totally your comfort level – I did with both kids and they are both amazing sleepers)

You will get through the sleep deprivation and feel human again, I promise!!
If you have any sleep tips that helped, please share them below

Make sure to check out the Playtex Mommyville Community on Facebook

Happy sleeping

Disclaimer: This is part of #MomTrustTipsCanada #Playtex


Playtex Smartspace Drying Rack – The Best of the Best #MomTrust

DryingRack_LRI have tested a lot of Playtex products and I have come to notice a common theme .. they take all the “problems” us moms have with particular products and then make the perfect product!!

Playtex has a new drying rack called the SmartSpace Drying Rack and as I mentioned in my first Playtex post, I absolutely love this product and for so many reasons .. where do I start??!!!!

1. The drying rack comes in a box where you assemble it (I know your first thought is UGHHHH) but honestly, it couldn’t be any easier to put together.

Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack

2. Bottle racks can be big, bulky and frankly they are usually pretty ugly and not what you want to have out on your counter for a year .. not this one!!! This one comes with two identical parts that you can configure whatever way you want (put in separate locations, put side by side, in front of each other or put together as one), I love that it is basic colours (blue and white) and not cheap looking at all

Playtex SpaceSaver Drying Rack

3. It may look small but it sure holds A LOT! Leave it up to me to find an organized way to get as much as I can on there. It holds bottles, nipples, rings, valves, brushes, pacifiers and straws and I pretty much have it all on there

Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack

4. It comes with DRYING MATS!!!! Yup no need to go out and buy some because it comes with two perfect sized drying mats to put underneath it so the water doesn’t drip all over your counter

Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack

What wouldn’t you love about this bottle rack!!! If your in the market for one or you have one that you just don’t love, I dare you to try it out and I would love to hear about your experience, so make sure to comment below.

Where to Buy: Walmart, Toys R Us
Price: $19.99
*for more information on the products Playtex has to offer, check out Playtex Mommyville and give them a “like” on Facebook

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed belong to Babylish Advice and are not influenced in any way


The Best Breast Feeding Pillow There Is #Mombo

Comfot and Harmony Breasfeeding PillowWhen I first gave birth to my older guy, I was told of THE breast feeding pillow that I needed to have and naturally I listened and used it for the 6 months not knowing any different. I put it away knowing I was going to eventually have another and fast forward 3 years my new little guy came, I packed the same breast feeding pillow with my hospital bags  and as soon as he was born, I put it around me and couldn’t get the back part around me because I still had the epidural in and I was too sore to turn over and I got so fed up I just used a pillow which actually was a lot easier.

As soon as I got home from the hospital I sent my husband to get me a new pillow that didn’t have that back strap (I told him which one to buy because I didn’t know of any other brands) and this new one was a boat. It was too high and just felt awkward but I had no other choice at this point but to use it.

I was asked to try out a new breast feeding pillow called the Comfort Harmony Pillow by Bright Starts which I was thrilled to do, but by the time I got it, I had basically lost all my milk and therefore had to stop breast feeding. I kept it around the living room and when a girlfriend of mine was over she needed something to breast feed so I told her to use this one and she told me that she is “literally OBSESSED” (her words). I told her to take it home and be my product tester and that night, I got a text from her “I’m in love with this nursing pillow. It fits perfectly inside my glider so breastfeeding is way more comfortable at night – thank you so much for loaning it to me, I really owe you one!!!” and she actually told me that when the power went off at her house (because of the ice storm), she only grabbed a few things and one of those things “must haves” was the pillow. Now if that is not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Comfort and Harmony Breastfeeding pillow

Here are the great features of the pillow:
– A unique feature where the pillow comes with a vibration device for calming that is inserted directly into the pillow which you push in on the middle of the pillow to active or deactivate the vibration
– If you think you are done with the pillow after breastfeeding you are mistaken! Because of the ergonomic design, the pillow is great for propping up the baby
– The slipcover comes in a lot of great designs
– The slipcover is of the highest quality and is very soft
– The slipcover is machine washable
– Not too soft where the baby will sink, but not too firm which would make it uncomfortable
– Great size
– Fitted

Comfort and harmony Breasfteeding Pillow

Makes a great seat! He loves it .. clearly.

Some things to note: 
– The product does not come with batteries for the vibration device which is NOT an issue, just make sure you have some on hand
– One thing my product tester made a comment about is about that she liked how snug the pillow was which makes it so comfortable, but she wasn’t sure how many body types it would fit

The pillow in the media, make sure to check them out:

Where to Buy: Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Target

Happy feeding

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge to test out and review, all opinions and views are my own

An Introduction to the Playtex Mom Trust Program

Playtex Mom Trust

For years now, I have been a fan of Playtex products when it comes to all my kids “stuff” (and well myself included, but we won’t go down that road) and if you don’t believe me, just check out my kids feeding drawer.


Playtex Products in my Drawer: Sippy Cups, Straw Cup, Plates, Bowls, Kids Cutlery, Formula Jar and Food Storage Containers

Not to mention the multiple Diaper Genies I have in my house, one in both kids rooms and one on the main floor because I really don’t want those in my kitchen garbage. I bought my first one three years ago and I am still using that exact same one (oh did I mention this thing has fallen multiple times and basically been drop kicked by my 3 year old and it is still working perfectly?!).

The newest addition to our family is the Playtex Drying Rack. I kept the old one that I had from when older guy was born (which looked pretty nasty after a year and a half of use and then stored for 2 years), but then this beauty came into my life (yes I just referred to a bottle rack as a “beauty”). It is a great size for space saving, holds a lot of bottles and all the little parts that come with it, pacifiers etc and what I love is that it comes with two little under pads to put below the bottle rack so water doesn’t drip all over your counter.

Playtex Bottle Rack

Here’s why I love Playtex products:
First off I know that it is a brand name I trust (it’s been around for along time and I have been using their products for years) and second, they really took the time to carefully develop all their products to make sure they are safe for our kids and of course are useful.

This is why I feel very lucky (and am extremely excited) to be part of the Playtex Mom Trust team where you can learn about their new products which I and a whole bunch of other mom bloggers will have tested, we will be providing tips, sharing stories/experiences about motherhood and it is a great community for moms to come together to support one another.

Make sure to check out the Playtex Mommyville Facebook Page and give them a ‘like’


The Latest and Best in Cleaning Services – Review and Enter to WIN

We have all gone through the “I’m just too tired to clean” phase where you just look at the rug and know it needs vacuuming, the blinds need dusting and worst of all the bath tub/shower needs a good scrubbing and you wonder WHO HAS THE TIME when all you want to do during your “quiet” time is get back into bed and sleep!!

Well someone got smart and started a cleaning service called Exec Cleaning Service where you book your appointment online, pay online and even tip online so you don’t need to worry about running to the bank. They even text you when the cleaners are on their way and you always get teams of 2 cleaners. For those of you worried about toxic products to use, no need to worry with this service since they use all eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Best part about their service, HAPPINESS GUARANTEED!!! If your not happy with their service, they will come back and clean for FREE – now that’s a guarantee considering there are some very picky people out there especially when it comes to cleaning.

Here’s the one piece of bad news for my Canadian readers and readers outside the areas below, this service is only offered to residents of New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle and San Diego!!!

Exec Cleaning Service

One of my readers, Brooke, volunteered to test out their services and she wrote up an amazingly detailed review about how everything worked and her experience (the good and the not so bad) … here is what she had to say:

“Thank you to Babylish for the opportunity to review Exec cleaning service.   This service allows you to book online in just minutes a professional cleaning job.  After putting in your zip code and  the size of the house a quote is automatically generated.  Once I booked my cleaning, a confirmation email arrived confirming the details of the cleaning.  On the morning of the cleaning I received a text message that my crew was on its way.  They arrived 3 minutes early for their 9 AM cleaning.  When they started cleaning I received another text message with the exact time they started and the crew’s names.  The 3 member crew was very nice and introduced themselves.  They immediately told me they were not sure how long it would take to clean my house because their 4th team member did not show up due to a family emergency.  They said approximately 5 hours but typically they can give a more accurate quote.
The cleaning itself is likely dependent on the crew that arrives.  From what I understand you cannot request a certain person or crew to do the cleaning.  The head of my crew was fantastic. After cleaning a few of the rooms she walked me through what she had done and asked if I was pleased and if there was anything she would like for me to do differently.  There was nothing I needed to change.  The cleaning was above and beyond what I would have expected – in the basement all of the ceiling lights were dusted and all of the toys in and out of the closet were organized.  Furniture and boxes were moved around so that a vacuum could be run under them.  The basement bedroom and bathroom were well taken care of.

When one crew member worked in the basement the other two worked on the main floor.  The other two team members were very professional.  I liked that one pointed out to the other that the windows should be cleaned a different way than was being done to get even more of the dirt  up.  One team member even cleaned the sliding glass door windows from the outside to make sure to get it spotless.  The outsides of the kitchen appliances were all individually cleaned and were also left spotless.  Very little instruction needed to be provided.

All three crew members cleaned the top floor which has the remaining bedrooms and three bathrooms.  The top floor was also left spotless with each bedroom cleaned and beds made.  Again, toys were all organized and blankets folded nicely.  The bathrooms appeared to be spotless.
The cleaning products used are all organic and smell very nice.  It appears that the organic products work just as well as the Fantastic and Windex I am used to using and they smell much nicer.  I only had to ask the crew to go over one thing – the kitchen island.  I wonder if the organic products are not as strong and do not pull up hard stains as well as the non-organic ones.  This could be a reason one wipe over of the kitchen island was not enough.  A second wipe over did the job.   One of the showers had a mildewy smell following the cleaning, which I usually don’t smell after it’s cleaned with non-organic products.  Again, this could be the nature of the organic products used.
During my cleaning I was not sure if tip was included so sent an email to the email provided in my confirmation.  I did receive a response back that my email had been received and received an answer in time.  I also went onto the website and found the information I needed in the FAQ section – yes, tip was included in the price of the service.
When the crew left I received a text message and an email.  The crew left at just after 2:30 pm. including some time to talk about what a great job they did.   Five hours is definitely a long time to clean a house, but the thorough job they did is worth spending that amount of time at home.  And, others can choose not to stay at home while the crew works.  If the 4th team member had been here it would have likely taken under 5 hours.  However, I would never complain about a family emergency coming up.
This service is fantastic for busy people who like to do everything online.  Within a few minutes a service can be booked and changed if needed.   The service is very dependable and extremely professional.  And, most important, the job was better than most cleaning services I have used in the past.  I would rate this as equally as thorough of a job than a move-in/move-out cleaning job that costs twice the price. The only complaint I would have is that I would like to request a certain team member to come back again, and it sounds like this is not something that can be guaranteed.”

Thank you to Brooke and Exec Cleaning Service for offering this test service out to us and hope that everyone who uses them in the future has a wonderful experience like Brooke.

After a review like that, how could I not offer my readers $40 off their Exec Cleaning service! Just enter code: babylishadvice to redeem and they are very kindly giving away a FREE cleaning to one lucky reader who lives in the areas mentioned above – enter  here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Exec Cleaning service has been featured in The Huffington Post,Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes

Happy zzzz’s

Great Apps for Us .. The Parents!

I am always trying to find the latest greatest apps for my little guy, but WHAT ABOUT ME!!!! I am not big on gaming because I just can’t find the time, but I have found a lot of useful apps that I thought I would share:

Magic Jack

Magic Jack: If you are headed to the US download this app!!! Since getting an iPhone, my phone bills are always crazy post vacation especially my calling because I always go over my plan minutes. My boss told me about this app and I tried it out and it actually works. Call within North America for FREE just make sure you are on WIFI otherwise it will use your data. Over the last few years I got smart and turned off my data until I hit WIFI so I don’t worry there, but that is one piece of advice I must give!

 I have done a previous post about and my love for their service (FREE SHIPPING, NO MINIMUMS) and now they have created an app so I can order diapers, creams etc while out. I was going away on a business trip, realized that Frankie’s school needed diapers so I ordered them through the app from the airport and done they were at my house within a few days.

 For all those who are interested in the real estate market or just plain curious what is going on in your neighborhood, this is the perfect app for you! Use your filter, check new listings, check old listings – love it!






Apphero: For real, we needed an app to help us find apps and here it is. With the thousands and thousands of apps out there, I find it hard to search for those that I think I will like, so this was the perfect app for me. Using your current downloaded apps and with answering some questions, this app will recommend apps for you and you can choose which one’s work for you. Highly recommend for those who get overwhelmed with apps 🙂






Starbucks: Ok so officially this has to be one of the most useful apps on the market for the Sbux fans and well I am one of them! If you haven’t already, REGISTER YOUR CARD! You get lots of great perks by registering and hook it up with your app and you can just use your phone to get a coffee, no wallet … nothing! It’s easy to leave the office or the house without a wallet (yes I have done it many of times), but you will NEVER leave the house or office without your phone. It also keeps track of your freebies!






Hautelook: ATTENTION SHOPPERS – this is the app for you! I thought everyone had heard of Hautelook until I mentioned it to a friend in a gym class and she hadn’t! Brand names for less – yes less. I have only bought a few things for myself, but I buy a ton of brand name stuff (Rowdy Sprouts, Natives, Splendid etc) for Frankie on Hautelook. For those who know, the good stuff goes quickly so this ends up being the best app for when I can’t be next to my computer. Sign into your account from the app and shop – that easy (not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing) 😉






WebMDBaby: Thank you Apphero, this was their recommendation! We all know of WebMD and now there is WebMD baby .. great! First this is a one stop shop so-to-speak where you can create a baby book using all your pictures that you take thousands of on your phone, create a journal where you can track feedings, diaper changes, sleep etc or read up on articles of the most common topics like baby and toddler care (crying and colic, sleeping and napping etc), illnesses and emergencies, parenting tips and best yet to name a few. It seems to be a great resource for parents.







Songza: I am a ‘music by the mood’ kind of gal meaning that sometimes I am in a mood for mellow music especially after a long stressful day at work and mornings I like fast beat, ‘get me up and ready’ kind of music and then sometimes I have no clue what I want to hear .. and then there was Songza which lets you choose your genre, create playlists or click on the concierge and they will help guide you.

If you have any other great adult apps (and I don’t mean the dirty kind), please feel free to post the names of them below for all to enjoy. If you have a great new app and would like myself or my testers to try it, email me

I hope you like these as much as I do

Disclaimer: The apps in this post are all apps that I have found and I was not paid to review any of these apps

Mommiesfirst for Mommies First (Time)


As you can clearly can tell by now, I thoroughly enjoy finding the best kiddie products out there, as well as new and amazing businesses as I take pride in helping other parents, so naturally when I was introduced to this new idea I fell inlove with it and had to share!

As a new parent or an expectant parent, you have NO CLUE what to expect and what each baby stage brings, not to mention with the amount of baby products on the market (6 brands of one type of product – yikes) it can be sooooo overwhelming and Mommiesfirst helps with that by taking some of the guess work out of it. Like a magazine subscription, you select a membership plan of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months (or better yet you can gift it) shipping is free and monthly you will get a box in the mail with 4-5 great brand must-have products that will help you with all those tough stages, baby or no baby. These boxes are 100% tailored to you and your baby by filling out some information when choosing your membership.


Lucky for me, a while back I was asked to be part of the Mommiesfirst council to help test out products to make sure they are good enough for all those getting the care packages and I excitedly accepted and have enjoyed very much being part of this council. I can promise you up and down that only products that get raving reviews from the council members go in the packages and I know that because I had a pretty bad experience with one of the products to which I expressed my dissatisfaction and it was not included in the box. That shows me that they really do care and that is enough for me to stand behind this company (not to mention the founder, Lorena, is such a wonderful caring mom and business owner who just “gets it”).

Think about it as getting a fun present every month since you don’t know what is coming – YES PLEASE!

For more information on Mommiesfirst or to get prices, check out:
New Mommies:
Expectant Mommies:
General Information:

Best of luck


Babylish Testers try out Babyankees


Created by a mom for us moms, another great idea that was clearly created due to past experiences which always seem to make the best products. Since I really loved the idea of this product, but don’t have a newbie or an older guy in one piece pj’s, I put it out to my product testers and had a few mom’s test it out for themselves to provide their own review.

Here is what Marlo had to say:

I was given the opportunity to test the new product Babyankees which is used to stabilize babies’ feet within their sleepers.  I was hesitant that it would work as most nights my daughter wakes up with her legs within the body compartment of her pajamas   However after a week of using them she never woke up with her ankles in the wrong spot.  I highly recommend Babyankees for moms!

Baby Ankees


Here is what Rebecca had to say:

Babyankees were a quick and easy solution to keep baby’s feet inside their sleepers!  My baby constantly tries to move his feet out of the foot holes in his clothes. He is a master of removing his socks too! Babyankees are easy to use, small to store and look cute on! Great idea! Thanks!!

Baby Ankees


Here’s what Christina had to say (she has twins):

I do like them. Cat in particular, being smaller, draws her knees up inside her sleeper all the time and so these hold it down really well. Taking them on and off with diaper changes is just ‘one more thing’ to do though (x2 – haha) and I find them to be quite tight to get on.. I feel that I’m going to hurt the girls. Both Josh and I felt that the concept was great, but that something that was easier to put on, perhaps with velcro, would be easier to use.. or even if it had a teensy bit more ‘give’ to it. I think it is something that I would be more likely to use during the day than at night because I’m too tired to put them back on when I’m focussing on feeding the girls and trying to get them to sleep (which is an issue right now)

Baby Ankees

Thank you to Babyankees for providing pairs for my mom testers to try and most of all thank you to Marlo, Rebecca and Christina for your great, honest reviews!

For retailers around North America that carry Babyankees, click here



Disclaimer: free products were provided to each mom to test out and review. Pictures were submitted by these mom’s and approved of posting them. Real reviews from real moms!