This Holiday Netflix has you Covered #StreamTeam

Netflix Canada

Whether you are changing your location (some like to call it “vacation” however with children it is no vacation so I prefer to call it a change of location) or having a staycation, there is always a moment of child boredom due to bad weather of any kind so that’s the moment you cuddle up on the couch with your mini’s and turn on the newest show Trollhunters which launched on December 23rd

Netflix Holidays

Want to hear the best news EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! You can now download … yes DOWNLOAD some of your child’s (or your) favourite shows for on-the-go. This actually couldn’t make me any happier because this big launch happened¬†right before I was heading on a flight with my kids. I tested out this new download and they watched some of their favourite shows on the flight. Just a heads up though … not every show is available for download ūüôĀ

Happy Holidays and a very happy and healthy New Year from both myself and Netflix



Unwrap Hasbro’s Hottest Toys #HolidayToyList


Furby Connect

Furby’s baaaaack and with a vengeance!!! Prior to getting the new Furby Connect to review, I was always curious about him. I mean how could you not, he is so damn cute and looks so lonely on the shelves sitting in that box (shame). When I heard that the new Furby Connect was one of Hasbro’s hot items for the 2016 Holidays, I was intrigued right away. I was sent one to test out and my kids went apeS^&T, in fact he started a huge fight with my kids because both my boys wanted to play with him at the same time (what’s new).

Furby Connect

Now for those of you who have had the previous Furby I can happily say that now he now has an off button (well sort of) it’s his sleep mask. Once you put that sleep mask onto Furby he immediately falls asleep. If you are wondering if he wakes up ever with the sleep mask on that is a NO, when that thing is on he is OFF!

We (including me) couldn’t get enough of him. He dances (he moves from side to side and his ears move around as well), he laughs, he farts, he burbs (I mean what more could you want from a toy) and talks to you (he has over 1000 phrases). The most interesting part of all is that¬†you download the Furby Connect app and through Bluetooth your Furby toy and app communicate (FYI you have to pair them first – read the directions when you get it) and while you are playing the game Furby knows what is going on and helps you along the way providing you helpful hints). He has a real time clock causing Furby to react differently at different times of the day.

Furby Connect

My kids love that his eyes are full colour digital displays so when he has hearts in his eyes he is happy and when he is hungry and you feed him (you just stick your finger in his mouth) his eyes will show you what he is eating. It really is a blast and your kids will love it.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Current Price: $39.99

Dreamwork’s Trolls Glitterific Guy Diamond¬†

After seeing the movie, my kids are Troll obsessed which doesn’t surprise me considering when I was little I collected Trolls and funny enough a year ago (before we even knew about the movie) my mom brought them out for the boys to play with and loved them. Glitterific Guy Diamond is a 14″ poseable figure which is great for those little one’s who have a very active imagination. He is glittery from head to toe, comes with sunglasses and a comb to style his crazy hair. These Trolls have come a long way since my days!

Trolls Glitterific Guy Diamond

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $39.99

Now time time to run out and grab¬†these and put smiles on your little one’s faces like you can see are on mine
Happy Holidays


The Toy that will Make your Kids Laugh #HolidayToyList


I was recently introduced to a new toy called Sing-A-Ma-Lings and when I mentioned these cute toys to a friend thinking they were new, she looked at me as if I was crazy for not knowing them!

I gave these funny looking yet totally adorable little things a go, handed them to¬†my mini¬†toy reviewer and let him decide if they were worthy enough of his time. Within 2 minutes of figuring them out, he was belly laughing¬†because the Sing-A-Ma-Lings (we got 2 of them) were talking in their own funny language … TO EACH OTHER. ¬†They communicate! He was so fascinated by them singing together that he tried to have them FaceTime to see if they can do the same thing over the phone

Sing-A-Ma-Ling Toy

I played around with them for a bit (during my mini’s nap time because there was no way I was laying a hand on them when he was up) and figured out there are three modes of play: Harmony (they harmonize together), Jibber Jabber (they talk in their funny language together) and Song (each one sings a word of a song together). Combine any of the 6 Sing-A-Ma-Lings and enjoy listening to them harmonize together.

This is definitely on my hot toy list for the holidays!


Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $16.99

As if your mini can’t get enough of their Sing-A-Ma-Lings, you can catch them here on their¬†Youtube¬†channel

Happy Sing-A-Ma-Linging

Calling all Moms-2-Be!!! Thyme Maternity’s Holiday Collection – ENTER TO #WIN

It’s holiday time which means that it’s THYME (haha I’m so cheesy) to start looking for your New Years and office holiday party outfits. It is hard enough to find a nice outfit not being pregnant never mind being pregnant – YIKES!!! If your anything like me, I would first go through my entire non-pregnancy wardrobe trying everything on hoping something will fit and then after seeing my belly hang out or not being able to do up the back of the dress, I give up (in tears might I add) because nothing fits and well because I had high hopes!!!!

Thyme Maternity has their new, very stylish holiday collection in and it is fabulous!!! I can guarantee you will find an outfit (or 3 or 4) for all these occasions and then some. They have everything from cute dresses to skinnies that you can pair with a nice shirt or blouse. Here is a peak at some great looks that you will find in store

Thyme Maternity

Thyme Maternity

I have always loved Thyme Maternity for its basics (their tanks are my fave) and this holiday lineup just took it to a whole new level!!!!

Thanks to our VERY generous friends at Thyme Maternity, they are giving one of my lucky readers a $200 gift certificate to use at any of their stores (Canadian residents only). Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Shopping

The Toddler Toy “Fave” List

Hooray it’s holiday time which means that I have every excuse in the book to toy shop! I guess I don’t really need an excuse, however, when I get the dirty looks coming home with large bags (notice how “bags” is plural) of toys, I just say “it’s holiday time” and it seems to pass. I have put together two lists to share, this list is the toys my son has and absolutely loves (FSK approved) and part 2 of the post will be the toddler wish list (to come)

The Fave List:

1. Fisher Price Zoo:







This is bar the hit of the year! It is great for so many age ranges. When you place the ZooTalkers animal in the hut, you’ll hear its name and the sound it makes! Have them swing, hide in the tree, go down the slide – endless fun. The¬†best part is .. for the obsessive parents like me, there are so many animals to collect but they aren’t easy to find. Agest 18months – 5 years
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $54.99 (though I saw it on sale at Loblaws Supercentre for $27.99)

2. Little People Wheelies Stand N Play:







Super easy to build (coming from me that says alot)! Two ramps, lots of fun wheelies, put them at the top and let them go. Lots of twists and turns and even a car elevator. Ages 18months – 4 years
Where to Buy:  Toys R Us
Price: $54.99

3. B. You Toys Bristle Blocks Spinaroos: 






A thorw back to the 80’s! Bristle Blocks was By far one of my favorite toys and of course I wouldnt expect anything less than my favorite toy line to come out with a funky updated version of this. Make fun people/animals/shapes with these, the possibility is endless
Where to Buy: Mastermind Toys
Price: $44.95 (they have a small version called the stackadoo’s for $29.95)

4. B. You Toys Dr. Doctor Kit:







Great for imaginative play! In fact, I think this kit has even helped me with getting my son’s temperature as now he thinks we are playing doctor and stays still – BRILLIANT.
Where to Buy: Oink Oink
Price: $35.00

5. Do a Dot Art:






I recently gave this to Frankie and he absolutely loved it! He didn’t even come close to following the pattern in the book, but who cares, he had a ton of fun playing with it and hey it makes for some nice art around the house. Yup these are bingo dabbers and relatively (“relatively” being the key word here) mess free, just make sure to designate an area to use these (I recommend a table – I speak from experience) ūüôā
Where to Buy: Scholars Choice
Price: $22.99 (books sold separately for $7.99)

6. Rub a Dub Stickers for the Tub:








The sticker that doesn’t stop sticking … well unless they dry out and then just add water and voila they magically stick again! When I transitioned Frankie from his baby bath into the bath tub, I bought these to put in there with him and he still plays with them a year plus later
Where to Buy: Scholars Choice
Price: $9.99

7. Smart Snacks Counting Cookies:







I bought this for Frankie when he was about 14 months (yes a little young for counting) because he liked to put “things” into “things” (this is the only way I know how to describe it) and he would put the cookies in 1 by 1 while I counted and then dump them out and start all over. Now, he counts them as he puts them into the jar and the next step, I am teaching him to recognize the right number and then place it in the jar. This has been a toy that has been growing with him which I really like

Where to Buy: Scholars Choice
Price: $19.99

Up next: The Toddler Toy “Wish” List

Happy Shopping:

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Disclosure: I was not paid nor was I asked to review the products in this post, these are simply toys that I have bought over the last year and my little guy loved, so I wanted to share.