Baby Brain … I Swear … It’s Real!

pregnancy brain

My last pregnancy I felt .. well … DUMB and this pregnancy, honestly no words can describe this feeling – could it be left over from my last pregnancy or is it possible it’s accumulating 😉

I find myself saying over and over to friends, family and even clients “can I blame it on my baby brain” and it’s no joke .. IT’S REAL!!!

Recently I got a call from a girlfriend  who I shared my frustrations with and she told me that there were articles about baby brain/pregnancy brain being an actual problem for pregnant women. She sent it to me and of course I had to send it to everyone who thought I was using it as an excuse and well here is it is for you to send around as well I know there is no actual science behind it, but at least there is some sort of explanation.

Here are some of my frustrating baby brain moments …

– I put my phone in my purse and then literally .. LITERALLY 30 seconds later I am scouring my desk, pockets, purse trying to find my lost phone and am basically on the verge of tears because I can’t find it and after minutes of freaking out and dumping out the entire contents of my purse onto the floor, there it was in the corner of my purse  that I swear I checked three times and it just magically appeared.

– I think of something that I have to tell a friend and I go to take out my phone (after searching for it in every pocket possible) and then I actually forget who I was going to write  or what it was I had to tell them … what is going on??!!!

– The most annoying thing I find is when I think of bunch of things I need .. NO … MUST do and within actual seconds … poof … it’s gone, I can’t remember what it was I had to do!!!! UGGHHHH I could honestly pull my hair out (well that happens after the baby comes)

This is only a small portion of the craziness that goes on within my head daily and I know it is only short lived, but honestly …

Lucky for me, I have learned a small and easy trick to help me remember .. it’s called WRITING IT DOWN!!!! Did you know, there are these amazing devices that I like to call iPhone’s/Smartphones where you can make notes on an app … brilliant right … I knew there was a reason they call them smartphones! 😉

If you have any funny or frustrating baby/pregnancy brain moments, do share