Help Your Cold with HydraSense – Enter to Win!

We know that winter is synonyms with getting colds and we wait (impatiently) for the warmer weather to come thinking that cold season is ending, but with the onset of the higher numbers in the weather forecast the jackets, gloves and hats come off and just when you think cold season is over, the viruses re-emerge.

I have being using HydraSense since my oldest was a little baby. He got his first cold when he was 8 months old and naturally I panicked (he was my first what do you expect) because the poor little guy was so stuffed up and MISERABLE (which is an understatement) so I went into my trusty bag of samples that I got at a baby show and there were the many samples of HydraSense Easy Dose.

I, by no means am going to tell you he loved it because he HATED it, he screamed his head off when I put the drops in and sucked whatever was up there clogging the kids nose making him not able to eat, but I can tell you that the moment after I picked him up, put a bottle in his mouth, he realized he could actually breathe he was happy again and the cycle  continued with every cold. Now comes my second who got his first cold when he was only 3 weeks old (thanks to his older brother who was learning about sharing) and has had a cold every single month of his life .. actually! This kid hates the drops just as much as his brother especially now that I have added the nasal aspirator to the routine, but there is instant relief (that I can promise you) and lots of smiles .. what can be better than that?! Most importantly, it is made with 100% undiluted natural-source seawater.

HydraSense has something for everyone 
•             Easy dose (newborns and infants) – these little tubes makes it clean and easy to administer the drops
•             Nasal aspirator starter kit (newborns and infants)
•             Gentle mist  (age 2+)
•             Medium Stream (age 2+)
•             To Go (age 2+) – great for moms on the go to carry in their purses
•             Congestion relief kids (age 6+)
•             Congestion relief (age 12+) – this is what I use every day


For those that are prone to getting sinus infections (yup thats me), I highly recommend using their Congestion Relief Spray. It has a great pump that really helps hydrate the sinuses and reduce inflammation.

Thanks to our friends at HydraSense, they are giving away 4 products of your choice from the selection above to 1 lucky winner (you can tailer the prize back to your family). The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter:

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For another chance to win a great HydraSense gift pack, make sure to visit Multi-Testing Mommy

Breathe Clean

FLINTSTONES™ Vitamin Revamped – ENTER TO WIN!!!

Flinstones Vitamins

Remember FLINTSTONES™ Vitamins?? I LOVED those vitamins growing up, in fact I would diligently ask my mom for one every morning and I got to pick my favourite colour (grape .. orange was always the last to go), I am pretty sure I didn’t even know they were good for me LOL!

With the upcoming current Cold and Flu season upon us my little guy comes home weekly with a new cold and it is only December. This is a great time to introduce everyone to FLINTSTONES™ Vitamins plus Immunity Support which will help our little one’s with their immune systems and get the nutrients needed for those picky eaters (vegetables .. what are those??!!)

Here are some fun fact sheets that I know we all can learn a few things from (the last one has great factoids)

Flinstones Vitamins


Flinstones Vitamins


Flinstones Vitamin

To celebrate the launch of FLINTSTONES™ Gummies Plus Immunity Support in Canada, the maker of your favourite children’s vitamin is offering one of my lucky readers an ultimate fun activity in the GTA (note: must be a resident of the GTA).  You can pick from a list of activities below:

Option #1
$75 worth of groceries delivered through grocery delivery service (three to four recipes to be provided)

Option #2
Go back to the Stone Age and learn about the dinosaurs who roamed the earth at the Royal Ontario Museum. Make sure the family is well fuelled by making healthy and delicious smoothies as morning or afternoon treat.
Adult Admission (18-64) X 2
Child Admission (4-14) X 2
Smoothies for the family

Option #3
Travel back to the Stone Age and enjoy Fred & Barney’s favourite pastime – Bowling! Bring the family to Bathurst Bowlerama at Bathurst and Lawrence where you can have fun with the whole family.  Make sure the family is well fuelled for a fun afternoon by enjoying a healthy and delicious smoothies.
Bathurst Bowlerama
$23 per hour (6 people max, 2 hours), $3 for shoes per person (4 people)
Smoothies for the family 

Option #4
Bring the family together to learn about science at the Ontario Science Centre! The Science Centre delights, informs and entertains families of all ages.
Ontario Science Centre
Adult Admission X2
Child Admission X2

Here’s how to enter:
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Yay for Vitamins!!!

Boiron Helps with Cold and Flu Season


When it comes to colds and flus, I like to use all natural remedies. I have been using Boiron products since my older guy was born (my girlfriend swore by it), so when they asked me to review their line, I was happy to do so (and I got to test out new products that I hadn’t used before).

Boiron Products

Thanks Boiron for the great cold and flu pack, good timing #mommycold

As my 3 year old gets older, his colds seem to be getting more intense and those damn coughs last soooo much longer! Lucky for me, he went from one cold immediately to the next so it was a good time to try out the new Boiron products I had not yet tried. Even luckier for me, he passed along his cold to me so now I was able to try out the remedies for adults.

Well let me say that for the last four weeks I have had a lingering cough that has kept me up all night (and my husband). I have to sleep on a 90 degree angle just to stop coughing for a very small period of time. As I started to write this blog post, I remembered that some of the products I was sent were for adults and one specifically was for coughs (it’s like they knew) called Stodal and for real, last night was the first night I slept for four hours uninterrupted and I attribute that to Stodal and best part, it doesn’t taste awful like all the cold/cough medications on the market (cough syrup is disgusting). They also have a kids version ($10 kids, $15 adults)

Boiron Stodal


My first born was 7 months old when he got his first cold and a friend of mine, who’s daughter is older, told me she swore by Coryzalia and passed along a few samples for me to try out. Two and a half years later, I am still using it to help with decongestion, sneezing and runny nose. Now his nose runs pretty much all winter, but it did help with the continuous sneezing and the stuff nose along with a humidifier and being elevated. If your older one is like mine and comes home weekly with a cold and has gotten your little one sick, you can give this to your little guy starting at 1 month of age. $15 for kids, $14 for adults.


Ok so these are a must buy, Fever Bugz! When you are concerned that your little guy has a fever, peel and stick on to their forehead and then show them in the mirror and you will be sure to get a laugh out of them. The image that will come up will show you whether they have a temperature. Best part, they are reusable. I have a pack of these on every floor in my house .. you never know when you need them.

Fever Bugz

I was just introduced to Oscillococcinum (that’s a mouth full) to relieve flu symptoms and is good for the whole family. Nobody has yet to get a fever (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself) but when the time arises, we will try this out and will let you know. $21 for 12 doses

OscillococcinumLastly, there is one more remedy for cold/flu season called Cicadermine which provides relief for skin and nasal passage irritation from all the nose blowing. Made with plant extracts to soothe irritated skin and mucous membranes, it can be used to relieve the dry, and red skin around the nose, as well as in the treatment of chapped lips, and dry cuticles (hey why not) $9


Want to win a Babies R Us or Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to go buy the products? Click here to enter on Facebook

Good luck this cold and flu season, these products will sure be of help

Disclaimer: I was given these products free of charge to test out and review. All the opinions above are are my own.

The Mommies Must Haves for Cold and Flu Season – ENTER TO WIN

Cold and Flu Season Mommy Must Haves

Cold and Flu season has sadly arrived, so now it’s time to go out and buy all your products to help you survive those nasty kiddie viruses that come with winter.

My go-to’s are thermometers, humidifiers (I have gone through so many) and natural cold medicines and we all know there are tons of options for each one of these. So how do you pick? Well I can provide some insight on these (nope I was not paid by any of these companies)

I bought two thermometers before my first was born. One was an in-ear thermometer which I was told shouldn’t be used on babies and the other was a rectal thermometer which now I am being told that we should never use because if used wrong it could puncture an internal organ (yes Dr. David Greenberg told me a scary story about that). Full disclosure: blame my baby brain, I could never remember what the celsius temperature grades were that defined a high grade fever or low grade fever. A few years ago my sister told me about the Vicks thermometer, so I went out and bought it, loved it, so naturally I went out and bought two.


Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer (GIVING ONE AWAY)

Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer
This is the newest in thermometers and I think this might be the best thermometer on the market (Dr. David Greenberg approved). I was given this product to try out and I think everyone should have one of these in their houses.
– reads temperature in 1 second .. ACTUALLY!
– tells you by colour whether you or your little one has a fever (red = fever, yellow = slightly elevated, green = no fever)  as well as providing the temperature
– tracks and saves the last 8 measurements (it’s like they made this for us sleepless moms)
– lifetime warranty (when does that happen)
I was curious as to whats great about it being behind the ear and I was told by Dr. David Greenberg that this area stays protected from perspiration and drafts and is close to an artery which is the ideal external site to measure temperatures.

Where to Buy: Rexall, Loblaws, Wal-mart, Target and many more
Price: $69.99

Vicks SpeedRead Thermometer with Fever Insight

Vicks EasyRead Thermometer
This is the thermometer my sister told me about and I now have two lying around the house. It has been very reliable and also gives you the temperature with the colour grade. This is a much more reasonably priced thermometer if you don’t want to spend much. Now that I see there is a product that tells you the temperature in 1 second, this thermometer seems ancient with its 10 second reader which I thought was the quickest on the market. This is used orally, under the arm or rectally (again rectal is not recommended by all paediatricians – speak to yours before doing so). This also has a memory recall option. On this price scale, there is also the newer version which is the ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer which has similar features, however, it has a flexible tip

Where to Buy: Shoppers, Loblaws and many other retailers
Price: $15-$20


Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

Vicks Starry Night Humidifier

Ok so this is probably the coolest (no pun intended) humidifier on the market. Yes we gravitate to the cute one’s that are in the shapes of animals, but those cute one’s don’t last long (I have gone through two already). This new humidifier illuminates stars on the ceiling when you turn it on. It sort of makes being sick .. not SO bad!
– the starry night illumination can be turned off and on so it can be used for all ages
– comes in pink and blue
– cool air which is good for chest and nasal congestion
– its very quiet
– you can insert the Vicks VapoPads to release the traditional Vicks vaporizer into the air which is another amazing feature that I love about this!!!
– 3 year warranty (YA THATS RIGHT … no more buying a new humidifier every other year)

Where to Buy: Wal-Mart, Loblaws, Toys-R-Us, Target, Rexall to name a few
Price: $59.99

Honeywell Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell Filter Free Humidifier


I have to say that I love the look of this humidifier. The previous humidifers I have purchased for my room have been so butt ugly (to be frank) that I use it only two or three times and then put it aside and try to forget about it. Doesn’t it kind of look like one of those iHome radios?!
– ultrasonic technology provides a fine visible mist
– it’s quiet
– no filters to replace
– moisture control
– runs up to 48 hours per filling
– 2 year warranty

Price: $69.99

Thank you to our friends at Vicks, I am giving away a Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer (retail value of $69.99). Open to CND residents only. Here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well there you have it, new and unique and I love them all!!!!

Kindercare Pediatrics in Toronto


One of the most important decisions is choosing a doctor for all your child’s needs and I wanted to highlight a great new full service clinic. I am hearing more and more that pediatrician offices are closed practices and I am happy to say this clinic is not (at least not yet).

There are four paediatricians two of which work at Sick Kids as Emergency doctors
Breast feeding specialist and lactation consultant
Two allergists
Nutritionist (my kid could use this)

Great features about the clinic:
– What I love most about this clinic is that you can book an appointment via email or email them with questions/concerns etc – honestly this is BRILLIANT!!! Nothing more annoying than a busy signal over and over and over again (grrrrr).

– Their website is a great source for parents with babies, as they have a lot of information about baby care based on age.

– You can check the hours of your pediatrician that week and who is on call over the weekend

– They close at 6:00pm (most pediatrician offices close at 5:00pm SHARP and stop answering calls at 4:30pm)

– On their website there are virtual handouts with information on asthma, ADD/ADHD, common infections, skin problems etc

– Open on the weekends

Exciting Opportunity for Babylish Advice:

I am very excited that Babylish Advice is teaming up with Dr. Dina Kulik. She is one of the amazing pediatricians at this clinic and as well an ER doctor at Sick Kids. She will be doing guest posts about popular topics (cold/flu prevention, viruses and hopefully she will do a post about being Dr. Mom – I always wondered how they do it). She has been so wonderful helping me with my newborn issues and my older son issues … being a terrible 2! LOL!

I am hoping in the coming months to launch an “ask a pediatrician” FB chat on the Babylish Advice page so stay tuned!

For more information, click here to check out their website