Licensed Labels to get Excited About


I have recently realized that you can never have enough name labels in your house!

These days I pretty much label everything because of a common theme in my house …  missing items! Whether it be an article of clothing, accessory or toy, it leaves the house and it’s a toss up as to whether it comes home at the end of the day. It drives me crazy!!!! So now, before my kids leave the house, I check them from head to toe to make sure everything has their name label in it as that is my only shot at getting the missing item back.

I have been buying labels since my oldest guy was a baby (he is now 6) and I have to say that I actually really enjoy the process of finding a great label website and creating new labels. Now that my mini’s are older, I actually let them pick out their own labels and you should have seen the excitement when I showed them (let’s be honest, I was pretty excited too). They have TONS of licensed labels. Everything from Sesame Street, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, Disney Finding Dory and Disney Mickey Mouse. There were so many options, they had a hard time choosing which were their favorite.

I have used these on everything from toys to clothing to Tupperware and they stick pretty well. I have hand washed items with them on, thrown items into the dishwasher and washing machine with the labels on and they stick pretty well. Sure there were some that came off with time, but that was my fault since I would adhere some of the labels to the fabric itself since the item didn’t come with a tag (for best results put the label on a tag).

The website is very easy to navigate and the labels don’t take weeks to arrive (they came within a week) and shipping is FREE within Canada (woohoo)!

If you are in the market for labels, our friends at have offered my readers a 20% discount on their order using promo code: babylish20 until Christmas

Have fun picking out your little one’s favorite labels

Labels and Decals Galore ℅ Oliver’s Labels – Enter to WIN!


I seem to have a thing for labels and I am not talking about the Chanel’s and Gucci’s of the world, I am talking about those little stickers that we as mom’s so heavily rely on to assure that our kids lost clothing gets back to it’s rightful owner or better yet that they stay with the right child.

A few things I look for in a great label company:
1. They have all different sized labels (I really look for small one’s best for kids clothing)
2. That they have sticker labels (do label companies really not have sticker labels anymore)
3. That their sticker labels actually stick and don’t peel off in the wash or after a lot of use
4. That they have something unique to offer
5. I am a sucker for cute and different patterns ie. you had me sold at camo
6. Must be reasonably priced
7. Easy to use website (doesn’t cause me stress, yes some websites do cause me stress when I can’t figure them out)
8. Doesn’t take a decade to be delivered

Oliver’s Labels has hit all my criteria above. Truth be told, I actually had bought their Stick-eez labels mid summer because a friend told me how much she loved them and well as someone who loves to test products, I had to try them out myself and when I saw that they had camo labels, I was sold. Now when I was offered an opportunity to review them, I was happy to do so since I stand behind their product. I have yet to see one label in my washing machine or dryer floating around (I can’t say the same about some others that I have tried – not reviewed don’t worry).

Oliver's Labels

Now the only criteria that I haven’t discussed yet is what Oliver’s Labels has to offer that is unique, I will tell you! They have Room-eez wall decals. For the last year and a half, I have been struggling with what to put up on my littlest son’s wall above the change table because I know you are not supposed to have picture frames just incase they fall, so I have left it empty … until now. I created a custom Name Room-eez, where I chose the text, pattern, font and colour and just like that I have the cutest wall art. Oh did I mention they have some licensed Room-eez: UmiZoomi, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, Dora, Brown Bear, Hungry Caterpillar and Bubble Guppies

Olvier's Labels Stick-eez

I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t be the easiest to put up, but I was wrong. The directions are very easy to follow and they even give you a small sample decal to try beforehand to avoid any possibility for error. The decals are great because they are quite thin and therefore it actually looks like it was professionally painted onto the wall.

The cutest was when I brought my little guy up to his room to put him to bed the evening I put it up, he looked at the wall (it took him a few minutes to see it) and pointed right at it with a big smile and said something in his baby jumble, I’m going to guess he likes it.

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Oliver’s Labels, they are giving away a $40 gift card to one of my lucky readers! The contest is open to residents of Canada and the United States. Here’s how to enter:

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Make sure to join their mailing list, you don’t want to miss out on their great sales!!!

Happy labelling and decorating