The Newest Toy to Hit the Market – Your Hearing About it Here First


You probably don’t know about Simbrix and it’s not because they are hidden on the shelves,  it’s because they are a hugely popular product in Europe and now they are launching here in Canada for the first time (lucky us).

I don’t know where to begin because there are so many things I love about this new toy Simbrix.

A Contained Mess: If you know me, you know I hate toy mess, it drives me CRAZY!!!! It’s like my boys know this about me and purposely take their toy and flip it upside down so it scatters all over the floor and then likely within 10 minutes someone steps on a piece and ends up in tears (by the way it’s usually me). Well Simbrix comes in this amazing, two level plastic container and has a handle for easy carrying. First impression … like WOW!


Be Your Own Designer: the Genius kit comes with a large stack of cards and by colour they show you how to make a fun design. The cards start with easier images and then gets to harder images giving the little one’s a challenge which is great for different age groups.


Let’s Get Creative: Getting my kids off their device is always a challenge (don’t judge), but as soon as I unpacked this and showed it to him he immediately put down his iPad and asked how it works. He decided to be CRAZY and use his imagination. He decided to make a face and after countless hours of working on it, he finished and was so proud of himself (frankly so was I).


Keep It or Leave It:  once your mini is done with their design and feeling proud of themselves, there is a chance they will want to keep it and collect their beautiful masterpieces not to worry, all you need is parchment paper and an iron to preserve their creations. HOWEVER, if they don’t really care and are onto the next design, simply pull apart the Simbrix pieces and put them back in their case. The beauty of not keeping their designs is that you will never run out of the pieces or colours.

Assembly: slide two Simbrix pieces into each other … that’s it! It’s just that easy.


Word of Advice: obviously I had a lot of fun making a design with my son (because I love testing the toys for myself), I HIGHLY recommend when making something, start from one side and work your way in. Do not do the outline and fill the inside, I found myself having to rearrange the way the Simbrix pieces connect (left side, right side, top and bottom is how they connect).

Where to Buy in Canada:


Thank you to our wonderful friends at Simbrix, they are giving away (1) Geek Kit to 1 lucky reader! The contest is open to residents of Canada and the US. Here’s how to enter:

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Good Luck

Officially the BEST Toddler Toy on the Market #SandsAlive – Enter to WIN

Sands Alive

This could possibly be the BEST invention and i’m here to tell you all about it since it is my son’s absolute FAVORITE toy and well … it’s actually brilliant!!! This is the toy that when my son is having a massive meltdown, I tell him I am going to take it away to get him to stop and it actually works to calm him down. WARNING TO ALL PARENTS: this is highly addictive, you will love to play with this too, trust me.
Small side note for those who know the product, yes it was called “Living Sand” but was recently renamed “Sands Alive” – same product.

Ok so let me start by saying I HATE SAND!!!! It’s messy, dirty, full of bacteria and in fact it grosses me out watching my little guy playing with it, but this is totally different.

Here’s what I love about Sands Alive:
– The sand is soooo soft .. it’s NOT like actual sand at all
– It is all natural so you don’t have to worry about kids putting it in their mouths (though obviously that is not what you want, just saying you don’t have to freak out)
– It NEVER dries out! Mine has been sitting out for over a month and it feels like it did when I first bought it
– If pieces do get on the floor, just take a little piece in your hand and use that to pick up the other pieces, its just that easy
– It is BACTERIA FREE .. yes you heard right BACTERIA FREE for all us germaphobes out there
– Latex free and gluten free
– Molds easily so your kids can be really imaginative with it (my son hides his little superheroes in it and uses other superheroes to find them)
– Comes with great tools and molds
– Both the small and large Sands Alive come with containers so you don’t have to worry about where you are going to put the sand

Sands Alive

This is the large Sands Alive box

I have been asked a million times (this is my go-to birthday gift and I always tell people about this toy) “does it make a mess” and the truth is what doesn’t make a mess these days, but that being said they are asking in the sense of it being like real sand where it just gets everywhere and no it doesn’t. My son knows that if he throws it or takes it away from the sand box, I take it away. I did however, go to the dollar store and bought a cheap plastic table cloth and whenever I bring it out for the kids to play, I put it under it.

Living Sand

So with all that, I am really not sure I have fully described how truly awesome this is so check out the video below and see for yourself

Try it out for yourself!!! Sands Alive has massive sand boxes (6 foot x 3 w) with moles set up at Chapters, Scholars Choice and Mastermind Toys Science Centre (great for March break) for the kids to experience the magical feel and creativity of it

MasterMind Toys – Science Center
Starting: Saturday March 8th running for 2 weeks outside their store on the second level (they will have Sands Alive video playing on a large TV for people to watch)

Chapters Bayview Village:
March 8th Saturday 9:30am – 9PM
March 9th Sunday 9:30am – 9PM

Scholars Choice Toronto / Leaside location 1599 Bayview Avenue:
Starting: Saturday March 8th will be in store for the whole month of March.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for .. a HUGE thank you to our friends at Sands Alive, they are giving away 3 large Sands Alive (valued at $100 each) to my very lucky readers. The contest is open to CANADIAN residents only (sorry to my US readers). Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until March 18th, double your odds and enter to win a Large Sands Alive box from Multi-Testing Mommy – click here

Where to Buy: Mastermind Toys, Home Hardware, Indigo, Scholars Choice, TruServ Canada and Federated Co-Op (these sell out quick so make sure to call before to make sure there is one available)

Happy molding/building/squishing