Bath Time with Live Clean #GIVEAWAY

Live Clean Baby Giveaway Pack

I always have been and I always will be a full supporter of the entire Live Clean line as their products are simply the best. Bath time in my house is ALWAYS with Live Clean products.

My kids have NEVER had a reaction to any of their products, they all smell so good and best part … they are all natural. I love the line so much that I will not review any other children’s bath and body products as I don’t think any product can be as good. Don’t forget, all their products are 97% plant derived, Petroleum, Paraben, Phthalate, Dye, Silicone and Phosphate free (the yucky stuff you find in a lot of products these days), hypoallergenic and contains biodegradable ingredients.

Which one’s are my favorites? Here they are (in no particular order) and I am giving away ALL of them to 1 lucky winter.

Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash
What’s more perfect than a rich lathering cleanser and bubble bath infused with natural ingredients known for their calming and relaxing properties?  Just about…nothing! Live Clean Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash has a slumber inducing blend of Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla and Chamomile extracts and essential oils to soothe and comfort babies’ senses. And natural Coconut and Safflower Oils keep baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth.

Calming Bedtime Baby Lotion
Time-tested Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine and Vanilla extracts and essential oils work overtime to calm and comfort babies’ senses. Thier formula is emollient rich with natural Coconut, Safflower and Oat Flour to gently hydrate, soften and protect delicate skin. It’s the perfect after-bath lotion – and try it for baby’s massage. Shhh I use this lotion on myself I just love the calming smell AND I even get compliments from people!

Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash
Their clinically tested, tear-free formula cleanses without drying, leaving baby’s skin and hair feeling soft. Made with purified water and enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe, their unique formula rinses easily with a gentle scent that soothes baby and smells…heavenly. Available in larger 750 ml as well.

Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion
Take certified organic botanicals of Chamomile and Lavender to soothe, add natural emollients and Aloe to gently moisturize. Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion is ideal for even the most delicate skin. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving baby’s skin soft and smooth and our gentle scent soothes baby’s senses. Also available in a larger 750ml size.

Gentle Moisture Baby Wipes
Extra strong, extra soft, clinically tested Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Baby Wipes work hard, and gently, to keep baby’s skin and bottom clean and smooth. Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe, these cloth-like wipes are quilted for extra strength and softness and will gently cleanse and soothe baby’s skin leaving it silky smooth. You will not be disappointed in these!

Gentle Moisture Non-Petroleum Jelly
For baby’s comfort — and mom’s peace of mind — Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Non-Petroleum Jelly is a unique petrolatum and fragrance free formula that’s derived from 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Their Non-Petroleum Jelly is a safe way to provide babies with an effective moisture barrier to protect their delicate skin. Like all Live Clean products, it’s eco-friendly and plant and natural derived. I use this one on the little boo-boo’s as well. Works like a charm!

Gentle Moisture Diaper Ointment
Getting down to business…Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Diaper Ointment keeps baby’s bottom comfortable all day, all night.  Its naturally derived ingredients, including zinc oxide, soothe baby’s sensitive areas and provide a protective moisture barrier.


Thanks to our always wonderful friends at Live Clean, they are giving away a Live Clean Baby Prize Pack consisting of all my favorite products: Baby Calming Bubble Bath & Wash, Baby Calming Lotion, Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash, Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion, Gentle Moisture Baby Wipes, Gentle Moisture Non Petroleum Jelly. You must be a resident of Canada. Here’s how to enter:
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Happy Baby = Happy Parents 🙂

T. xo

Introducing the NEW Playtex Diaper Genie Elite

What’s worse than a smelly diaper … a smelly garbage full of diapers!!!! You know what I am talking about … in that case you either didn’t register for a diaper garbage system pre-baby and therefore thought it would be an ok idea to use your regular garbage until someone bought it off your registry (bad idea) or you have opened someone else’s garbage and caught a waft (my stomach just turned thinking about that .. ew).

Of course you have heard of the Diaper Genie … well now there is a new Diaper Genie in town, the Diaper Genie Elite which has some new, great features (yes this stuff excites me even though I am semi close to my little one being out of diapers).

Diaper Genie Elite

What I love about the Diaper Genie Elite
– There are colour options now HOORAY!!! Grey, Blue and Pink
– Bigger step peddle (it’s the little things that make me happy)
– Has a carbon filter holder built right into the lid (and comes with one carbon filter), if your wondering this absorbs the odour therefore helping to eliminate it
– The front bin now opens for easy garbage removal (no more moving the pail from the wall)
– Easy assembly
– Built in cutter now under the top portion of the diaper pail (less bending is what that means)
– Uses the same refills as the older version so you don’t have to worry about wasting your old one’s (it also comes with 1 refill)
– Reasonably priced at $35.97 CAD
– Now available on  and offered with Prime for those Prime members

The Diaper Genie Elite

I bow down to The Diaper Genie Elite helping every room smell good one diaper at a time!
Curious to see what others think of it? Check out the reviews on


Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

Tiny Love

It’s common practice that after you find out you are pregnant you register … easy right? WRONG! It’s overwhelming enough sharing your body with this little creature and not knowing what is going on in there, not to mention figuring out what you have to buy for him/her and which are the trusted brands. Sure, it would be easy if there was only one brand for every product, but clearly that is not the case.

Tiny Love is just one of those brands you just know, whether it be a friend who has one of their products in their house, a blogger you follow loves the brand or your older sibling has passed along their hand-me-down.

With my first born, I was super anxious about the transition from bassinet to crib as I didn’t want him to feel alone and neglected (I know you moms understand), so when he was about 3 months I started putting him in his crib for a short period of time daily, turned on his Tiny Love mobile and just let him watch in amazement. He would just lie there kicking his legs and wouldn’t take his eyes off the mobile watching it go around and around listing to soft music (I remember at one point it almost put me to sleep it was so calming). I continued this for a month and when it was time for the big transition, I actually felt at peace with my decision knowing that he was comfortable there and that he had his mobile to keep him company.

The newest Tiny Love mobile to hit the market is the Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile and it’s amazing (kind of makes me want another baby … for a minute).

Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

What I Love about the Tiny Love Developmental Mobile
– It’s Tiny Love what’s not to love
– The first mobile to have a hide-and-seek function where the animals disappear (well to them they disappear) and as the mobile turns it magically appears again
– Has cute little animal characters
– Was soooo easy to put together
– 15 different melodies
– 40 minutes of music
– Music includes: nature, lullaby, white sound and reggae (I love living in the 21st century)
– Just when you think the baby is done with the mobile, take it off the crib remove the arm and put it on the floor for your little one to play piano with
– Has a soothing moon and star nightlight
– Volume buttons

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $79.99

Sweet Dreams



The ‘Baby Care Basics’ – Enter to WIN!

Parenting is hard … plain and simple!
Whether you are about to have your first baby or your third, those early days (that can stretch into weeks and months!) of parenting are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights and questions (a lot of questions). And while we all have come to expect unconditional love to happen and exhaustion to reign supreme, what can take many a new parent by surprise is the constant question – “Am I doing this right”.
While no one has the magic bullet to calm your fears of making the “wrong” decision, there are resources available that will help guide you through. One such book I highly recommend is Baby Care Basics by Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Natasha Saunders. Working full time at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has given these two doctors the background and knowledge to write a comprehensive but easy to read (and understand!) book that covers topics new moms needs to know; from breast- and formula-feeding (with no judgement with which you choose), introducing solid food, treating your baby’s illnesses to sleep habits, playing with your baby and much more. Seriously, where was this book after I had my first!!!!
 Why is this book important? 
    • Because, we all know despite all the planning in the world (and all the advice people will put upon you), nothing can quite prepare you for the big step from pregnancy to parenting.
    • Taking care of your baby is one of life’s biggest and most important challenges (challenge being the operative word here)
    • There is so much conflicting information available on the Internet, how can one be sure whom to trust?
    • Baby Care Basics replaces uncertainty with knowledge and insecurity with confidence
​Containing a wealth of reliable information that will help parents make the right choices for their baby, The Baby Care Basics Book answers the questions every new parent has on a daily basis, providing practical, expert advice on everything you need to know from pregnancy through your baby’s first year.
Thank you to our wonderful friends, they are giving us 1 book to give away to 1 of our lucky readers!  The giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents ! Here is how to enter: 

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Let the book help you!

BabyBjorn had a Bouncer Baby … The BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini #Review – Enter to WIN!

BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini

Gone are the days of sitting at the table to eat a meal, taking a long hot shower and having a nice long chat with your husband without interruptions. I remember sitting on the couch with my (1st born) mini sleeping on me and my husband spoon feeding me my dinner so that I  didn’t move an muscle and wake my colicky baby … those little naps were few and far between and I wasn’t about to sacrifice them for a meal.

Having a colicky baby, constant movement was key! Trying out tons of products, there were only two that saved me: the BabyBjorn Carrier and a large fitness ball (which sucked to store in my little house might I add) which I sat on for hours bouncing to get my little one to stop crying. Now, combine the comfort of the carrier with the bouncing movement of the ball and voila, you have the BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini.

Here’s Why I Love the BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini
– NO BATTERIES!!! That’s right I meant to write that in caps
– The rocking is in response to the little one’s movements
– It’s small, so great for easy storage
– Easy to assemble, easy to take apart (again makes it great for storing)
– Offers two angels, play and rest
– It’s safe and secure
– Perfect for the newborns who always want to be held (up to 6 months)
– Machine washable (this is a must with any baby product)


Unassembled BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini (great for storage)

Thanks to our wonderful friends at BabyBjorn, they are giving away a BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini (which is not on the market yet) to one lucky winner … that’s a $159 value. Must be a resident of CANADA to enter. Here’s how:

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Enjoy some hands-free moments

The New Kind of Baby Accessory – Baby Droollery

Baby Droollery

The more I look, the more I have noticed that bibs are the new baby accessory. When my little guy was teething, he was always drooling so a bib was always on, but I hated that it was covering up his adorable outfit. I was asked to review Baby Droollery and I loved the concept … cute, trendy bibs that go with the outfit instead of covering it up. As I don’t have a drooley baby, I passed this on to someone in my panel of reviewers. Since the review, Karen, the creator of Baby Droollery has added an option of snaps onto the bibs so it is adjustable which was a great added feature and now she has expanded her line to include blankets and toy straps.


Here is what Jamie M has to say :
Thank you for the opportunity to test the Baby Droollery bib!

The bibs come in fun patterns for every style, which is a nice contrast to the babyish or sometimes boring patterns found on cotton bibs in the big box baby stores. Choosing a pattern to test was not an easy task! The fact that it’s reversible is also really nice because I was able to change up the look a bit.

The bib was long, so it caught a lot of drool and spit up. Especially with a son who’s just started solids and who’s also getting his first 2 teeth, that’s a good thing! I did wish it was more absorbent though. Maybe instead of the flannel side (which can be a bit sweaty in the summer months), a terry cloth material for extra absorption would be good. And while the size is great to catch everything, it also would constantly be in my son’s mouth. Some sort of teething material at the end would be a nice addition (perhaps something in silicone?).

Also, the neck was really wide, so either a wider strip of Velcro or maybe even buttons so it can be adjustable and continue to be used as the child grows.

Overall it’s a great bib and we had such a pleasure testing it.

Baby Droollery Bibs

Photo’s courtesy of Jamie



Thanks to our friends at Baby Droollery, they are giving away a 3 pack of your pattern choice (subject to availability) to one lucky winner! The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter: 
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Check out the great patterns that Baby Droollery has to offer

Fashion at its best

Live Clean (Baby) Calming Bedtime

Live Clean Baby

As if I didn’t love the Live Clean (Baby) line already (clearly demonstrated in the picture below), they now have come out with a new line called Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime and it was love at first sight.

Live Clean Calming Bedtime

Obsession Much?!

I honestly didn’t think any bath product smelt better than the regular Live Clean Baby shampoo/body wash/lotion but now I can say this new line takes the cake (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, I still love the regular Live Clean Baby line, but for all the fans out there you need to trust me and try this new line … I promise you will be hooked!!! One note: don’t judge by opening the container and taking a whiff, that does it no justice. You need to lather up your little one, wash, dry them off and then inhale … ahhhhh. No joke, I started putting the lotion on before bedtime, if it calms our little one’s why wouldn’t it calm us?!

Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime

Here’s what I love about the new Live Clean Calming Bedtime products
– I can’t say it enough, it smells sooooo good!
– Comes in bubble bath & wash as well as lotion
– It’s a blend of Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla, Chamomile extracts and essential oils to soothe and comfort babies’ senses (or mine apparently)
– It is enriched with natural Coconut and Safflower Oils to keep baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth
– 98% plant derived ingredients
– Certified Organic Botanicals
– No dyes
– Paraben, Petroleum and SLS free
– Available at Walmart and Loblaws

Now you get to try it out and fall in love with it too because Live Clean (Baby) is giving away (1) 300ml Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash and (1) 227ml Calming Bedtime Baby Lotion to one lucky winner. The contest is open to Canadian residents only

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Now go catch some zzzz’s

Fall has Begun at Kidville

Kidville Canada

It’s funny how we wait all year for summer to come and then as soon as summer arrives, us parents immediately have to start planning our kids programs for Fall. Of course we want them to be outside as much as possible to soak in the last little bit of decent weather, but as we all know, one minute it’s Fall and the next, you look outside and there is snow on the ground. Is it just me or is there is no gradual weather change anymore?! Speaking of which, it is officially freezing outside (yes I just used the word freezing to describe mid September, but hey three days ago it was 28 degrees and now it is 8) so time to start moving those playdates and music groups indoors.

Since Kidville opened in Toronto, I was very curious about their classes as I had been to multiple birthday parties there and I loved so many aspects of it, but since I work full time and am not in walking distance it wasn’t possible for me at the time to attend classes.

Mid-summer, I was asked to have some friends attend a class at Kidville called Rockin’ Railroad for review and since I was on maternity leave, I happily accepted and honestly speaking I can not say enough great things about the class and facility. Let me start off by saying that this is not your standard music class where you have a music teacher singing the Alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle with some little puppets on their fingers.

Kidville Toronto


This music class has a 4 piece children’s band playing fun, upbeat music and they have every tool in the box to keep the little one’s engaged throughout the entire class. Everything from big puppets, books, bubbles, hand instruments and big drums teaching your children tempo, rhythm, word recognition, and sound identification. Truly what more can you ask for in a music class.

Kidville Toronto


After music class, we were all invited into their amazing indoor play-space/gym and all I have to say is WOW! Basically it is a giant padded play room where kids can play in a safe environment. They have a mini zip line and climbing wall for the older children and a lot of large geometric padded shapes for the little one’s to play in/on and explore.

Kidville Toronto


The cleanliness of the facility is amazing; no shoes for both the adults and the kids and there is a ‘must wear socks’ rule which I appreciate (so no bare feet – yuk).

We loved our experience at Kidville and I am absolutely certain you and your little one(s) will as well. Fall session has JUST begun, so make sure to check out all they have to offer because they have great, one of a kind programs that nobody else offers!  Call Kidville at (416) 483-7070 to learn more and to register today

Happy playing

Freshly Picked Moccasins – ENTER TO WIN!

Freshly PIcked

The Google dictionary defines OBSESSION as “the state of being obsessed with someone or something” and “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” that pretty much sums up how I feel about baby shoes! I swear I look at baby shoes and my ovaries explode (wait TMI?!)

So as it seems (from my SwimZip post), I like to watch Shark Tank a lot and a few months back I was watching an episode about a brand Freshly Picked. Not having any clue what the brand was, I kept watching (good thing) and the moment I laid eyes on the adorable moccasins, I instantly checked them out on all forms of social media and like a stalker, I went through every picture, post etc and just couldn’t get enough … I HAD TO HAVE THESE!!!!

There are no words to describe how ridiculously adorable these moccasins are and I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to chat with their amazing team and review a pair. I don’t think I was on the website for more than 30 seconds before I spotted the pair that I wanted (camo of course) and within days they were in my hands and immediately on my little guys feet.

Freshly PIcked Moccasins

Here’s what I love about Freshly Picked
– They are made in the USA
– The patterns they have are so unique (ie. ant print, pineapple print, watermelon print) and they also have standard colours for those who don’t want a print
– An amazing mama started this company making shoes from scrap leather at her kitchen table
– They have elastics to help stretch the moccasin to get your child’s foot in (because we all know that getting shoes on baby feet is near impossible) and they help with keeping the moccasins on their feet
– They come with a little shoe bag and button
– Made out of genuine leather
– They are HAND MADE (how often do you hear that)
– Their website is fresh (you will see what I mean) and is easy to navigate and to order from
– They have a size chart in order to determine what size your little one is and if you don’t know your little one’s size than they give you a guide on how to measure his/her foot 

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Now I have to note that these aren’t cheap ($60 a pair), but remember you are getting a handmade product, made in the USA, good quality and you will see that when you get them in your hands … they are SOOOO worth it!

A huge thank you to our very generous friends at Freshly Picked they are offering one my very lucky readers a chance to win a pair!!! The contest is open to residents of Canada and the US. Here’s how to enter:

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Bouncers are not Just for Babies, but for Parents too!

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer

Yup, that’s right … bouncers are not just for babies, but they are for us, the parents too!

There are so many products to have at home when the baby arrives, a swing is one of them and the other is a bouncer. At the beginning, you just want to hold your little one and savour the sweet moments, but as the weeks fly by and nothing is getting done around the house, you quickly realize that the baby needs to be put down (and mama needs a break) but where? You don’t necessarily want to put them on the floor, the couch is a big NO NO and the crib is upstairs and seems so far away so in comes the bouncer and that’s why these bouncers are not just for babies, they come in handy for us parents.

I had an opportunity to review Comfort & Harmony’s Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer, but I was unable to try it out because my little guy is just too active and doesn’t want to sit for a second these days, so I passed it along to a few product testers and had them review it, so here are other mom’s reviews on the product. There are quite a few and they are all honest opinions and some cute pictures of their little one’s!

Here’s what Elizabeth M had to say about it:
I was a bit skeptical to use this type of bouncer since usually I only purchase items that can grow with the baby but after using it for my little one I realized that sometimes age specific products are way better. First off putting together the bouncer was relatively simple, the instructions were clear and it didn’t require any extra tools besides a screwdriver for the battery part; on a side note I hate when products don’t come with the batteries included which I wish this one did since once I put it together and realized that I didn’t have the type of batteries I knew that my baby would have to start using it without its full potential and unfortunately because of lack of free time I wasn’t able to get batteries for at least a week  and a half after he was already using it; anyways once I put it together which took maybe under 15 minutes I put my son in it right away and I was thrilled to see he took to it immediately. He seemed quite comfortable and content and that was my go to spot to put him going forward he actually even falls asleep in it often so it would be helpful if it could have setttings to raise it or lower it since infants should be sleeping as flat as possible. The bouncer is extremely light weight so it was easy to move around the house so my baby was able to watch me cook, clean and get ready in the mornings no problem while being kept busy by the adorable toys in front and the vibrations with music plus it was extremely easy to rock it when he began screaming for attention, my other slight complaint would be that the bar holding the toys comes off way to easily when pulled and that the little toy “Tigger” is facing outward when he should be facing inward towards the actual baby.  Unfortunately accidents do happen and we had a “number 2” out of diaper explosion while he was on the seat and I was so happy to find that taking everything apart to wash was super simple and putting back on once clean was simple as well.

All in all I would definitely recommend this bouncer to any new mom and am very thankful to have been able to try it with my baby

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer

Here’s what Aleasha C. had to say about it:
So over the Easter break I was given the opportunity to have my daughter try out the new Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer. Now being a mother to a 3.5 year old boy and 8 month old girl I have seen many products come out that have changed so much over the years. Even the short number of years between my kids I have found it difficult to keep up with all the new things. So when I was given the opportunity to have my little one try out the new Disney bouncer by Comfort & Harmony I couldn’t pass it up.

So the bouncer doesn’t come pre assembled, but does come in a nice slim and relatively small box, set up is very easy and if instructions are needed it comes with easy to follow instructions. Once I had it set up my daughter wanted at it right away. One thing you will notice with this bouncer is the elevated seat. Most bouncers I have seen including the one we all ready had was that it had a basic frame and the seat just hovered off the ground with an incline. Now with this seat, the frame makes it completely off the ground and sits up a little higher than most. The frame has multiple non slip grips on it so there is no chance of the bouncer sliding around when the child is in it just bouncing away, but because of the height of the seat I will say that like they advise you will want to watch your child while in it. Also I would not recommend the seat for babies older than the recommended age due to this, they could possibly lean over the side and tip the seat. I did not experience this with my baby, but it would be a concern of mine if I had to step out of the room and my baby was trying to get out of it. 
Now once you have it set up you will see all the great little features this seat has! One of the nice features this has is the toy bar is easily attached an removed with one hand. The toys on it are your basic teething toys, but that didn’t matter to my daughter she absolutely loved them. The seat also comes with a removable headrest for newborns, which is a great feature so it helps support their head. My daughter was too big to use it, but having the option for it was nice. There of course was the melodies and vibrations attachment that went with the seat that are always nice to have for the baby. I found with both my kids the vibration option on any seat was a sure way to get them to fall asleep. Also the fabric/pattern choice is very gender neautral and what you would expect it to look like with Winnie the Pooh and friends. 
All and all this was a great seat and something I would be happy to share with my friends. 
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Chana P. has to say about it:
I found it to be a good bouncer, when the vibrate is on my baby who likes being held is happy in it.  It was quite easy to assemble – though the instructions didn’t illustrate the parts 100% accurately.  The material seems to be durable and easy to clean,  The music is very pleasant though I find it doesn’t run for very long, so you need to restart it.  The toys are very cute however a couple of them are hung facing our not towards the baby.  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a bouncer
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Bonnie K. has to say about it:
Great bouncer! It was very easy and quick to assemble. The vibrate function is great and my baby really enjoyed this. The upright positioning is great as well as my baby likes to sit up. The music is nice to listen to but is too short and you need to keep re-starting it. The toys on the arch for the baby are cute but a few of them are facing the wrong way.
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Angie has to say:
I have enjoyed using it this week with my daughter.  We never had one and now I wish I did sooner and with my first! 
The seat came in a few pieces but was quick and easy to assemble.  I found the instructions a little confusing and managed to figure it out on my own without them.  My toddler helped me put it together.  As this is the first bouncer I have owned, I don’t know how it compares to others on the market. I like the colors and the Winnie the Pooh design – it is gender neutral and nice to look at.  The material is nice and soft for the baby.  The toy bar has 3 toys but they should hang down lower.  Once a baby has reached the age where they can sit up to reach them they have outgrown the seat.  I wouldn’t recommend using it much past 6 months because when they learn to sit up they can lean forward and their momentum can easily tip it.  The tool bar is a bit flimsy – it doesn’t stay locked in a position which would be a nice feature.  The music is nice and the vibrate option is a nice feature.   
So there you have it, real moms with real reviews!!!
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $50.00
Now time to relax