The Bath Kneeler

The Bath Kneeler

I have to say that these girls who created The Bath Kneeler, they get it!

I remember moving into my new house over 5 years ago and instead of decorating it with adult type beautiful pieces, I made everything into a baby/toddler zone. Instead of an end table next to my couch, I had a pack n’ play (my logic: those who were sitting next to it, could put their drink on the bassinet). Instead of a carpet, I put those heinous bright coloured puzzle alphabet mats down (my logic: if the baby barfs or someone spills it was easy to wipe up), toy bins were in every corner because who wants to run to the freezing basement every five minutes and bathrooms were filled with squishy water toys and Avengers bath mats (no logic there, I was limited in my options).

Fast forward 5 years and now I have an end table beside my couch and a real carpet in my living room but the one thing I couldn’t shake were those damn Avengers bath mats and squishy bath toys in all our bathrooms.

As I scour Instagram, I have to say that I am kind of jealous that the baby products on the market are getting fancier, more high tech to make moms/dads life easier and simply prettier. I follow a company called The Pieces on Instagram, not because I need their mats (I am sorta past this stage in my life), but because I absolutely love what they have created: gorgeous (yes I am using the word gorgeous to describe a kids product) play mats that I wish were around when I had a baby.

Yesterday, I saw on their Instagram that they announced their newest product called The Bath Kneeler and yet again wished it was around when my kids were little because not only are they extremely useful but they are soooooo pretty! Of course I instantly thought I could somehow use this in my bathroom in front of our sinks but sadly they are just a little too small for that (hopefully they come up with this because I would buy them in a heart beat).

Here’s why I love The Bath Kneeler
– Highly cushioned so you don’t kill your knees while bathing your mini’s

The Bath Kneeler
– They are made out of neoprene which is very absorbent and quick drying
– It comes with a velcro loop so that you can hang it on your towel bar to dry (if your kid is a splasher)

The Bath Kneeler Velcro
– It is VERY reasonably priced at $32
– It can be easily washed (just make sure to hang it to dry)
– It has a non-slip backing
– Of course my favorite part, they come in three beautiful prints

The Bath Kneeler Print

Where to Buy: check out their website for easy ordering




Bouncers are not Just for Babies, but for Parents too!

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer

Yup, that’s right … bouncers are not just for babies, but they are for us, the parents too!

There are so many products to have at home when the baby arrives, a swing is one of them and the other is a bouncer. At the beginning, you just want to hold your little one and savour the sweet moments, but as the weeks fly by and nothing is getting done around the house, you quickly realize that the baby needs to be put down (and mama needs a break) but where? You don’t necessarily want to put them on the floor, the couch is a big NO NO and the crib is upstairs and seems so far away so in comes the bouncer and that’s why these bouncers are not just for babies, they come in handy for us parents.

I had an opportunity to review Comfort & Harmony’s Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer, but I was unable to try it out because my little guy is just too active and doesn’t want to sit for a second these days, so I passed it along to a few product testers and had them review it, so here are other mom’s reviews on the product. There are quite a few and they are all honest opinions and some cute pictures of their little one’s!

Here’s what Elizabeth M had to say about it:
I was a bit skeptical to use this type of bouncer since usually I only purchase items that can grow with the baby but after using it for my little one I realized that sometimes age specific products are way better. First off putting together the bouncer was relatively simple, the instructions were clear and it didn’t require any extra tools besides a screwdriver for the battery part; on a side note I hate when products don’t come with the batteries included which I wish this one did since once I put it together and realized that I didn’t have the type of batteries I knew that my baby would have to start using it without its full potential and unfortunately because of lack of free time I wasn’t able to get batteries for at least a week  and a half after he was already using it; anyways once I put it together which took maybe under 15 minutes I put my son in it right away and I was thrilled to see he took to it immediately. He seemed quite comfortable and content and that was my go to spot to put him going forward he actually even falls asleep in it often so it would be helpful if it could have setttings to raise it or lower it since infants should be sleeping as flat as possible. The bouncer is extremely light weight so it was easy to move around the house so my baby was able to watch me cook, clean and get ready in the mornings no problem while being kept busy by the adorable toys in front and the vibrations with music plus it was extremely easy to rock it when he began screaming for attention, my other slight complaint would be that the bar holding the toys comes off way to easily when pulled and that the little toy “Tigger” is facing outward when he should be facing inward towards the actual baby.  Unfortunately accidents do happen and we had a “number 2” out of diaper explosion while he was on the seat and I was so happy to find that taking everything apart to wash was super simple and putting back on once clean was simple as well.

All in all I would definitely recommend this bouncer to any new mom and am very thankful to have been able to try it with my baby

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer

Here’s what Aleasha C. had to say about it:
So over the Easter break I was given the opportunity to have my daughter try out the new Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer. Now being a mother to a 3.5 year old boy and 8 month old girl I have seen many products come out that have changed so much over the years. Even the short number of years between my kids I have found it difficult to keep up with all the new things. So when I was given the opportunity to have my little one try out the new Disney bouncer by Comfort & Harmony I couldn’t pass it up.

So the bouncer doesn’t come pre assembled, but does come in a nice slim and relatively small box, set up is very easy and if instructions are needed it comes with easy to follow instructions. Once I had it set up my daughter wanted at it right away. One thing you will notice with this bouncer is the elevated seat. Most bouncers I have seen including the one we all ready had was that it had a basic frame and the seat just hovered off the ground with an incline. Now with this seat, the frame makes it completely off the ground and sits up a little higher than most. The frame has multiple non slip grips on it so there is no chance of the bouncer sliding around when the child is in it just bouncing away, but because of the height of the seat I will say that like they advise you will want to watch your child while in it. Also I would not recommend the seat for babies older than the recommended age due to this, they could possibly lean over the side and tip the seat. I did not experience this with my baby, but it would be a concern of mine if I had to step out of the room and my baby was trying to get out of it. 
Now once you have it set up you will see all the great little features this seat has! One of the nice features this has is the toy bar is easily attached an removed with one hand. The toys on it are your basic teething toys, but that didn’t matter to my daughter she absolutely loved them. The seat also comes with a removable headrest for newborns, which is a great feature so it helps support their head. My daughter was too big to use it, but having the option for it was nice. There of course was the melodies and vibrations attachment that went with the seat that are always nice to have for the baby. I found with both my kids the vibration option on any seat was a sure way to get them to fall asleep. Also the fabric/pattern choice is very gender neautral and what you would expect it to look like with Winnie the Pooh and friends. 
All and all this was a great seat and something I would be happy to share with my friends. 
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Chana P. has to say about it:
I found it to be a good bouncer, when the vibrate is on my baby who likes being held is happy in it.  It was quite easy to assemble – though the instructions didn’t illustrate the parts 100% accurately.  The material seems to be durable and easy to clean,  The music is very pleasant though I find it doesn’t run for very long, so you need to restart it.  The toys are very cute however a couple of them are hung facing our not towards the baby.  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a bouncer
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Bonnie K. has to say about it:
Great bouncer! It was very easy and quick to assemble. The vibrate function is great and my baby really enjoyed this. The upright positioning is great as well as my baby likes to sit up. The music is nice to listen to but is too short and you need to keep re-starting it. The toys on the arch for the baby are cute but a few of them are facing the wrong way.
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Angie has to say:
I have enjoyed using it this week with my daughter.  We never had one and now I wish I did sooner and with my first! 
The seat came in a few pieces but was quick and easy to assemble.  I found the instructions a little confusing and managed to figure it out on my own without them.  My toddler helped me put it together.  As this is the first bouncer I have owned, I don’t know how it compares to others on the market. I like the colors and the Winnie the Pooh design – it is gender neutral and nice to look at.  The material is nice and soft for the baby.  The toy bar has 3 toys but they should hang down lower.  Once a baby has reached the age where they can sit up to reach them they have outgrown the seat.  I wouldn’t recommend using it much past 6 months because when they learn to sit up they can lean forward and their momentum can easily tip it.  The tool bar is a bit flimsy – it doesn’t stay locked in a position which would be a nice feature.  The music is nice and the vibrate option is a nice feature.   
So there you have it, real moms with real reviews!!!
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $50.00
Now time to relax