An Introduction to the Playtex Mom Trust Program

Playtex Mom Trust

For years now, I have been a fan of Playtex products when it comes to all my kids “stuff” (and well myself included, but we won’t go down that road) and if you don’t believe me, just check out my kids feeding drawer.


Playtex Products in my Drawer: Sippy Cups, Straw Cup, Plates, Bowls, Kids Cutlery, Formula Jar and Food Storage Containers

Not to mention the multiple Diaper Genies I have in my house, one in both kids rooms and one on the main floor because I really don’t want those in my kitchen garbage. I bought my first one three years ago and I am still using that exact same one (oh did I mention this thing has fallen multiple times and basically been drop kicked by my 3 year old and it is still working perfectly?!).

The newest addition to our family is the Playtex Drying Rack. I kept the old one that I had from when older guy was born (which looked pretty nasty after a year and a half of use and then stored for 2 years), but then this beauty came into my life (yes I just referred to a bottle rack as a “beauty”). It is a great size for space saving, holds a lot of bottles and all the little parts that come with it, pacifiers etc and what I love is that it comes with two little under pads to put below the bottle rack so water doesn’t drip all over your counter.

Playtex Bottle Rack

Here’s why I love Playtex products:
First off I know that it is a brand name I trust (it’s been around for along time and I have been using their products for years) and second, they really took the time to carefully develop all their products to make sure they are safe for our kids and of course are useful.

This is why I feel very lucky (and am extremely excited) to be part of the Playtex Mom Trust team where you can learn about their new products which I and a whole bunch of other mom bloggers will have tested, we will be providing tips, sharing stories/experiences about motherhood and it is a great community for moms to come together to support one another.

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