Spring is in the Air #MomTrust

Spring Time

Spring is finally here although you wouldn’t know it with the continued snow fall (tear sniff), but everyday when I look at my backyard and see more and more green I know we are in the winter home stretch. Let the planning begin.

First on my list: Taking walks!!! There is nothing better for your little one’s (and you) than getting outside and breathing fresh air (especially Spring air), so bundle them up, put on your sunglasses and go out for a long walk around your neighbourhood. If there are groceries or cosmetics you need, map out a location that is a little further than your regular stop and make it your mission for the day. Once your fridge gets too stocked from all your trips, call some friends and meet them in their neighbourhoods just for a change of scenery.

Well I might be jumping the gun here, but on those “warmish” days, go to the park! All winter my older guy kept asking to go play at the park, so what did I do … I took him! The moment he got there, (wearing more layers than you could ever imagine) he either had to go pee or wanted to come home because he was so cold. I’m just waiting for the disappearance of the snow and then I will be park hoping (oh how the times have changed).

When its nice and warm out, parents try to find activities to keep their little one’s busy outdoors and well I have spent the last two years trying to find great activities which is what we will be doing this Spring/Summer
– Sportball has great weekend sport programs in parks around the city
– As I mentioned park hoping is always fun and mixes things up – google parks near you and go check them out
– Go to the zoo! It’s always best to go on those ‘not so hot days’ so Spring is a great time check it out
– Find the cities splash pads (yes that is a summer activity), but there are a lot of great one’s
– If you want to stick around the house, get some fun outdoor games like bean bag toss, a fun sprinkler attachment that the kids can run through or best yet, a childhood favourite slip and slide

Smile, its finally spring!!!

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