The Movie “Wonder” Will Bring You to Tears #GIVEAWAY

Wonder Movie

I am not sure if you are looking for a tear jerk-er for movie night, however the movie Wonder is a MUST see!

As a mom of two young boys, I always worry about them bullying another child and it’s something I am constantly talking to them about (especially my 7 year old). I have tried explaining to him that it doesn’t matter what someone looks like or how they act, there are no excuses. No child ever deserves that!

The movie Wonder is about a little boy who was born with a rare facial disfigurement. His mother (Julia Roberts) and father (Owen Wilson) decide to stop home schooling him and integrate him into a private school. With kids staring, laughing and whispering about him, the movie follows this little boy, Auggie and his daily struggles to fit in. Having made a friend Jack, he soon feels more content in his environment, but within time he stumbles upon a bunch of kids (including his one friend) making fun of the way he looks, calling him a “freak” (cue the tears) and for the remainder of the school year he is bullied by this group who do and say awful things to Auggie. Not wanting to ruin the rest of the movie for others who have not seen it, I can say that the movie finished and I noticed that I had a big smile on my face (of course with tears still streaming down my face).

There are so many important lessons that come out of this movie which is why it makes a great movie to see with your kids and to discuss with them after:
1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
2. Be a leader not a follower
3. Choose kindness  

I know you will enjoy this movie as much as I did and I really recommend watching it with your older children

I am giving away 4 copies (yes that’s right 4) to my readers! The contest is open to residents of Canada only (excluding Quebec). You must be 18 years or older to enter. 

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  1. Mindy DeLisi says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but it looks like a good one. This would be a great family movie since I do have 3 kids. The movie is preparing the young ones that the real world is cruel sometimes and we all have to face it at one point or another and learn who we really are. I feel that this movie will show that.

  2. kathy downey says:

    This movie portrays THE WRONGNESS OF BULLYING and so many other amazing lessons,thanks for the chance I want to watch and discuss this movie with my grandkids!

  3. We loved the book and the movie. It taught my boys about kindness.

  4. I think the Choose Kindness lesson is the best. If we could all act and speak with kindness everyday, the world would be a better place for everyone.

  5. Betty S says:

    I have not seen the movie, but I think the message is to treat everyone the same regardless of there issue.

  6. Carolle H says:

    I would love to see that movie , I think its to treat everyone the same 😉

  7. Don’t judge people

  8. I’ve been meaning to see this movie because I’ve heard such great things about it. I also want my oldest son, Kyle, to see it!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  9. I have heard great things about this movie. I am hoping to see it but know it will make me cry

  10. joanne darrell says:

    I think thr message is to be kind.

  11. Kelly D says:

    I think the lesson is not to judge people by the way you look, because the main character is a great friend if the kids will give him a chance.

  12. Michelle W says:

    Like they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’

  13. I think the message is that we can’t determine our fate, but we can accept it and make what we want out of our life.

  14. The message is you shouldn’t judge.

  15. Marianna says:

    To be kind!

  16. Heather W says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but my son read the book and saw it with his school.. He said it was a real tear jerker. From what he’s talked to me about, what a 9 year old got out of this movie is that it’s important not to judge people by the way they look, and be kind to everyone.

  17. I think the lesson is to accept people the way they are.

  18. Judy hunting says:

    BULLying is the main issue. TEACHES YOU TO BE KIND

  19. Heather Swanson says:

    To choose kindness

  20. Audrey Skinner says:

    I think that the message is “you are perfect just the way you are”.

  21. I think it’s trying to say that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated.

  22. Edith Rennes says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have seen clips and it seems to be about bullying and the need to show kindness instead of bullying

  23. Always choose kindness and compassion over bullying and cruelty.

  24. Krista M says:

    The message is to always try to see the other side of things, not judge others & how hurtful bullying is.

  25. I want to see this movie so badly!Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. Peggy D says:

    I loved this movie and the book. Teaches so many lessons on so many different levels, but my favourite lesson it shows is that no matter what life deals you, kindness and compassion persevere over bullying, ignorance and prejudice.

  27. Mike Gismondi says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I think it’s about acceptance and kindness

  28. Marlene V says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but from the previews it seems it’s about learning about acceptance.

  29. Chantelle Daigle says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but I have read the book. I think the overarching theme is celebrating differences.

  30. Anne Derkat says:

    The movie teaches the importance of kindness.

  31. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I have never seen this movie.

  32. MaryAnn says:

    Treat others how you would like to be treated

  33. Andrea Williams says:

    Being confident in yourself and who you are and not worrying about what others think. Seems like a really heartwarming movie.

  34. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so maybe I will find out if I win this contest..

  35. Acceptance

  36. Cathleen King says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but bullying is a no no.

  37. Tara Gauthier says:

    This was such a great movie, my whole family enjoyed it! The best message from it is one of acceptance!

  38. Be kind to everyone

  39. Courtney says:

    The message is about Kindness! I LOVE this book and movie!

  40. Ashley B. says:

    People who look different than you may be more like you than you could ever know.

  41. HEIDI C. says:

    Celebrate differences and find joy in them not disrespect or cruelty.

  42. sherry fowler says:

    Basically the liesson is you can’t judge a book by its cover; looks aren’t everything… its whats within that matters

  43. Kim Naumann says:

    About the power of friendship.

  44. Monique L.S. says:

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. People come in all shapes and sizes, colours and more. Get to know the person, not the package.

  45. heather Kaufman says:

    I think it is trying to teach about bullying.

  46. The message is Don’t Judge!

  47. Janice Lynds says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but compassion and kindness seem to be what the movie is all about

  48. Jennifer Bay says:

    Based on the previews I have seen, it is if you love yourself others will love you too.

  49. Tammy Woodall says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but definitely want to see it. I think “Wonder” is about love, kindness, and overcoming obstacles by strength and the bond of family.

  50. Aarone Mawdsley says:

    to be nice to others

  51. angela smith says:

    To always treat others the way you want to be treated and always extend your love and heart to everyone ..

  52. Alma London says:

    To be kind to others and not to judge others. Stand up for someone when someone is getting bullied.

  53. Jeannette says:

    That everyone has good in them and to be open and accepting of others

  54. Lisa Whan says:

    I am a teacher who has used the book for many years in her classroom. The students I teach always fall in love with the book and it is a great way to start off the year. We always discuss choosing kind. I always cry infront of students while reading the book. Now that there is a movie, we will begin to compare the book to the movie!

  55. Tina Hill says:


  56. Heather Swarthout says:

    I haven’t seen it yet but my mother says it’s “WONDER”Ful! I would love to see it, and especially win a copy! I think the point of the movie is to basically say don’t judge. Period. No matter what. Which is a message every child and human being should learn to live by.

  57. Erica Seaman says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie, and really want to read this book. I think that the main lesson in this is going to be that you can’t judge someone by their looks, it’s what’s inside that counts.

  58. LeAnn Harbert says:

    Not to judge people on their looks

  59. Acceptance of all

  60. You can’t judge someone based on looks. ie: Some people seem to have it all together, but they’re hurting inside ie: Auggie’s sister’s friend.

  61. Renee V Hewitt says:

    Don’t judge, be kind, get to know the person

  62. Kathleen Roffey says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but based on the trailer I would say acceptance

  63. This movie is about accepting those around us!!

  64. It showed the siblings of disabled kids need extra attention too.

  65. Sabrina Zehner says:

    It’s to keep thinking with the heart of a child and joy will never leave you even if you feel different.

  66. Kasey Williams says:

    To not judge people by their appearances and be kind to everyone

  67. I reallly want to see this movie.I like movies with messages and meaning.

  68. B.J. Bernal says:

    To always be kind

  69. alena svetelska says:

    i yhink yheir message is be pokite and nice to each other

  70. Leah Shumack says:

    To be kind and not judge!

  71. Dana Moore says:

    We’re all the same kind of different

  72. Jennylyn Gross says:

    dont judge a book by its cover

  73. Pamela Sloss says:

    Acceptance of all!

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