Mom in Sneakers Holiday Gift Guide!

So here is the truth: I had decided against doing a Mom in Sneakers Holiday Gift Guide this year because life at this moment is just too busy with hockey, holiday planning, hockey, hockey, more hockey, school responsibilities and with my day job, but I have received countless messages asking me what the best gifts are for the Holidays so I figured I would do a quick one of my favorites for you all. Here you go (in no particular order)


For those of you have children asking for AirPods (I am one of those and would never spend that kind of money on something that would be lost within a few days … oh ya and he doesn’t have an phone .. weird), this is the perfect substitution. Happy Plugs! If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck .. well then I guess it must be a duck. They look like AirPods, the sound quality is not bad at all so then Happy Plugs is your solution. They come in great colours and best of all, the price tag is $110.00. Here is even better news, they are currently on sale for $79.99


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We have been playing Spot It! as a family for years, starting with the easier Spot It versions and as my kids get older we have been buying the harder versions. I still can’t figure out how it works (I mean I know how the game works but I can’t figure out how in every card there is a matching item), but you split the deck with the other player and at the same time you each flip over a card. Now search carefully and find the common item in both cards. Seems easy, but I promise you it is not! My kids beat me all the time. Great for siblings to play together, comes in tons and tons of themes and comes with a lower price tag (I find them on sale on Amazon usually) for $15-$30

#3 Fart Ninjas

Yup you heard me right, Fart Ninjas are a hot commodity for the Holiday season. Obviously any toy that farts is a huge hit, but my little guy couldn’t get enough of these in fact he wanted to collect the whole gang. Thankfully there is an on/off switch, but you they love pranking their parents with these leaving them around the house and when you walk the motion sensor sets it off and it farts. You will hear belly laughs from your kids with these guys and also does not come with a big price at $8.00 from Toys R Us. If you want to up your gift, you can get the new Fart Ninjas XL which is remote controlled so your little one can fart on demand by activating their farting when you least expect it. $19.99 from Home Hardware stores

#4 Hasbro’s Battleship Shots

I was invited to Hasbro’s Holiday Toy preview and my big guy basically spent the entire time playing this game with his friend. It’s the modern day Battleship with pong balls! Bounce or toss a ball over the divider and have it land on the opponents side in the ships to sink them and win … easy right?! Actually it’s not that easy, but a ton of fun and gets the kids out of their seats battling each other. My favorite part (as a parent), fold it up and store it away BOOM! Comes with a very reasonable price tag of $19.99 at Indigo

#5 Hasbro’s Porcupine Pop

A fun game for the little ones! Be careful to not make the Porcupine Pop! Roll the dice, press the porcupines nose as many times as the dice shows and see who is the one that will make the porcupine’s darts fly out. It’s cute, it’s quick, it’s fun and comes with a great price tag of $17.47

#6 Crazy Aaron’s Ultimate Putty Challenge

Clearly you can tell I love games because it’s something to do with the kids on a cold/rainy/snowy/boring day and will stop the kids from constantly fighting (oh wait that may only be in my house). I promise you, Crazy Aaron’s Ultimate Putty Challenge game the kids will love. 25 different games that incorporate the use of putty (which the game comes with). Here are some examples of the games: putting, bowling, carnival ball (which is like skee ball), putty pong, funny faces and sooooo many more. It’s just so good! HIGHLY recommend this one. $34.95 for hours of entertainment.

#7 Cutetitos and Cutetitos Babitos

For all the stuffy fans out there, this one is for you! These are blind bags for stuffies … Their name, Cutetitos.The mystery aspect was really fun for my mini, he couldn’t wait to see what animal he was getting. I actually thought they were quite cute that they looked like a burrito coming out of the package and even had the foil wrapping. Why the burrito you ask? It acts as a blanket to wrap your new baby stuffy in and has velcro on each side to secure it. These little guys joined our stuffy family and now my mini wants to collect the whole burrito crew. As if these were not enough, the Cutetitos Babitos were born and they are a smaller plushy with a blanket and are adorable. Both are very reasonably priced! Cutetitos are $12.99 and Cutetitos Babitos at $9.99. Unwrap the fun!

#8 Fitbit for Kids Activity Tracker

Fitbit FINALLY has come out with kids versions, one for the younger group (Ace 2) and one for the older group (Ace). The Fitbit Ace 2 is great for the younger group, it has a larger face for easy viewing, they can choose their avatar and it’s waterproof so no need to take it on and off which essentially means losing it. Parents can track their children activity through the app parent view and kids can keep track as well through the child view. The Fitbit Ace has a smaller, sleeker look (in my older son’s words, it isn’t as “baby”). Both have a touchscreen which is always fun for the kiddies and perfect for the little wrists. These have a higher price tag at $79.99 (on sale) – $130.

#9 Pictionary Air

Now I haven’t tried this one out yet, but my sister told me about this updated version of Pictionary and it looks like SO much fun (yes it’s on my own list of holiday buys for the kids … and to play with my girlfriends). Here’s how it works: download the Pictionary Air app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and the person along with their sketch will appear on your device. The best part – the app will record wins and even records it so you can play it back and basically laugh your ass off … at yourself! $20 on


Another fun blind bag (or in this case box) for all the toy car lovers. Once you take off the packaging you have a crate that you need the little die cast tools to unlock (comes in a cute little tool box). My mini couldn’t have been more excited to get that box open and see what car he got (there are visual instructions included that little one’s can follow … yes the instructions are necessary). Out comes a display tire which spins and then opens to reveal your little die cast collectible car. Each pack comes with a little “car” key, insert it, turn the key and launch your vehicle. These were a winner, my mini wanted to buy more to get all the vehicles. Great price tag of $9 at Toys R Us


FINALLY a “phone” toy that looks like a phone, but is more like a tablet in terms of its functions. It still has some phone functions like text and voice notes when on wifi but it is monitored in that parents can only add in contacts for their kids (aunts, uncles, brother, sisters, grand parents etc). The KidiBuzz is pre-loaded with over 40 learning games like math and spelling apps and it has a functioning camera which they can rotate to take selfies (we all know how much they love selfies). Charge it, set it up and hand it over! HUGE fan of this one. It does come with a higher price tag of $120 at Toys R US, but I think it’s worth it and you can probably find it on sale at Best Buy or Walmart right now.

Well there you have it, my picks for the Holidays. Keep in mind, I was not paid to put any of these items in my post, some items I was gifted to try them out but all views are MY own! There are lots of products I test out and don’t make it onto a posts because they just aren’t a fan fave in the house.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays

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