I just Learned that it is Potty Training Awareness Month #PottyPartnership #Giveaway

Pull-Ups Potty Training

I just found out that June is Potty Training Awareness Month so what better time is there to start learning about potty training and get ready to start the process (now that I think about it the word “process” is actually a very suiting word here because potty training really is a process and a very frustrating one at that).

I got lucky with my youngest and potty training because he idolizes his brother and therefore wants to copy everything he does (and I mean everything), so he had a natural curiosity about the toilet just seeing his brother going all the time. No joke, sometimes my little guy would follow his brother to the bathroom and just sit on the step stool while his brother was doing his business and the two of them would chat about who know’s what as if they were sitting on the couch together (it was probably one of the cuter things I have experienced with the two boys).

Instead of telling you how I did it because Pull-Ups has an AMAZING online resource that will really assist with getting to know your child and providing a guide to help, I am going to let you know a few things NOT to do which were little mistakes I made (oops):

1. DO NOT RUSH POTTY TRAINING!!! It will become stressful for you and most importantly, scratch that .. equally as important, it will be stressful for your little one (mistake number 1 that I made)

2. Don’t get angry when you see their pants go from light grey to dark grey: as frustrating as potty training is, they are still babies and it’s not an easy thing to learn that feeling of having to pee (I am guessing because clearly I can’t remember this stage in my life). I promise getting angry at your little one will only backfire and cause my issues for you

3. Remember .. SMALL REWARDS: who thought it was a good idea to reward their child with a toy every time they peed or pooped in the potty (you can’t see me but I am guessing you know that my hand is up). Rewards I feel are important, but keep them small and something they do not get all the time so it actually feels like a reward (smarties were a big hit in my house) and the final touches was a big Mickey Mouse Stuffie thanks to Pull-Ups. If you don’t want to do a reward every time your little one goes to the washroom, make a sticker chart and at the end of the week give them a little reward.

Pull-Ups Potty Training Chart

4. Get a cute potty that actually peeks their interest: I got your run of the mill hole in a bucket type potty and though it looked nicer with my furniture because let’s be honest it does become a piece of furniture for a little while, it didn’t help peek his interest. There are really cute, stand alone potty’s out there that have their own little flusher which makes the whole experience more fun

Pull-Ups Potty Training

Not my little guy, but a friends who is just starting potty training

It’s definitely a scary world out there (I am talking about the potty training world), but with Pull-Ups new Potty Partnership, they offer a whole new way to potty train and it really does help!!! All you do is take a short quiz to find out what your child’s potty personality is and then it is almost like a personal guide for you as to how to go about potty training based on their personality (this is my son’s and was pretty much on point).

Pull-Ups Potty Partnership

If you are just starting to think about potty training, I highly recommend checking out this site to get some helpful pointers and tips.


Thanks to our friends at Pull-Ups they are giving away 1 of their amazing Pull-Ups Potty Partnership ToolKit filled with: Pull-Ups® Training Pants, Big*Kids Flushable Wipes, Potty seat and chair, Milestone chart to track and award your child’s progress, Potty training book, Plush toy to reward potty accomplishments to 1 lucky winner. Must be a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec residents). Here’s how to enter:


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If you found these tips helpful, let others know by commenting below!
Good luck


  1. He has a determination to set his mind to do things when he wants to

  2. Linda Beaton says:

    Wish I had had this info when I was at that potty-training stage with my kidlets!

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I think when my daughter starts toilet training her son, she will have to learn much more patience and stay positive!

  4. Getting them to tell you they need to go.

  5. Viv Sluys says:

    I think the biggest issue for me will be spending enough time at home to get started on it.

  6. Nora Edmiston-Harlos says:

    when my son and Daughter-in-law start potty training the biggest trial will be getting him to say when he needs to go and having grandma put her two cents in. LOL

  7. I think the biggest issue will be him remembering to get up at night

  8. i always take my kids to the potty very often. it helps a lot. thanks.

  9. Holly MacRitchie says:

    The toughtest part of potty training will be to teach them to make it to the toilet in time!

  10. Lisa bolduc says:

    Right now we are struggling potty training. He does good on the weekend but then comes Monday and it’s time to go to daycare and he doesn’t want tanthhjng to do with it

  11. Aimee Robison says:

    I think the biggest challenge will be getting them to figure out when they need to go, and getting them to let me know when it’s time to go.

  12. Lorrie Coleman says:

    I think the biggest issue is get them to know when they have to go and getting to the potty in time

  13. kristen visser says:

    The most difficult thing with us is that my oldest is 3.5 and autistic so trying to potty train her has been difficult. I am off work in the next couple weeks and hoping to take it on full force but not going to be easy

  14. Courtney says:

    I think the biggest challenge will be when we are out and about with a bathroom not accessible

  15. Helene Monette says:

    Biggest challenge for me……my son has Down’s Syndrome so communication will be the biggest challenge. We will need to find the best way possible to get the “warning” that he has to go……long hours ahead for us !!

  16. Florence C says:

    Most difficult I found was when outside playing and not wanting to come in to use the potty.

  17. Monique L.S. says:

    When children tell you they have to go, that usually means right now! which doesn’t give you much time to find a bathroom especially if you are out and about.

  18. Erika Letson says:

    I think the biggest challenge will be potty training on-the-go! I’m afraid of accidents when we’re travelling.

  19. Keeping at it even after all the accidents!!

  20. Judy Cowan says:

    My nephew is currently starting training and with him is getting him to tell you in time when you are out that he has to go.

  21. Carole Dube says:

    I think the biggest challenge for my granddaughter is that she is a bit stubborn!

  22. Love this potty – my little one loves the real flushing sound it makes!

  23. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Getting her to potty train to begin with

  24. Wendy hutton says:

    the time factor getting them to the potty after they say they have to go before they wet themselves

  25. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I think the biggest challenge is accidents while we are out some where!

  26. Jennifer P. says:

    Oh I already know my biggest challenge – her stubbornness! I hear a lot of “I don’t need to go” and then an accident follows shortly after! We are trying a new timer game that seems to be working though – I set the timer in hourly increments and each time it goes off we try to use the potty even if she doesn’t need to. She likes this so far.

  27. Jana Liu says:

    I think it would be getting them to let go the comforts and readily availability of the diaper and try something different

  28. The biggest challenge is probably being consistent when we’re away from home.

  29. Elaine R says:

    I think remaining optamistic and patient might be the toughest as a parent.

  30. Sara Rai says:

    I think the biggest challenge is to get them to know when they have to use the potty.

  31. Kelly Hudson says:

    The biggest challenge would be knowing when he is ready to go, keeping patient and reminding myself that he is learning and so are we.

  32. having her tell me when she needs to go

  33. Nate Fuller says:

    Getting to the potty before they go has been a challenge for our kids, they tell us but you have seconds to rush them up to the potty!

  34. I think that the biggest challenge with potty training will be getting my son to sit on the potty.

  35. I think the biggest challenge will be keeping my son on there long enough to get the job done.

  36. I have tried and my daughter keeps getting off the potty and going on the floor. Lol ..

  37. Melissa F says:

    I think the biggest issue will be being consistent.

  38. I’d definitely say focus because it’s all about play time at that age.

  39. how to get toddler to sit on the potty – currently he won’t even stay sitting for a second!

  40. Daniela Plume says:

    I think the biggest challenge (for me) is patience 😉

  41. the biggest challenge will be getting them to the potty in time!

  42. Kathy Thorn says:

    I think the biggest challenge will be getting him to say he has to go before he goes. Right now, he tells them he needs changing right after he’s gone

  43. Getting them to stop playing long enough to think about going toilet. Thank you.

  44. sueplay says:

    Biggest challenge will be to stay committed to it.

  45. amy rouse says:

    What do you think the biggest challenge will be with Potty Training?

    consistency and during the night wetting

  46. I think the biggest challenge is when your not home , in the car or someones house .

  47. Jenny M says:

    Getting my son to tell me when he needed to go

  48. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I think the biggest challenge would be night time/sleeping through the night.

  49. Focus will be the greatest challenge; the kid has to be ready and focused enough to concentrate on potty training. Often kids are distracted, too caught up in other things, to be potty trained.

  50. Probably getting her to remember to go when she has to and not just waiting until the last minute.

  51. Nicole B says:

    Night time. I find the day easy but trying to get the night down especially with a kid who sleeps horribly to begin with!

  52. Heather W says:

    I find the hardest thing about training my daughter is keeping her motivated to keep trying. We have a potty sticker poster, and for every 10 stickers she gets a kinder egg, but some days she refuses to try. She has been way more difficult to train then our 3 boys were.

  53. Aarone Mawdsley says:

    aiming correctly

  54. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    This is perfect for my daughter she is potty training our grand daughter

  55. Victoria K says:

    My biggest challenge is trying to get her interested..

  56. angela marriott says:

    Biggest challenge will be them telling you when they need to go

  57. S. Jackson says:

    the biggest challenge I experienced was them getting distracted when playing! I would love to win this prize pack to give to my niece who is having difficulty potty training her twins

  58. jennifer aguero says:

    Having boys aim in the toilet without cheerios of llfesavers to aim at.

  59. Nancy Parsons says:

    My son just started potty training. To my surprise it is going very well. He has not done a poop in the potty yet. He says he is scared. So that will be our biggest challenge.

  60. Betty S says:

    biggist challenge is finding the time, we all lead very busy lives, but we need to make the time

  61. Heather Arnould says:

    I think the biggest challenge is patience.

  62. potty training now, getting them to tell you when they need to go is the hardest

  63. Keeping the routine

  64. Shellie Clark says:

    getting him to sit for more than 2 minuts

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