For the Teething Babies Out There – Enter to Win!

Let me just get this out of the way … TEETHING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those that are going through it completely understand; the crankiness, the constant tears out of nowhere, the fussiness and well I will stop there.

I don’t know if it’s one of those things that you try to forget about after the first child or if I just straight up forget thanks to baby brain, but I seriously can’t remember my first born ravenously chewing on my finger as if I hadn’t fed him in days and just handed him food for the first time (not to say he didn’t because I am sure he did). My poor index finger has been getting the brunt of it.

Yes there are a ton of teethers on the market, so which one to buy? Well I can tell you that I have purchased a ridiculous amount of teethers over the years to try to help soothe my kids during the teething stage and though I have found some that have marginally helped, I have still been on the hunt for other options that are even better and i’ve FOUND it (nope they didn’t find me, I found them). I am a big fan and so is my little one

Innobaby Teether

What I love:
– they are extremely light weight so it’s easy for the baby to hold
– they all have unique shapes which allow for babies to reach all parts of the mouth for gentle massaging
– the material is very soft and very flexible unlike a lot of teethers which are a thicker, harder material which makes it hard to chew
– Dishwasher safe
– BPA/Phthalate/PVC/Lead FREE
– Lots of great designs
– I put the grape teether in the fridge for added relief

Innobaby Teether

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Innobaby, they are giving away 1 grapefruit teether and 1 yellow star teether to ONE lucky winner. This contest is open to Canadian and US residents. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where to buy:
Online: click here
List of retailers around Canada – click here
Make sure to check out their website because they have A LOT of awesome products!!!

Time for a happier baby


  1. We have been pretty lucky so far with teething-I would say fussy describes her.

  2. Sam Barkin says:

    These look great….I’m not there yet – but I know I will be there again

  3. Definitely fussy, with a touch of cranky…a little bit crabby, thrown in at times. :o)

  4. Mostly fussy, teething does suck!

  5. jane kramer says:

    it was at first but now its ok , she started at 2 months. she always has her hands in her mouth

  6. I have a cranky teether.

  7. I have a sucky baby, all she wants to do while teething is to be held by mama. Fairly fussy too and we are on teeth #4/5!

  8. Kimberly says:

    My new baby will be here on or before Monday, so I’m not sure what kind of teether he will be just yet.

  9. Bailey Dexter says:

    AWe… he is just cranky and chewing on everything!

  10. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I would have to say crying all the time.

  11. It seems to be cranky more

  12. Mihail Lipetchi says:


  13. melanie borhi says:


  14. Angela Mitchell says:

    My daughter didn’t have any problems teething. My son can get a little fussy sometimes and want to nurse all the time when teething.

  15. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Cranky, definitely cranky!

  16. My daughter has 2 teeth right now and she loves to put anything and everthing into her mouth. These teethers would be fantastic!

  17. dania cioffi says:

    My baby just now got his first two bottom teeth, he has been a little fuzzy and always has his hands in his mouth and whatever else he can get in there too but it hasn’t been too bad.

  18. maribel gil says:


  19. Tracie A. says:

    Fussy and not usual self.

  20. My son handled teething great, maybe just a little cranky.

  21. Kaitlin A says:

    Not there yet but know this will come in handy with our first baby

  22. Definitely cranky.

  23. my kids was cranky and chewd on everything

  24. Maegan Morin says:

    I was pretty lucky. My kids were fussy but it wasnt an all day thing. They definately chewed on everything and that seemed to be all they needed.

  25. I’d say pretty nonstop fussy.

  26. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Fussy and wants to be held all the time.

  27. My kids weren’t fussy when they were teething but when they were hungry or tired they were cranky.

    Thanks for posting this giveaway to my weekly giveaway linky (

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  28. Darlene W says:

    Cranky little girl while her teeth come in.

  29. My kids were fussy when they were teething.

  30. Maryanne says:


  31. he was definetly cranky!

  32. fussy !

  33. Virginia R says:

    Mostly fussy. Thanks for the chance to win they look really great for teething.

  34. I’d say fussy best describes my little one

  35. Colleen Maurina says:

    She is fussy and drooly and wants to chew on everything!

  36. Lesley F says:

    I would have to say fussy!

  37. Crystal Rose says:

    I’d have to go with fussy.


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