Get it Done in a Jiffy! #GIVEAWAY

Jiffy on Demand

So you move into your new house and the air conditioner breaks; one evening you hear a weird noise coming from the basement and realize thats your washing machine yelling at you; your child throws up blueberries all over your new carpet, you have a million little things all over the house that need repairing, you wake up one morning and find tons of ants in the house … WHO ON EARTH DO YOU CALL for all of these things? The old me would pick up the phone and immediately call my mother panicking (sounds familiar right), the new me picks up my phone and logs onto my Jiffy app.

If your asking yourself what the Jiffy app is then the first step is just downloading … why? Just trust me here! No money spent on just downloading the app. Now create a profile and you can scroll through all the different services they have to offer and boy do they have almost every service available.

Now I wasn’t approached by Jiffy to test the app, I just heard about it and decided to check it out for myself assuming one day I would test it out, but as luck would have it the following week my shower needed a visit from a plumber. I logged in to my Jiffy account, clicked on plumber and a few minutes later I got an email advising me that my plumbing job was accepted, they told me the name and the company of the plumber coming, his phone number and email and even included the time window at which he would be at my house (only a 1 hour window – when does that happen). No joke, 15 minutes later I got a call from the plumber saying that he was on his way and would be at my house in 5 minutes. The job was done, he left and I got an email receipt with the breakdown of the fee’s and a summery of what was done. Piece of cake!

Jiffy on Demand

What I love about Jiffy

– Instant, on-demand house calls. No need to schedule your day around a future appointment.
– No need to read through tons of reviews. Jiffy has already done this, and the Jiffy community of users rates their pro after each job – and all pros must maintain a 4.5-Star rating.
– Pay industry average, fair rates. Jiffy’s surveyed over 30 companies in each category to establish the rate card that each company must follow.
– Quick & easy payments. Your credit card will be billed after each Jiffy job, with an invoice emailed to you.
– 24/7 Customer service. Rather than chasing down the trades directly, Jerry, Jiffy’s Chief Home Consultant, is available 24/7 for questions about jobs, invoices, etc. via online chat, email or text

Now time to download that app, what are you waiting for … Oh possibly a GIVEAWAY??? Yes, thanks to our wonderful friends at Jiffy, they are giving away a $100 gift card to 1 GTA resident on any of their services!!!! Here’s how to enter:

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To find out more about Jiffy and their services, visit
Good luck
T. xo

The Battle of the Bang

The Beauty Supply Outlet

I recently made a HUGE decision … to cut bangs! That may not seem like a big decision, but for someone who has had the same hair cut for the last 10 years … big decision! I walked away loving my new do until I showered and tried to do the bangs myself and it was an EPIC failure. My bangs looked like tree’s … straight and stiff.

I had two problems to work with: one being that I had to find the time every other day to blow dry my hair straight since I have naturally wavy hair which I really don’t see wavy working with well with the bangs and two, figuring out the right products to make these bangs look normal.

I went to The Beauty Supply Outlet which was the only place I knew would have a selection of the products I would need to maintain these puppies and walked out with a bag full of brushes, a new flat iron (that was on sale woot woot) and combs to try out and … I still could not perfect the beauty of the bang though they were soooo much better than before. Talk about a complete coincidence, a month later I was offered a chance to go to The Beauty Supply Outlet (at Yonge and Eglinton) to help with my beauty routine and I happily accepted since my last visit I went in for the sole purpose to buy brushes and didn’t even look around or see what they would recommend (my bad).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

The Yonge and Eglinton Store

First off let me say that I actually took the time to walk around the store and was so shocked because they had the specialty shampoo and conditioner that I normally order through my regular salon and takes over a week to get, and best of all is that it was so much cheaper at The Beauty Supply Outlet (don’t I feel dumb) not to mention a lot of the other high end brands (Joico, Paul Mitchelle etc). Secondly, they were so extremely helpful with taking the time to walk me around show me products that would help me tame these suckers. I hate to say it, but all those brushes I bought previously were all wrong (oops by bad), so this visit I walked away with a new ceramic brush in the right size and a salon quality blow dryer which I have to say, both made a WORLD of difference. She even convinced me to not always straighten my hair and leave it natural (and only blow dry my bangs – I will let you know how that goes).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

My purchases

I am always looking for great deals, especially when I am constantly buying products for my hair and The Beauty Supply Outlet really does have them. Not only was my shampoo and conditioner cheaper, I saw the product I use for my wavy hair, two for $30.00 when I have been previously buying them for $20 each. Oh, did I mention that I bought my new flat iron on sale and my blow dryer (those are the big ticket items that you want to get a deal on).

I do very much appreciate when staff members take the time to listen to their customers problems (whatever those may be, in my case battling the bang) and provide you with solutions and that is exactly what this staff member at The Beauty Supply Outlet did and for that I am grateful.

I’m also excited about the weekly Red Hot Deals available on the website – check out this month’s deals here

So there you have it, a little dose of my daily hair drama.
If you have bangs, PLEASE share with me your secret on the upkeep


Make sure to sign up for their eNewsletter so you can be the first to hear about the latest Red Hot Deals and new products.

DISCLAIMER: This post was brought to you by The Beauty Supply Outlet. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Beauty Supply Outlet.

Join @MommiesFirstBox in a MommiesFirst Twitter Party This Wednesday!

MommiesFirst Twitter Party



Be sure to RSVP for this exciting MommiesFirst Twitter Party!

MommiesFirst is a subscription box company that sends subscription boxes to new and expectant Moms in Canada and the USA. They are celebrating their 2nd birthday this month and along with four weeks of giveaways, they are ending the month of with a HUGE celebration on Twitter with over $700 in prizes!

All are welcome to join, however prizing is only open to Canada and the USA.

Will I see you there?

Feel free to read my thoughts on this must have service for new and expectant Moms!

Netflix helps Teach Your Kids about Earth Month #StreamTeam

Did you know April is Earth month? So how do we educate our kids about the importance of being good to our planet and all that lives on it? Lucky for us, Netflix has made it easy!

They have great documentaries for kids of all ages. For the older kids (who will actually sit through a movie), there are documentaries (they are even great for us adults since we can all learn a thing or two). For the younger one’s, there are some great Netflix TV shows using some of their favourite characters like Diego, Bubble Guppies etc. to help reinforce the message.

Here are some great titles to choose from:
Older Kids

Netflix Earth Month
The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans
Moving Art: Oceans
A Sea Change
Chasing Ice
Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?
Addicted to Plastic
David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
The Hole Story

Younger Kids

Netflix Earth Month
Curious George: Mulch Ado About Nothing / Gets a Trophy
Go Diego Go: Rescue of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Bubble Guppies: Boy Meets Squirrel
Dinosaur Train: Stargazing on the Night Train / Get Into Nature
Sesame Street: The Camouflage Challenge
Wild Animal Baby Explorers: Beaks and Bills / The Mighty Oak Tree

 Even for Yourself

Netflix Earth Month
Food, Inc.

I showed my older son all the titles he could choose from and he chose to watch Sesame Street: The Camouflage Challenge and learned what the word camouflage meant and how insects camouflage themselves to protect themselves. He did learn a thing or two because every time we are out and he see’s an insect he asks if it is camouflage (it may take some time for him to fully understand, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day).

If you are looking for a craft to do with your kids to help them learn about earth month, try doing what we did: Explaining about recyclable items wasn’t too easy, so I compiled a few non-recyclable items that were around the house and would have been thrown out and told my older guy to choose one item and we will use our imaginations and make something to save it from disposal. He chose a piece of old tupperware, we cut a hole slightly larger than a twoonie in the lid,  decorated it with stickers and pom poms and voila you have a custom made piggy bank from something that was going into the garbage.

Happy Earth Month

Spend March Break & Passover Break with Netflix #StreamTeam


A week of no school (or more), what is a mom to do? There are only so many programs you can enrol your child into and then what?!

This past week was March break and I had my big guy enrolled in morning programs three days a week and then figured I would have playdates in the afternoons, but it seemed like half his friends were in school still and only got Passover break and the rest already had plans so, I decided to plan a special afternoon and  have a baking and movie date thanks to Netflix.

I hyped up our afternoon plans telling him we were going to bake “nana’s amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which were my favourite when I was little” and then I told him he could pick a movie on Netflix and we can grab pillows and a blanket and eat the cookies while watching. Honestly speaking, I have never seen him so excited! Having mom snuggling with him, cookies and a movie what could be better.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1/2 cup brown sugar firmly packed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Cream with:
1/2 cup of butter (1 stick)
Combine and beat in until smooth:
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon milk
Sift together and add to the above ingredients:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon double-acting baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
When beaten smooth, add:
1 cup uncooked quick rolled oats
3/4 cup chocolate chips
Beat the mixture well. Drop cookies 2 inches apart on well greased cookie sheet and bake until light brown (10-12 minutes)

Here are some great family movies for both the younger and older kids that are now available on Netflix

Netflix Family Movies - Little Kids

Titles for the younger kids

Netflix Family Movies for Older Kids

Titles for the older kids

My little man chose to watch the awesome animated movie Turbo which he didn’t last more than 20 minutes watching because he can’t sit still, but the best part of Netflix, pause it and then go back to it whenever you want.

Hope you all had a great March break with your family and for those who’s kids have Passover break, make a special movie date with your little one and enjoy your time together.


Kindercare Pediatrics in Toronto


One of the most important decisions is choosing a doctor for all your child’s needs and I wanted to highlight a great new full service clinic. I am hearing more and more that pediatrician offices are closed practices and I am happy to say this clinic is not (at least not yet).

There are four paediatricians two of which work at Sick Kids as Emergency doctors
Breast feeding specialist and lactation consultant
Two allergists
Nutritionist (my kid could use this)

Great features about the clinic:
– What I love most about this clinic is that you can book an appointment via email or email them with questions/concerns etc – honestly this is BRILLIANT!!! Nothing more annoying than a busy signal over and over and over again (grrrrr).

– Their website is a great source for parents with babies, as they have a lot of information about baby care based on age.

– You can check the hours of your pediatrician that week and who is on call over the weekend

– They close at 6:00pm (most pediatrician offices close at 5:00pm SHARP and stop answering calls at 4:30pm)

– On their website there are virtual handouts with information on asthma, ADD/ADHD, common infections, skin problems etc

– Open on the weekends

Exciting Opportunity for Babylish Advice:

I am very excited that Babylish Advice is teaming up with Dr. Dina Kulik. She is one of the amazing pediatricians at this clinic and as well an ER doctor at Sick Kids. She will be doing guest posts about popular topics (cold/flu prevention, viruses and hopefully she will do a post about being Dr. Mom – I always wondered how they do it). She has been so wonderful helping me with my newborn issues and my older son issues … being a terrible 2! LOL!

I am hoping in the coming months to launch an “ask a pediatrician” FB chat on the Babylish Advice page so stay tuned!

For more information, click here to check out their website


The Latest and Best in Cleaning Services – Review and Enter to WIN

We have all gone through the “I’m just too tired to clean” phase where you just look at the rug and know it needs vacuuming, the blinds need dusting and worst of all the bath tub/shower needs a good scrubbing and you wonder WHO HAS THE TIME when all you want to do during your “quiet” time is get back into bed and sleep!!

Well someone got smart and started a cleaning service called Exec Cleaning Service where you book your appointment online, pay online and even tip online so you don’t need to worry about running to the bank. They even text you when the cleaners are on their way and you always get teams of 2 cleaners. For those of you worried about toxic products to use, no need to worry with this service since they use all eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Best part about their service, HAPPINESS GUARANTEED!!! If your not happy with their service, they will come back and clean for FREE – now that’s a guarantee considering there are some very picky people out there especially when it comes to cleaning.

Here’s the one piece of bad news for my Canadian readers and readers outside the areas below, this service is only offered to residents of New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle and San Diego!!!

Exec Cleaning Service

One of my readers, Brooke, volunteered to test out their services and she wrote up an amazingly detailed review about how everything worked and her experience (the good and the not so bad) … here is what she had to say:

“Thank you to Babylish for the opportunity to review Exec cleaning service.   This service allows you to book online in just minutes a professional cleaning job.  After putting in your zip code and  the size of the house a quote is automatically generated.  Once I booked my cleaning, a confirmation email arrived confirming the details of the cleaning.  On the morning of the cleaning I received a text message that my crew was on its way.  They arrived 3 minutes early for their 9 AM cleaning.  When they started cleaning I received another text message with the exact time they started and the crew’s names.  The 3 member crew was very nice and introduced themselves.  They immediately told me they were not sure how long it would take to clean my house because their 4th team member did not show up due to a family emergency.  They said approximately 5 hours but typically they can give a more accurate quote.
The cleaning itself is likely dependent on the crew that arrives.  From what I understand you cannot request a certain person or crew to do the cleaning.  The head of my crew was fantastic. After cleaning a few of the rooms she walked me through what she had done and asked if I was pleased and if there was anything she would like for me to do differently.  There was nothing I needed to change.  The cleaning was above and beyond what I would have expected – in the basement all of the ceiling lights were dusted and all of the toys in and out of the closet were organized.  Furniture and boxes were moved around so that a vacuum could be run under them.  The basement bedroom and bathroom were well taken care of.

When one crew member worked in the basement the other two worked on the main floor.  The other two team members were very professional.  I liked that one pointed out to the other that the windows should be cleaned a different way than was being done to get even more of the dirt  up.  One team member even cleaned the sliding glass door windows from the outside to make sure to get it spotless.  The outsides of the kitchen appliances were all individually cleaned and were also left spotless.  Very little instruction needed to be provided.

All three crew members cleaned the top floor which has the remaining bedrooms and three bathrooms.  The top floor was also left spotless with each bedroom cleaned and beds made.  Again, toys were all organized and blankets folded nicely.  The bathrooms appeared to be spotless.
The cleaning products used are all organic and smell very nice.  It appears that the organic products work just as well as the Fantastic and Windex I am used to using and they smell much nicer.  I only had to ask the crew to go over one thing – the kitchen island.  I wonder if the organic products are not as strong and do not pull up hard stains as well as the non-organic ones.  This could be a reason one wipe over of the kitchen island was not enough.  A second wipe over did the job.   One of the showers had a mildewy smell following the cleaning, which I usually don’t smell after it’s cleaned with non-organic products.  Again, this could be the nature of the organic products used.
During my cleaning I was not sure if tip was included so sent an email to the email provided in my confirmation.  I did receive a response back that my email had been received and received an answer in time.  I also went onto the website and found the information I needed in the FAQ section – yes, tip was included in the price of the service.
When the crew left I received a text message and an email.  The crew left at just after 2:30 pm. including some time to talk about what a great job they did.   Five hours is definitely a long time to clean a house, but the thorough job they did is worth spending that amount of time at home.  And, others can choose not to stay at home while the crew works.  If the 4th team member had been here it would have likely taken under 5 hours.  However, I would never complain about a family emergency coming up.
This service is fantastic for busy people who like to do everything online.  Within a few minutes a service can be booked and changed if needed.   The service is very dependable and extremely professional.  And, most important, the job was better than most cleaning services I have used in the past.  I would rate this as equally as thorough of a job than a move-in/move-out cleaning job that costs twice the price. The only complaint I would have is that I would like to request a certain team member to come back again, and it sounds like this is not something that can be guaranteed.”

Thank you to Brooke and Exec Cleaning Service for offering this test service out to us and hope that everyone who uses them in the future has a wonderful experience like Brooke.

After a review like that, how could I not offer my readers $40 off their Exec Cleaning service! Just enter code: babylishadvice to redeem and they are very kindly giving away a FREE cleaning to one lucky reader who lives in the areas mentioned above – enter  here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Exec Cleaning service has been featured in The Huffington Post,Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Forbes

Happy zzzz’s

Mommiesfirst for Mommies First (Time)


As you can clearly can tell by now, I thoroughly enjoy finding the best kiddie products out there, as well as new and amazing businesses as I take pride in helping other parents, so naturally when I was introduced to this new idea I fell inlove with it and had to share!

As a new parent or an expectant parent, you have NO CLUE what to expect and what each baby stage brings, not to mention with the amount of baby products on the market (6 brands of one type of product – yikes) it can be sooooo overwhelming and Mommiesfirst helps with that by taking some of the guess work out of it. Like a magazine subscription, you select a membership plan of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months (or better yet you can gift it) shipping is free and monthly you will get a box in the mail with 4-5 great brand must-have products that will help you with all those tough stages, baby or no baby. These boxes are 100% tailored to you and your baby by filling out some information when choosing your membership.


Lucky for me, a while back I was asked to be part of the Mommiesfirst council to help test out products to make sure they are good enough for all those getting the care packages and I excitedly accepted and have enjoyed very much being part of this council. I can promise you up and down that only products that get raving reviews from the council members go in the packages and I know that because I had a pretty bad experience with one of the products to which I expressed my dissatisfaction and it was not included in the box. That shows me that they really do care and that is enough for me to stand behind this company (not to mention the founder, Lorena, is such a wonderful caring mom and business owner who just “gets it”).

Think about it as getting a fun present every month since you don’t know what is coming – YES PLEASE!

For more information on Mommiesfirst or to get prices, check out:
New Mommies:
Expectant Mommies:
General Information:

Best of luck


Get in the Know!

I am here to help dispel myths around insurance! Nope, I don’t work for an insurance company, but between home insurance, car insurance and life insurance (and I am sure there are many more types of insurance that I don’t know about yet), I tend to get a little confused. <awkward>

I was asked to answer a few questions about insurance and although some answers I knew, there were a lot of things I hadn’t realized until now. TEST YOURSELF: below are the questions, try answering them and then compare your answers to the actual answer and see how much you know:

Question 1: Are Ontarian’s paying more for auto-insurance, but getting less coverage?
My Answer: I remember being told about the different insurance policies and thinking that it was a lot of money for really not very much coverage. I keep reading in the news that premiums are very high and insurance companies are cutting the coverages that they offer which nobody likes.
Actual Answer is here:
*Clearly, my thoughts were correct.

Question 2: Is the money I pay for insurance set aside just for me to cover any claims I may have in the future?
My Answer: This answer I know – NO!
Actual Answer is here:
* I guess I never really thought about where all this money I am paying goes when not claiming for any injuries and well now I know that no matter what, you are still being protected in the end

Question 3: Is flood damage caused by a spring thaw covered by your home insurance?
My answer: Yes, my thought is flooding is flooding and I think we are covered for it.
Actual Answer is here:
*I am actually quite shocked at this answer! I would think you would be covered as flooding is common especially with some of these crazy rainstorms we have and therefore you would be covered, but clearly I am very wrong.

For more helpful information about insurance, check out


Although this post has generously been sponsored by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

The Name Says it All …

Treadsanity … need I say more 🙂

So as I have mentioned in previous posts, I have never been a big lover of working out and only recently I have been finding amazing classes that actually make me look forward to working out and this class is no exception.

I would be lying if I said I was NEVER a runner, I used to compete in track in JR school hahaha (for those who dont know me, that was a looooooong time ago – I just aged myself I know) and well I gave it up when I went to high school and only recently starting running again because of my interest in this specific class. So needless to say, I would still never define myself as a runner so dont think you have to be to try out this class.

Here’s how it works (changes every class but you will get the idea):
You either start on the treadmill or on the floor (it’s a ‘must’ for me to start on the treadmill, the one time I started on the floor was a little bit of a disaster once I got onto the treadmill) and you have 10 minute intervals. First I must say, that the music is loud, fun and pumps you up … at least for the first 5 minutes 😉
– The instructor (Jason or Alex) will call out walker, jogger and runner intervals and you start there. Every minute or two, they will change up the interval and incline and get you to push your limits. Of course, you can go as slow or as fast as you want, they just give you recommened intervals.
– After the 10 minutes is up, you swap! I am then on the floor doing an intense leg/core exercise for 10 minutes
– Swap again and I am back on the treadmill doing a massive incline walk/jog for 10 minutes
– Swap again to the floor and I am doing an arm/core workout with weights (usually 3lb/5lb/8lb weights)
– Swap again and I am now finishing my last 5-8 minutes pushing my absolute limit running as fast as I can (which I will admittedly say isnt very fast) for 1 minute and then slowing down for 1 minute and so on
– Swap one more time and I am finishing up on the floor with an ab/core workout and finally it’s time to stretch (at this point I am thinking “YES ITS OVER”).
Intense right?! It is an amazing workout and after every class I feel like I have conquered yet another class and it gets easier and easier to push your intervals further every week and this is what gets me coming back the next week. I am just so proud of myself!

Im the one in purple on the treadmill

Classes Available:
BarreSanity – Ballet meets body sculpting. Created in L.A this class is designed to sculpt and lean the body with light weights, core stability and more. Using a Ballet Barre, the class will have you feeling muscles you’ve never felt before.

TreadSanity – Explained above and you can burn between 500 – 900 calories per class.

Zumba – Self explanatory 🙂 Everyone has fun in this class!

SpinSanity – Not your regular spin class. Getting on and off the bike in 10 minute intervals to do core work, weights and much more. This class is designed to hit every single muscle group.

TRX – They use TRX in many of their classes including TreadSanity and SpinSanity – I dont really know how to explain this, but it is quite a challenge

Thanks to our friends at Harmony Fitness, they are offering a ‘Babylish Advice’ package to my mom and dad readers that want to try something new and get into shape and lose that last bit of baby weight (you too dads). You get to try out three FREE classes (of those mentioned above), a value worth $70! Call ahead to book your spot and mention you want to try the Babylish Advice package.

There are NO gym membership fee’s, you DONT have to put down your credit card to try out these FREE classes and there is NO pressure from anyone to continue after, but I promise once you try these classes, you will be hooked if not to all, at least to one class. Further packages can be purchased for very reasonable rates and you can go when you want!

For more information on classes, class schedules or just Harmony Fitness itself, check out their website

If you are trying out any of the classes, I would love to hear your feedback so make sure to post below. I am there Tuesdays at 8:00pm, come join me!