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Jiffy on Demand

So you move into your new house and the air conditioner breaks; one evening you hear a weird noise coming from the basement and realize thats your washing machine yelling at you; your child throws up blueberries all over your new carpet, you have a million little things all over the house that need repairing, you wake up one morning and find tons of ants in the house … WHO ON EARTH DO YOU CALL for all of these things? The old me would pick up the phone and immediately call my mother panicking (sounds familiar right), the new me picks up my phone and logs onto my Jiffy app.

If your asking yourself what the Jiffy app is then the first step is just downloading … why? Just trust me here! No money spent on just downloading the app. Now create a profile and you can scroll through all the different services they have to offer and boy do they have almost every service available.

Now I wasn’t approached by Jiffy to test the app, I just heard about it and decided to check it out for myself assuming one day I would test it out, but as luck would have it the following week my shower needed a visit from a plumber. I logged in to my Jiffy account, clicked on plumber and a few minutes later I got an email advising me that my plumbing job was accepted, they told me the name and the company of the plumber coming, his phone number and email and even included the time window at which he would be at my house (only a 1 hour window – when does that happen). No joke, 15 minutes later I got a call from the plumber saying that he was on his way and would be at my house in 5 minutes. The job was done, he left and I got an email receipt with the breakdown of the fee’s and a summery of what was done. Piece of cake!

Jiffy on Demand

What I love about Jiffy

– Instant, on-demand house calls. No need to schedule your day around a future appointment.
– No need to read through tons of reviews. Jiffy has already done this, and the Jiffy community of users rates their pro after each job – and all pros must maintain a 4.5-Star rating.
– Pay industry average, fair rates. Jiffy’s surveyed over 30 companies in each category to establish the rate card that each company must follow.
– Quick & easy payments. Your credit card will be billed after each Jiffy job, with an invoice emailed to you.
– 24/7 Customer service. Rather than chasing down the trades directly, Jerry, Jiffy’s Chief Home Consultant, is available 24/7 for questions about jobs, invoices, etc. via online chat, email or text

Now time to download that app, what are you waiting for … Oh possibly a GIVEAWAY??? Yes, thanks to our wonderful friends at Jiffy, they are giving away a $100 gift card to 1 GTA resident on any of their services!!!! Here’s how to enter:

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To find out more about Jiffy and their services, visit
Good luck
T. xo

Children’s Books App #FarFaria – Enter to Win!



It seems that more and more kids these days are addicted to their tablets (no judgement here) and are no longer picking up those hardcover books that you have so many of (grrr). Now you can bring those fan favourites (Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Rapunzel and so many more) along with other great, fun stories to that tablet of theirs (or yours). If your kid(s) don’t really love books, now here is your chance to get them into books

Here’s how it works:
The app is FREE to download and you get one FREE book a day (no obligation). However, if you love the app as much as I do, you can subscribe for $3.99 a month and can read as many books as you want!


Have your child pick an island (BedTime Bluffs, GoodLand, Looney Lagoon, Sing Along City, Genius Jungle, Classics Grove, FairyTale Falls, Preschool Playground, Adventure Island, Animal Kingdom, Mt. Make Believe) and then scroll through all the books and have your little one pick a book! You can choose whether you want to read it yourself or if you want the book read to you and your ready to go. If your little one loves the book, add it to your “favourites” and you can read it offline too (great for plane rides).

Features I love about FarFaria:
– Add the books your kids love to the ‘favourites’ and read the books offline
– Read by level (the app grows with your kids)
– Browse by title / whats popular / new
– See what new books have been added by checking out the “whats new” tab
– Once your little one chooses a book, at the end there are recommendations for you based on the book you have chosen

Thanks to our friends at FarFaria, they are giving away a 6 month subscriptions to 3 of my lucky readers!!! Contest is open to CND and US residents. Here’s how to enter:

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Happy Reading and Good Luck

Great Apps for Us .. The Parents!

I am always trying to find the latest greatest apps for my little guy, but WHAT ABOUT ME!!!! I am not big on gaming because I just can’t find the time, but I have found a lot of useful apps that I thought I would share:

Magic Jack

Magic Jack: If you are headed to the US download this app!!! Since getting an iPhone, my phone bills are always crazy post vacation especially my calling because I always go over my plan minutes. My boss told me about this app and I tried it out and it actually works. Call within North America for FREE just make sure you are on WIFI otherwise it will use your data. Over the last few years I got smart and turned off my data until I hit WIFI so I don’t worry there, but that is one piece of advice I must give!

 I have done a previous post about and my love for their service (FREE SHIPPING, NO MINIMUMS) and now they have created an app so I can order diapers, creams etc while out. I was going away on a business trip, realized that Frankie’s school needed diapers so I ordered them through the app from the airport and done they were at my house within a few days.

 For all those who are interested in the real estate market or just plain curious what is going on in your neighborhood, this is the perfect app for you! Use your filter, check new listings, check old listings – love it!






Apphero: For real, we needed an app to help us find apps and here it is. With the thousands and thousands of apps out there, I find it hard to search for those that I think I will like, so this was the perfect app for me. Using your current downloaded apps and with answering some questions, this app will recommend apps for you and you can choose which one’s work for you. Highly recommend for those who get overwhelmed with apps 🙂






Starbucks: Ok so officially this has to be one of the most useful apps on the market for the Sbux fans and well I am one of them! If you haven’t already, REGISTER YOUR CARD! You get lots of great perks by registering and hook it up with your app and you can just use your phone to get a coffee, no wallet … nothing! It’s easy to leave the office or the house without a wallet (yes I have done it many of times), but you will NEVER leave the house or office without your phone. It also keeps track of your freebies!






Hautelook: ATTENTION SHOPPERS – this is the app for you! I thought everyone had heard of Hautelook until I mentioned it to a friend in a gym class and she hadn’t! Brand names for less – yes less. I have only bought a few things for myself, but I buy a ton of brand name stuff (Rowdy Sprouts, Natives, Splendid etc) for Frankie on Hautelook. For those who know, the good stuff goes quickly so this ends up being the best app for when I can’t be next to my computer. Sign into your account from the app and shop – that easy (not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing) 😉






WebMDBaby: Thank you Apphero, this was their recommendation! We all know of WebMD and now there is WebMD baby .. great! First this is a one stop shop so-to-speak where you can create a baby book using all your pictures that you take thousands of on your phone, create a journal where you can track feedings, diaper changes, sleep etc or read up on articles of the most common topics like baby and toddler care (crying and colic, sleeping and napping etc), illnesses and emergencies, parenting tips and best yet to name a few. It seems to be a great resource for parents.







Songza: I am a ‘music by the mood’ kind of gal meaning that sometimes I am in a mood for mellow music especially after a long stressful day at work and mornings I like fast beat, ‘get me up and ready’ kind of music and then sometimes I have no clue what I want to hear .. and then there was Songza which lets you choose your genre, create playlists or click on the concierge and they will help guide you.

If you have any other great adult apps (and I don’t mean the dirty kind), please feel free to post the names of them below for all to enjoy. If you have a great new app and would like myself or my testers to try it, email me

I hope you like these as much as I do

Disclaimer: The apps in this post are all apps that I have found and I was not paid to review any of these apps

Enter to Win a $50 Metro Gift Card from!

Let me introduce to you a VERY cool app … mom’s and dad’s this one is for you!! If you are anything like me and get extremely excited about a good deal (and cheap gas but that is off topic), then you will LOVE this app as much as I do. All you do is download the app for FREE, enter your postal code and just like that all the flyers from stores in the neighbourhood load and you can scroll through. Everything from: all the nearby grocery stores, Shoppers, Walmart, Future Shop, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Rexall, The Bay, Costco, Sears, Home Depot and so many more (no joke)! The app will alert you of new flyers and they are all sorted by date, what more could a mom ask for 🙂 Save a tree!

Good for all idevices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

You can download FlyerFlo for free at or visit them at for more information.

This week, FlyerFlo and Metro Ontario are teaming up with Babylish Advice to give away a $50 Gift Card to one of my lucky readers.  To enter the contest, simply use the Rafflercopter widget below.

The contest is open to Canadian residents only and will close at the end of Sunday December 2 (11:59pm).  The winner will be chosen through and will be announced under this post, on the Babylish Advice and FlyerFlo Facebook pages.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this app – feel free to post below! It’s a fan fave in my books
Good luck

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Toddler Educational iPad Apps – Part 3

1. Interactive Baby Sound (by Punflay):



Such a fun kids app!!! Great for the kids that are learning to associate images with sounds. There are even 9 different funny faces that laugh and gets all the kids laughing (a personal favorite)

2. ABC Numbers (by Punflay):



Lots of interactive things to do with this app. You can choose letters or numbers: for the letters, spin the wheel and the voice will sound out the letter and say the word that goes with the picture. Touch the picture to see it move! Pull the cord and the start will sing the alaphabet. For the older kids learning how to write, you can trace the letter in upper case and lower case. For the numbers, you can touch the picture and it will help your little one learn to count or touch the number and it will show you the correlating number of images

3. Interactive Alphabet (by Piikea Street):



Another great interactive alaphabet app – for the kids learning words, this is a gem. Touch the letter and a fun animated image will appear, it will say out the word that corresponds with the letter and touch the image to see something happen. For instance, touch the letter ‘A’ for apple and every time you touch the apple a bite will come out of it

4. ABC Music (by Peapod Labs):


For the kiddie musical instrument lovers, this is the app for you! Learning the alphabet with musical instruments and they can even watch a little clip of how the instrument is used.

5. Music Sparkles (by Kids Games Club):

Another app for the musical instrument lovers, this is an app where they can virtually play musical instruments. Choose your background beat and then play the drums or xylophone (the full version has more instruments to choose from) to that beat.

6. Musical Me (by Duck Duck Moose):



This app has different levels of fun (good for different ages) all to the popular nursery rhymes. The first level has animals that your little one moves to dance to the music, the second level you touch the birds to play the song, the third level is for the older one’s who are learning to copy patterns, the fourth level you play with the music notes to make your own song and the fifth level you pick instruments to play along to the music then start all over again to a new nursery rhyme and all the levels have super fun graphics

7. Zoo Train (by Busy Bee Studios):

Choose from 5 different games – 1. drag and drop the parts into the right shape and the more shapes you complete the closer the train is to getting to the station, 2. make your own music touching the steam whistles or click on the animals for the steam whistles to play popular nursery rhymes, 3. Learn how to spell and about letters by dragging and dropping the corresponding letters to the word on the train 4. Make a train track but putting the right parts into the right area for the train to go around 5. Make your own train by dragging and dropping the fun train parts into the given parts and then choose a scene for the train to go through (Frankie loves this one and laughs when the train starts moving)

8. Baby Touch and Hear Lite (by Open Solutions):

Another Frankie favorite! The animal animation is a lot of fun and exaggerated. Choose from animals or objects and listen to the noise they make. Whoever created this app was smart … they put a “lock” button on the controls which Frankie ALWAYS pushes and then gets upset when it changes screens (this happens often)

9. Baby First Puzzle Farm Lite (by Open Solutions):

A fun puzzle app which is great for 2 year olds. Your little one matches the given puzzle piece (which again has fun animation) to the matching empty space. When you touch the puzzle piece, the name of the item will be said and if it’s an animal you will hear the noise of the animal

10. Look & Learn: Animals (by National Geographic):



This is truly an amazing app!! Again another app that has a variety of things for all different age groups A. Go through the alaphabet and see real images of animals that go with the corresponding letter B.Find the correct letter that is called out and then if you get it right an animal that starts with that letter shows up C. Connect the letters in order which forms a shape and the shape turns into an animal D. Flamingo Flier is a fun game for the older kids where they tilt the phone to make the Flamingo go up and down to hit the letters of the alphabet and get it to its final destination E. Learn to write where you trace the letter and see what pops up – it even helps you by providing arrows to show you how to write the letter F. Mask maker is sooo much fun – take a picture of your little one and your face will appear in different animal masks. Gives the little one’s a great laugh

Well there you have it – clearly there is a common theme??!! My kid loves music, animals, the alaphabet and musical instruments and these are fan favorites.

For more great apps, check out my previous posts

Feel free to provide any feedback or even tell us which are your favorite kiddie apps by commenting below

Have fun

Nedi the Yeti – A Fun, Interactive App for Toddlers

As I am sure you can now tell, I am huge fan of finding great apps for the iPad and iPhone. I truly believe that kids learn a lot from them and I have seen it first hand!

When searching around for apps, I would usually pass on the book apps because I really thought Frankie wouldn’t be interested in them. I was mistaken!  I was recently introduced to an interactive book app called Nedi the Yeti and I have to say this is a wonderful app for toddlers!!! Like the peek-a-boo apps I love so much, this is a peek-a-boo book where animals are hidden amongst the pages and your little one has to find them (don’t worry it’s easy – they stick out a little bit ;o), drag them out of their hidding spots and tap on them so that they make their fun noises while at the same time cute speech bubbles appear. I read this book to Frankie once and showed him how to move the animals and get them to make their noises and now everytime I read it to him, he knows exactly what to do.

I think all you moms and dads out there will really enjoy the graphics on this app, they are truly amazing. Make sure to tilt your iPad from side to side to see the backgrounds move and reveal some hidden characters. I highly recommend Nedi the Yeti app to all looking for something their child will enjoy

Where to buy: iTunes
Price: $1.99


iPad and iPhone Apps for Babies and Toddlers – Part 2

I keep getting asked ‘what baby/toddler’ educational apps do you have on your iPad or iPhone so I thought I would do a part II app post and as I find more, I will keep reposting. So, here is part II:

1. Let Baby Play  for iPad: at one point I thought I deleted all my apps off my iPad and got so upset because for the life of me, I couldn’t find this app again and I knew how much my son loved th s one, but I FOUND IT and wanted to share. It isnt a game or music, it is basically just an app that teaches little one’s cause and effect. It is a pretty outdoor animated scene and when your little one touches one the flowers, it spins and makes a fun noise; when they touch the sun it spins, when they touch an apple it falls off the tree and more. This one is fun and easy!

2. Peekaboo Barn for iPad and iPhone: this is a great app for the little guys who are learning their animals and the sounds they make. Everytime they touch the barn, the doors open and a new animal is there. The animal makes its sound, is named and then the barn door closes for the next animal to appear. This is an easy one for learning! There is a lite version with only two animals or the full version is $1.99

3. Dr. Seuss Band for iPad and iPhone: a fun musical app. Push the trumpet buttons (which can change as often as you want them to) to make your own music and change the different parts of the trumpet in order to change the pitch. It is currently on special where they are offering it FREE for both devices

4. Phone4Kids for iPad or iPhone: Now this is a fun app for the younger toddlers and older toddlers! It is sorta like a large iphone with fun mini kid apps like weather where you throw snowballs in winter and grow flowers in spring, ABCs where you touch the screen and letters appear, and a doodle board that is just fun. My two favorite parts of this app, the kids can actually sms (by actually i mean they can type a message and send it and it shows up on the screen) and there is a phone pad to dial which you can make into a fun dial pad or a real looking dial pad) – HIGHLY recommend! FREE

5. Toddler Jukebox: All your kids favorite songs in one spot. You can even turn on the song and turn off the ipad and it will still play

6. Peek-a-Zoo: Our kids learn the basic animals like horse, sheep, cow etc but this app introduces them to all the exoctic animals that are found in the zoo. The animals are hiding and when you tap the page they appear and make their “sound” and then they are named. Great learning app! $1.99 or you can get the lite version for free (you only get 3 or 4 animals)

7. PeekabooPets: My son was always a huge fan of the Playskool Busy Poppin Toys and my friend found an app this exactly like this toy but WAY more fun!! In order to get the animal to pop up, you need to hit/slide/move up or down the buttons.

8. Peek-a-Zoo HD (by duck duck moose): An app really for the older ones, my son just likes the first page where the animals introduce themselves (yes the animals talk). The next pages have prompts to “find the animal sticking out its tongue” or “find the animal that is crying”

9. My First Words – Flashcards (by alligator apps): Choose your theme ie. actions, animals, baby things, feelings, food etc and a card pops up with an image and a voice tells you what the image is. Frankie has tried repeating the word which is why I love this app so much.

10. Virtuoso Piano for iPad and iPhone: your iPad or iPhone becomes a piano … need I say more!

For more great apps, check out my blog post If you have any awesome apps that your kids like, feel free to post them below in the comment section

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Great Toddler and Baby Apps

By popular request, here are some of Frankie’s favorite apps (in no particular order):

1. Old MacDonald HD by Duck Duck Moose:  Such a fun app! While the Old MacDonald song plays, your child touches (or if your child is like Frankie, he will just hit) the animal they are signing about and it does something fun or funny

2. Wheels on the Bus HD by Duck Duck Moose: The same app as Old MacDonald but with the song Wheels on the Bus

3. SoundTchLite (free): By far one of Frankie’s favorite apps, so good i uploaded it to my iphone as well. There are a whole bunch of animated animals, instruments, trucks etc on the front page and when you touch one of them, real pictures come up and make a noise. If you keep touching the same picture, a new picture will come up.
4. Elmo loves ABCs: I love this app!! It is really for slightly older kids however Elmo talks to you and Frankie lights up when he Elmo comes on. When you push the arrow button on the bottom of the screen, it plays different scenes from Sesame Street

5. AlphaBaby Free: if your child is anything like mine and loves to hit the ipad than this is a great app for them. Every time you touch the screen a letter or number pops up and a voice says it outloud

6. Baby Einstein: Great for the airplane – its really for iphones but i put it on my ipad and just hit the 2x button to make it full screen. Fun games and Baby Einstein videos to watch

7. Elmos Monster Maker: I think this is such a fun app! Fun furry faceless monsters that talk to you and you put funny faces and accessories on them. Once you are done you can play with them

8. KidsSongs: Such a fun app with your childs favorite songs. I tried the free one but there was only one song, well worth it to buy the full version. You can touch all different parts of the scene and it will move along with the music

9. BabyFirst TV: This app has a bunch of different animated “shows” dedicated to little kids. Keeps them entertained for a little while.

10. Talking Baby Hippo (free): If you say something to the Hippo he will repeat what you say in a funny voice. Try hitting the hippo (not sure that is a great lesson but i think they are too young to learn that) and he does funny things!

11. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds for Baby (free): a great app to learn about animals and has fun songs while you touch the different animals

12. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose (free): you touch differnent parts of the puppy and a voice tells you what part you just touched – great for learning new words. Also there are some fun songs!

13. Treehouse: you have to subscribe monthly to get the programs, but great for the airplane when they want to watch some of their favorite shows – sadly there is no Wiggles 🙁

If anyone has any recommendations about apps, please feel free to post them on my Facebook Babylish Advice page or comment underneath. I hope you all like my suggestions – Frankie surely does