The Smell Solution – Playtex Carbon Filter #MomTrust


When new moms ask me what is the one item (for baby) in my house that I can’t live without, my answer is simple … the Diaper Genie! It was one of those products that I originally put on my registry for those looking to buy gifts and then realized when the baby came that it was a huge mistake considering there were over 10 diapers in the garbage per day most of which had massive explosions in them and the smell … don’t even get me started. So, first post baby purchase was my Diaper Genie (thanks to my husband who immediately ran out to get it).

It does a great job keeping in the awful smell that 10+ smelly diapers would release, but then comes the moment you step on that peddle, the lid opens and poof you get a waft of that g-d awful smell and … well … kinda gag (lets be honest). That’s why I kept a bottle of Febreeze at every Diaper Genie .. until now!

I had the opportunity to test out the new Diaper Genie Activated Carbon Refill and truthfully speaking, I didn’t think there was any product (including Febreeze) that could take away that smell, but gladly I was wrong. IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! TMI: I have put some seriously smelly diapers in that Diaper Genie recently (as the ultimate test), left it for 24 hours and opened it up and … no smell.

Diaper Genie Carbon Filter Refill

What I love about the Playtex Carbon Filters:
– Made with safe, natural activated carbon that locks in odour molecules rather than just masking it with a fragrance
– Pack comes with 1 case and 4 carbon filters
– Easy to install: peel, stick, insert
– Sachets need to be replaced every 90 days or when they lose effectiveness

This is an absolute MUST if you have a Diaper Genie or if you are looking to buy one.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Pack Price: $5.99

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Bye bye odours

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Help Your Cold with HydraSense – Enter to Win!

We know that winter is synonyms with getting colds and we wait (impatiently) for the warmer weather to come thinking that cold season is ending, but with the onset of the higher numbers in the weather forecast the jackets, gloves and hats come off and just when you think cold season is over, the viruses re-emerge.

I have being using HydraSense since my oldest was a little baby. He got his first cold when he was 8 months old and naturally I panicked (he was my first what do you expect) because the poor little guy was so stuffed up and MISERABLE (which is an understatement) so I went into my trusty bag of samples that I got at a baby show and there were the many samples of HydraSense Easy Dose.

I, by no means am going to tell you he loved it because he HATED it, he screamed his head off when I put the drops in and sucked whatever was up there clogging the kids nose making him not able to eat, but I can tell you that the moment after I picked him up, put a bottle in his mouth, he realized he could actually breathe he was happy again and the cycle  continued with every cold. Now comes my second who got his first cold when he was only 3 weeks old (thanks to his older brother who was learning about sharing) and has had a cold every single month of his life .. actually! This kid hates the drops just as much as his brother especially now that I have added the nasal aspirator to the routine, but there is instant relief (that I can promise you) and lots of smiles .. what can be better than that?! Most importantly, it is made with 100% undiluted natural-source seawater.

HydraSense has something for everyone 
•             Easy dose (newborns and infants) – these little tubes makes it clean and easy to administer the drops
•             Nasal aspirator starter kit (newborns and infants)
•             Gentle mist  (age 2+)
•             Medium Stream (age 2+)
•             To Go (age 2+) – great for moms on the go to carry in their purses
•             Congestion relief kids (age 6+)
•             Congestion relief (age 12+) – this is what I use every day


For those that are prone to getting sinus infections (yup thats me), I highly recommend using their Congestion Relief Spray. It has a great pump that really helps hydrate the sinuses and reduce inflammation.

Thanks to our friends at HydraSense, they are giving away 4 products of your choice from the selection above to 1 lucky winner (you can tailer the prize back to your family). The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For another chance to win a great HydraSense gift pack, make sure to visit Multi-Testing Mommy

Breathe Clean

How to Decorate a Fireman Themed Birthday Party

How to Decorate a Firetruck birthday

Lots of little one’s these days have awesome fascinations with Fireman/Fire Trucks/Fire Stations and thankfully Stephanie from Spaceships and Laser Beams knows how to do a Fireman’s birthday party right. Check out here amazing ideas


If your little guy is one of the budding help-you heroes, a fireman  birthday party will be an exciting birthday adventure for him. If you’ve never hosted a birthday party before, the thought of how to decorate can seem overwhelming; how do you put it together? My blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, is all about boys and boy parties so I see lots of celebrations and I have decorating suggestions to help you get started with yours!

First off, a number of community fire departments are happy to provide tours of the fire station. In addition to educating kids about fire safety, they often allow inspection of firefighting equipment—including the truck. That’s a big deal to little ones! Some stations provide fire education coloring pages and even have nearby areas where you can set up your party, so you might want to check into that possibility; that venue organically features most of the decorations you’d need.

If you decide you’d rather have the convenience of staying home, whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor celebration, you can have an awesome party without the fire station. Here are just a few ideas of popular color/pattern pairings for this theme:

  • Red and white chevron
  • Solid red with black and white polka dots
  • Fat red and white stripes, giant yellow and white polka dots plus black accents
  • Blue and white polka dots, with solid red
  • Orange and red flame pattern, with grey and black accents

Your main dessert table will likely be a party focal point, so if you don’t want to decorate the entire house, a city scene makes a great dessert table decoration. Black paper silhouettes are an easy option to create. Buildings made from cardboard boxes are another idea; paint them all black or grey; give the illusion of windows with small white or yellow squares of paper. Flames of red, orange and yellow crepe paper add to your scene. Vintage-style, chalkboard backdrops can be very useful, too, especially if you want to customize with the birthday boy’s name and age.

Instead of making an elaborate backdrop, another option is to choose a few elements that relate to the theme and arrange vignettes using them on your dessert table or around your venue; fire hats, fire trucks, hydrants, Dalmatians, ladders, boots and fireman badges would all work. You don’t have to include every fireman themed element; choosing just one can work, too. I’ve seen adorable parties that only featured Dalmatians, for example.

Colorful banners and balloons always add a celebratory note plus they’re easy to use. A room crisscrossed with banners in your chosen theme colors looks terrific. A ceiling full of suspended balloons is a fun and simple “wow”.

Remember that the birthday cake or cupcakes and whatever treats you choose to serve will also become a part of your overall decorating scheme.

With all of these options, all you’ve got to do is make some choices and add imagination for a red-hot, fireman themed birthday party!

For more specific ideas and pictures of actual parties to spark your imagination, check out the fire trucks category on my blog.

How will you decorate for your boy’s fireman birthday party?

Stephanie Keeping is a wife to Mike, mom to a boy named Sam, a blogger, and an Etsy-preneur. She celebrates boyish charm at Spaceships and Laser Beams, where she talks about all things boy and birthday party. You can connect with her on FacebookGoogle+, Pinterest, Twitter and on Etsy.

Happy decorating

Spend March Break & Passover Break with Netflix #StreamTeam


A week of no school (or more), what is a mom to do? There are only so many programs you can enrol your child into and then what?!

This past week was March break and I had my big guy enrolled in morning programs three days a week and then figured I would have playdates in the afternoons, but it seemed like half his friends were in school still and only got Passover break and the rest already had plans so, I decided to plan a special afternoon and  have a baking and movie date thanks to Netflix.

I hyped up our afternoon plans telling him we were going to bake “nana’s amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which were my favourite when I was little” and then I told him he could pick a movie on Netflix and we can grab pillows and a blanket and eat the cookies while watching. Honestly speaking, I have never seen him so excited! Having mom snuggling with him, cookies and a movie what could be better.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1/2 cup brown sugar firmly packed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Cream with:
1/2 cup of butter (1 stick)
Combine and beat in until smooth:
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon milk
Sift together and add to the above ingredients:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon double-acting baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
When beaten smooth, add:
1 cup uncooked quick rolled oats
3/4 cup chocolate chips
Beat the mixture well. Drop cookies 2 inches apart on well greased cookie sheet and bake until light brown (10-12 minutes)

Here are some great family movies for both the younger and older kids that are now available on Netflix

Netflix Family Movies - Little Kids

Titles for the younger kids

Netflix Family Movies for Older Kids

Titles for the older kids

My little man chose to watch the awesome animated movie Turbo which he didn’t last more than 20 minutes watching because he can’t sit still, but the best part of Netflix, pause it and then go back to it whenever you want.

Hope you all had a great March break with your family and for those who’s kids have Passover break, make a special movie date with your little one and enjoy your time together.


Sleep? What’s that!!!!

Tired Mama


Can you even remember the days when you slept in till 10am and went to bed at 12am … why did you do that … no reason … just because you could?!!!

I strongly feel that sleep deprivation is one of the hardest adjustments to parenthood, but GUESS WHAT … there is a light at the end of the dark dark  tunnel that your trying so hard to run to (wait .. too dark? There are some people out there that function extremely well on no sleep (that’s my sister) and then there are those who love their precious sleep so much that the massive change is such a hard adjustment (that’s me!). I swear my first born knew I was a new mom and had no clue what I was doing so he decided to throw me into a pool to see if I would sink or swim, how about I was lightly treading. He was colicky and didn’t want to sleep .. EVER. I bounced him on a fitness ball for hours, I took him out for walks in freezing cold weather, I sat next to a running tap in my kitchen and I even paced and rocked him in my laundry room while the dryer was running and I even added in a pair of running shoes to the dryer so that it would make loud ass noise (desperate times) and this is how I survived the first five months. On a happier note, my new little guy was the complete opposite, easily goes down (well now after sleep training him) and is just such a calm, happy baby.

With all that, here are a few things I have learned and I personally recommend to help

1. ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
My mom always asked me if I needed anything, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, everyone and I kept saying “no, I am ok thanks” and really I wanted to say “yes I would love the help” but I was too proud and well I crashed and then had no choice but to get the help. Second time around, anyone asked if they could hold the baby, I passed him right over. If anyone told me they would take him so I could lie down, sure no problem. I know its hard, but let people who offer help!!!

I know this is not easy especially when you have a thousand things to do like laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, making the beds etc but try to close your eyes for sure once and if you can twice a day. Even little cat naps help to make you feel just a little bit better (I know easier said than done).

Everyone made me believe that by rocking the baby to sleep, holding him too much or co-sleeping with the baby I would somehow damage him and made me think that I would be doing this even when he was 18 and then I spoke to a few friends (one of which is a paediatrician) and she gave me the best advice “do what you need to do to survive” and I did (in fact when I was doing all these things and having anxiety about doing them, I kept repeating this over and over in my head) then at 4 months, you can sleep train to break all the bad habits (totally your comfort level – I did with both kids and they are both amazing sleepers)

You will get through the sleep deprivation and feel human again, I promise!!
If you have any sleep tips that helped, please share them below

Make sure to check out the Playtex Mommyville Community on Facebook

Happy sleeping

Disclaimer: This is part of #MomTrustTipsCanada #Playtex


An Introduction to the Playtex Mom Trust Program

Playtex Mom Trust

For years now, I have been a fan of Playtex products when it comes to all my kids “stuff” (and well myself included, but we won’t go down that road) and if you don’t believe me, just check out my kids feeding drawer.


Playtex Products in my Drawer: Sippy Cups, Straw Cup, Plates, Bowls, Kids Cutlery, Formula Jar and Food Storage Containers

Not to mention the multiple Diaper Genies I have in my house, one in both kids rooms and one on the main floor because I really don’t want those in my kitchen garbage. I bought my first one three years ago and I am still using that exact same one (oh did I mention this thing has fallen multiple times and basically been drop kicked by my 3 year old and it is still working perfectly?!).

The newest addition to our family is the Playtex Drying Rack. I kept the old one that I had from when older guy was born (which looked pretty nasty after a year and a half of use and then stored for 2 years), but then this beauty came into my life (yes I just referred to a bottle rack as a “beauty”). It is a great size for space saving, holds a lot of bottles and all the little parts that come with it, pacifiers etc and what I love is that it comes with two little under pads to put below the bottle rack so water doesn’t drip all over your counter.

Playtex Bottle Rack

Here’s why I love Playtex products:
First off I know that it is a brand name I trust (it’s been around for along time and I have been using their products for years) and second, they really took the time to carefully develop all their products to make sure they are safe for our kids and of course are useful.

This is why I feel very lucky (and am extremely excited) to be part of the Playtex Mom Trust team where you can learn about their new products which I and a whole bunch of other mom bloggers will have tested, we will be providing tips, sharing stories/experiences about motherhood and it is a great community for moms to come together to support one another.

Make sure to check out the Playtex Mommyville Facebook Page and give them a ‘like’


The Best Sound in the World

Baby Burp

It’s 11:00pm and you just finished dream feeding your little one who is half exhausted and half in a milk coma and you put the little guy on your shoulder and sit there patting and patting and patting and rubbing his back and nothing comes of it so you just put him back to bed feeling .. well … kinda defeated.

Then comes the 2:00am feed and your baby wakes up screaming on the top of his lungs for food and sucks back the bottle like it’s nobody’s business. You put him back on your shoulder and pat and pat and pat while he arches his back making odd noises and once again … nothing comes of it. Truly, you feel defeated once again by this. So now, you make a game time decision to change his diaper (which will make him all wide eyed), sit him up on a 90 degree angle, pat again, rubbing his back, patting again, rub up and down his sides trying to find that one little sweet spot, put him back on your shoulder while he is arching his back and kicking his legs, you walk around the room in circles bouncing and bouncing with a loud, awful crackling noise in the background and then you decide screw it .. you lie him down on the change table to put him into that tight swaddle, pick him back up and then all of a sudden you hear the LOUDEST noise come out of that baby. First you look around to see if your husband has walked into the room and then finally you realize .. HOLY S#$&^T that just came out of your tiny little being’s mouth and you say out loud “that was AMAZING” then wonder who that felt better for, him or me. At that point,  your little one goes limp and has fallen back into that peaceful sleep state, you give him a kiss and go back to bed! Sure enough you want to sleep, but can’t  …  why … because all I want to do is  wake up my husband to brag and I do!! Yup that’s right!!! True story.

It’s the little things in life that make those exhausting, middle of the night feeds so tolerable.

Happy feeding

My Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy is not easy (well maybe it is for you), however a lot of changes are happening and here are a bunch of items that have saved me through the 9 long months.

The Pregnancy Pillow aka my boyfriend:


Look how happy she looks!!

If you dont have one of these you must invest or borrow from a friend. I am a back sleeper and was told that is a big no no during pregnancy so I bought this pillow to help and well lets just say I missed it when I gave it up once I had my first born (I promise you my husband did NOT miss it). The moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, that pillow immediately came out of storage and I am wondering how I am going to give it up again. I bought the Snoogle but there are tons of brands out there to choose from. One thing to note: this pillow is NOT small!!!

Water Bottle:

Water Bottle

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to purchase one of those water bottles that are leak proof (trust me on that one) and you can fill up and throw into your purse. I am always thirsty and when I need water, I need it now. Lucky for me, I work in the promo industry so I have an endless supply of water bottles, but go to any pharmacy or supermarket as they have tons of options.

The Long  White Layering Tank: 


For those who don’t know me … that is NOT me! I wish I looked that good during pregnancy!

The question is how many of these white long layering tanks do I actually have in my maternity wardrobe? Easily 6-7 and I could probably buy more. These are not just for summer time, they are amazing for layering since either your boobs have gotten too big and your regular scoop neck shirt just turned into the lowest cleavage shirt or your belly is hanging out the bottom of your shirt. I even thought it helped make those “trouble” areas a little less “trouble” 🙂

A Good Place to Shop: 

Maternity shopping

You can try to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for as long as possible, but I promise you it won’t last long until you start feeling that everything is so tight and you just want to get it off (or peel it off depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are), or your belly is actually hanging out the bottom (hey if that’s your cup of tea, go for it) at which point you decide “ok now it’s time I buy some maternity clothes” but where do you go? Well pick out your favorite maternity shop and treat yourself to some cute clothes. My pick (both pregnancies) was/is a little boutique shop called Kick Maternity that is located mid-town Toronto. Not only do they have a great selection of clothes, they carry brand names, non-brand names and their staff are SUPER helpful and most importantly they are honest and know their stuff.

Belly Bands:

Bella Band

Ok so your jeans are getting a little tighter now and its hard to get them done up – what do you do?? You don’t have a bump so no need to get maternity jeans yet, but you can’t sit in those tight jeans that leave the button mark embedded into your skin … get a belly band!!! These bands have the appearance of wearing a tank top but infact you leave your jean button open and the band keeps your pants from falling down (smart invention) – even good for post pregnancy. I got mine at Kick Maternity 

The Wedge:

Pregnancy Wedge

As if my pregnancy pillow/”boyfriend” wasn’t enough, I added in the pregnancy wedge pillow in the last few months of my pregnancy. Near the end, I tend to use the pregnancy pillow as support for my back leaving an open space for that poor heavy belly of mine and decided to try this out and for $15 it was well worth it! Wedge it right under your belly when lying down and it just lifts an enormous weight off. I got this at Toys R Us

Well there you have it … my pregnancy survival guide. If there are any products that have helped you during your pregnancy, please share by commenting below.


Questions Answered: Infants and Footwear


Once Frankie started walking and it was time to get him real walking shoes, I had absolutely NO idea what the proper shoe was and after hours of doing research I finally got him a pair of shoes and hoped they were good for him. Guest blogger Maya Pande of the Pande Family Wellness Centre, has provided amazing information for all you moms and dads out there looking for shoes:

Baby shoes are so cute! Those little sneakers, and construction boots, and don’t forget the sparkly girls shoes! But how do you know if that cute shoe is the BEST one for your baby’s first shoe?  And when do you start putting shoes on them?

Shoes for Infants?

It’s better if babies go shoeless until they start to walk. Socks or booties are enough until the weather gets cold. When it does get colder, a snow suit, booties and a couple of blankets tucked around them is enough to keep them warm.

Baby’s First Shoes:

Babies start to walk around the age of 10 to 18 months. Every child has a different start time; even siblings. Barefoot is best when a child starts to walk (indoors, of course!). Walking barefoot or in ‘grippy’ socks helps their foot muscles get strong and teaches them how to move and grasp their toes, which is very important for balance and security.  Gently tickling and massaging the feet increases their dexterity and strength. As does walking on the sand. What a great excuse for a beach vacation!

When you’re outside, put them in lightweight, flexible, soft soled shoes. Winter boots should also be lightweight and flexible, with a rubber sole. Avoid clunky baby shoes like construction boots

Can I use hand-me-down shoes?

I never advise parents to use second hand shoes. Babies have fewer bones than adults so their feet can be easily squeezed into a bad fitting hand-me-down shoe. Because of the extra layer of baby fat they have on their feet, they won’t feel any pain from the shoe and won’t complain, so there’s no way of knowing if you’ve got the right size or not. For this reason, it’s very important to get your child professionally fitted for shoes at a child’s shoe store from the beginning and to re-size them every 2-4 months.

Using the wrong shoes or putting them in baby shoes too early can affect their pelvis and spine causing them to have problems walking or even with sports as they get older. Making sure they have the right pair of ‘first shoes’ can help your children get off on the right foot.

*Dr. Maya Pande is a gentle chiropractor who focuses on moms, children and moms to be. She practices in Toronto, ON. For more information, go to 

I hope you find this information as useful as I did

The Halloween Witch???!!!

Baby Gourmet founder and President Jennifer Carlson Broe came up with a really neat idea so your kids teeth dont rot post Halloween so I thought I would share to start a new trend in your homes.

The Halloween Witch is a household tradition for Jen’s children. Trick or Treating is an experience that children love and Jen knew it would be very difficult (and disappointing for the kids!) to convince them not to participate – yet she was concerned about them eating big bags of candy. So … she told them about the Halloween Witch. Her kids have fun picking out their 10 – 15 favourite treats to keep and then they leave the rest of their candy next to the fireplace. The Halloween Witch visits their home each year and takes away the candy in exchange for a new present. Jen’s children enjoy the whole of experience of Halloween without the lingering damage to their nutritional plan. Jen knew it was a winning tip when she overheard her children telling their friends about the Halloween Witch!

This year, Jen is going to take Halloween to an even healthier level. She will be handing out her brand new Squoosh™ product – the first healthy snack line-up to be launched under Kids Gourmet™, a brand devoted to healthy options for school age children (I wish I was knocking on her door this Halloween).

For more information on the Squoosh™ product with a giveaway for one of each flavour, see my next post by clicking here

Happy Halloween to you and your little one’s