The Royalton Riviera Cancun Review

The Royalton Riviera Cancun

Like my previous review post of the Nickelodeon resort, I am starting this post off by saying I was NOT paid to review The Royalton Riviera Cancun, nor was I given anything (NO freebies) to review it … I am simply providing families looking to travel a detailed and most importantly an honest review since pictures on websites make everything look perfect and well we all know that perfect doesn’t really exist. Brace yourself it’s a long one, but it’s an honest one!

The Bus: with your travel agent, make sure to have transportation to and from the airport as part of the package. As soon as you hit the baggage area you are hit up by a million people offering you transportation. Just walk out side and find the travel company with which you booked and get on the bus! We probably waiting on the bus for 10 or 15 minutes before it left, but the good thing is you can start your vacation and grab a beer while you wait. The best part of all is that the bus ride to the resort was only about 10 minutes and you are the first stop.

Royalton Riviera Cancun

                                           Notice beer in hand

The Diamond Club: while I was pretty unsure of this upgraded feature when booking (my travel agent highly recommended it), after being there I have to say it was absolutely worth the upgrade!! The main reason is because you can make reservations at the restaurants if you are a diamond club member. Now, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, however I met quite a few families that did not have this upgrade and they told me that a lot of the restaurants they could not get into OR there was a crazy long lineup and would take over an hour to be seated (those with little one’s that sounds like a legit nightmare). Other Diamond Club features: you have a morning and afternoon butler (seems weird I know, but they were super helpful especially with making those reservations), you have access to the Diamond Club pool area, there is a Diamond Club restaurant, a Diamond Club beach (from what I was to understand, you will never have an issue getting a seat at their pools or on the beach … which we didn’t) and there is a Diamond Club check-in office that is nicely air conditioned
**to note: bring lots of $1 bills and $5 bills for tipping

Royalton Riviera Cancun

                             Diamond Club Pool and Beach Games

The Rooms: We booked the Presidential Swim Out Suite and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the room(s). There was a nice sized living room with a pullout couch, lounger beside the couch (which I pushed together so that one kid could sleep on that and the other in the pullout couch), a table in the middle of the room, a bathroom and a full bar area stocked with booze, pop and water. It doesn’t stop there though .. the Presidential room has a full bedroom attached which was really quite large. It had a king sized bed, a chaise, desk and a crazy large bathroom with double sinks, huge double head rain shower, huge bath centered in the middle of the bathroom and toilet with a door … oh and a hanging closet. Both the bedroom and the family room have sliding doors to access the swim out pool attached to the room (this was a first for us). The pool was definitely not a necessity however when we wanted some down time out of the sun, we would bring the kids back to swim.
**to note: if you have young kids that go to bed relatively early, I would recommend asking for a room not in the sections closest to the main central pool as they have nightly events which tend to be quite loud

The Royalton Riviera Cancun

                             Presidential 1 Bedroom Swim Out Suite

The Staff: They honestly could not have been nicer! My older son slit the heel of his foot on a piece of the tile in the pool and within a matter of minutes we had three lifeguards, two cleaning ladies’ and our room butler taking care of him. After this whole debacle, we went back to our room and our butler had a ton of balloons with a colouring book with crayons on his bed which made him so happy (plus we got him a coke float – coke and vanilla ice cream – which topped it all off). Now I don’t know if it is just in the Diamond Club area, but they had Bingo by the pool daily (with little prizes for the kids) and on the beach they had the staff set up nets with a soccer ball to play with the kids and bean bag toss which occupied them for a chunk of time.

Royalton Riviera Cancun

The Food: I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the food! I don’t know if I was surprised because I expect mediocre food from all-inclusive resorts based on my past trips, but I found that all the meals I had were not half bad.
Here’s where we ate:
Grazie – Italian food: There was a HUGE lineup when walked in at 6:30pm, but again since we were Diamond Club we had a reservation, the food was pretty good
Agave – Mexican food: We thought the food was just ok but were really expecting to see Fajitas and Tacos which they strangely didn’t have
Zen – Japanese food: there are habatchi tables up top and my kids LOVED this. The chef cooks your food on the habatchi in a fun way creating a little show for all sitting around the table (this is the most sought after restaurant in the resort and apparently at 2:00pm  you can lineup there to make a reservation
Armadillo – Tex-Mex food: This is a Diamond Club restaurant only, we had lunch there and really enjoyed the food (their guacamole was really quite good)
Gourmet March Buffet – Everything: this is a huge restaurant that is buffet so serve yourself and they have a lot of options which changes nightly. There is always a pasta station which is great for the kids who only eat pasta with butter (like mine) and there is a kids area where they offer chicken fingers, french fries, hot dogs, burgers and CEREAL (it’s like they knew we were coming). Fruit and ice cream are served nightly (oh and the kids area has fun deserts like Coco Krispy treats, chocolate marshmallow pops etc)
There is a cafe next to the lobby area where you can get latte’s, espresso drinks and coffee as well as ice cream. One thing I noticed is that they offered a pistachio ice cream and was using the same scoop for the nut ice cream as they were in the regular ice cream which is not great for those with nut allergies like my husband. Luckily I noticed and told him he wasn’t allowed to have the ice cream however they did have a soft serve area which he could have but he said it wasn’t very good – EEK.
**to note: if you are a Diamond Club member in the Diamond Club pool area (near the entrance to the beach) they cook fresh food daily so we had quesadillas and guacamole every afternoon – YUM!

The Beach: The sand was perfect, white and not boiling hot! The beach area near was nice with the palm trees and blue water, but the shore of the water was covered in seaweed (I guess that is what it was) including on the sand which was not attractive to look at or step on. Looking back at some of the reviews of the site, I remember seeing a lot of comments about this. My kids loved to play on the beach this stuff didn’t really seem to bother them.
**to note: ask one of the towel butlers if they have sand toys. They didn’t seem to advertise it but I asked as I didn’t want to spend $20 on dollar store type toys and they always brought some for my kids to play with. Just be kind and return them when you are done so other kids can enjoy

Royalton Riviera Cancun

The Kids Club: Although the staff there were extremely nice, the kids club was a huge flop! In quite a large space there are three televisions (hooked up to gaming systems like PS4 and Wii) and a bunch of round little tables. They did host daily activities like making a pinata (which they told my kids they would have candy to put inside but this was not the case – to say the least my kids were NOT impressed) and other arts and crafts activities. My older son wanted to go there to play some video games and was told after we left he could not play them anymore and had to partake in Spanish lessons – I mean come on, this is vacation! Night time Kids Club activities started at 7:00pm and finished at 8:00pm which was mandatory pick up (seems kind of early) as it was fun to drop them off there so my husband and I could have some time away from kids and have dinner but we literally ate and ran so we could get back in time. They offered a night time magic show which my kids said was pretty bad and a movie night watching Toy Story which they liked. The one great thing about Kids Club is that they give you a pager that works around the entire resort and when the kids want to leave the staff just page you to come, I really liked that aspect of it but all-in-all, I have to say Kids Club was a HUGE disappointment.

The Kids Pool: A kids pool is very important to us when looking for family destinations. This pool was quite large with a lot of fun things to go up, go down and go on and most importantly there is very shallow water (helps us parents not panic anytime there little one’s fall down). Separated from the kids pool is another area that has three slides (different widths and speed I guess) which my kids literally went down a hundred times a day. Just when you think that is it, there is another kids pool behind the water slides (you can’t see it at first because it is high up – you need to walk up stairs to get to it) and there are a lot of fun structures to climb on and climb in. Be prepared though, the water is FREEZING!!! It didn’t seem to bother my kids too much, but the other pools are way warmer … weird right?!

Royalton Riviera Cancun

The Grounds: Walking into the Royalton you are hit with the most breathtaking view of the ocean, blue sky and sun from the large, open lobby. We were ushered to the Diamond Club Lounge to check in. The check-in process took a bit of time, but my boys were immediately offered chocolate milk and they were able to run around (from the sounds of it, on the second floor there was a computer for them to play with). Once given our room, they walked us over with our bags and showed us around. I have to say the grounds are kept in impeccable condition. At all times I saw the tower entrances being washed, roofs and flooring being repaired and painted and ash trays/garbages being cleaned at all times. There are shops in the lobby (sunglasses, clothing, pool toys, treats etc) as well as in other parts of the grounds (primarily near the kids pool) but I am going to tell you everything is VERY expensive! Sunscreen was $25 US, kids sun shirts were over $50 US, straw hats were $40 US and pool/sand toys ranged from $10-$30 US. There are 8 or 9 different room towers which makes the resort seem huge, but it is all walkable and nothing is far. For those who are curious, there are about 5 pools to choose from + two kids park pools.

The Royalton Riviera Cancun

Night Life: Every evening there was some sort of band that would sing live music for an hour. One evening they had a Mariachi band and they got the kids and adults up dancing with them, it was really quite cute. At around 9:00pm there was some sort of nightly show. I can’t tell you much about what they were as my mini was always exhausted by 8:00pm so I took him back to the room and therefore didn’t partake in evening festivities. That being said, our last night we kept the kids up to watch the Pirate show and my little one couldn’t take his eyes off of them (I mean adults playing with fire really is quite cool). After the show is over, you can head up to their night club (again I can not comment on it as we were all in bed by 10:00pm) or go to their sports bar to have a snack and drink. That’s where the foosball tables are FYI – my older son loved it there!
**to note: go up there and get a seat on the balcony for the 9:00pm show, it’s the best view

Royalton Riviera Cancun

Travel Agent: I am telling you about the travel agent I use to book my all-inclusive trips not because she is giving me anything to put her name out there, but because she has ALWAYS been a pleasure to work with and I love passing along my great finds … she is one of them (I don’t even remember how we found her). I emailed her a month before going away, I gave her the criteria of what I was looking for: the specific week we could go – there was only 1 week we could go away, a resort that is great for families, had to have a kids pool, had to be close to the airport, some place that has great weather (I told her i was interested in Mexico or Jamaica .. at the time), no or very minimal time difference and yes I am an enormous pain in the ass let’s be hones!!! She came back to me with the Royalton Riviera Cancun which fit ALL my criteria. She even emailed me the day we left to check in and make sure everything was going o.k. Last year we ran into some problems with the resort we were at and she was right on it even on the weekend!!!! Her customer service is by far the best I have experienced and I adore her. Her name is Mandy Delve from Beyond Travel Designers – if you want to contact her, her email is 416-626-7455
**to note: she travels to a lot of these resorts to check them out and therefore can recommend them first hand

So there you have it … my views of the Royalton Riviera Cancun! You can see I didn’t really hold back 😉 Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below. If you have been here and have comments, I as well as others reading the post would love to hear what you think, just comment below.

Happy Travels

Breathe with HydraSense Baby Nasal Care #Sponsored

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by hydraSense® all opinions and views are my own
To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


When you think of winter time, what are the first words that come to mind … darkness, cold, gloomy and sickness are mine.

Top of that list is sickness, it happens the minute the temperature begins to change. I start hearing sniffling, sneezing and coughing around my house and that’s when the tissues, wipes and sprays come out. There really is nothing worse than watching your little one’s sad because they are achy, tired and they can’t breathe because their noses are all stuffed up.

After my little guy was born, 1 week later he got a cold (not shocking considering his brother was constantly sick and in his face staring at him, in fact I am pretty sure I remember him sneezing right on his newborn baby brother). The poor little thing was so stuffed up and I was beside myself because he couldn’t sleep. I knew there were saline products that I could buy, but I was too scared to use them on this tiny little being given his nose was the size of a peanut. After a few sleepless nights, I was fed up and went to the pharmacy and picked up a bottle of hydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist Spray (why I chose that brand over many of the others: for one I knew the brand name and secondly there was a baby right on the package so I guess I figured I couldn’t have gone wrong) and a hydraSense Nasal Aspirator kit with the Easy Dose Vials. I handed it to a family member and begged her to do it for me because I was too scared … after all the aspirator is a little intimidating when using it for the first time. You can online imagine what I was thinking when I was looking at it.

HydraSense Aspirator

After a few minutes of tears (him not me), he was no longer stuffed up and a happy kid again. The next day when he needed to be cleared up again, I decided I was going to take matters into my hands and use the aspirator. Don’t judge, but listening to the sound of what was coming out of his nose at that given moment gave me such gratification because I knew how uncomfortable he felt (we have all been there) and he would be happy within a matter of minutes.

After a dose of hydraSense

When he was a little older (and not so newborn), I started to use the Nasal Ultra-Gentle Mist Spray on him which I tried on myself first just to get an idea of the feeling and how strong the pump mist was and he took it like a champ!

Why I love hydraSense
– hydraSense helps reduce and relieve nasal congestion caused by a cold
– it is has a gentle mist
– it can be used 4-6 times a day when baby’s nose is blocked
– a simple yet effective solution to help your sick little one
–  the solution is 100% natural-sourced undiluted seawater
– my unhappy baby instantly smiled minutes after using it on him (that’s worth everything)
– the spout is thin for easy placement

For more information on hydraSense click here
For a How to use video click here

Happy Baby, Happy Mama


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by hydraSense® all opinions and views are my own
To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.



Potty Training with Kandoo Flushable Wipes #Giveaway

Potty Training

You know what’s hard … having kids, you know what’s harder … potty training them!!!!!!! Just when you think you found the light at the end of the tunnel, your mini decides they are going to throw you through a loop and has accident after accident after accident (AHHHHHHHH SOOO FRUSTRATING).

If I have learned some things from the first round of potty training my older guy:
– you are never out of the woods (at least until they are teenagers) accidents happen all the time
– never leave home without a change of clothes (maybe even throw an extra pair in your car as back up for you or even a friend – your friend will love you for life for saving them on this one)
– have a Kandoo hand soap at EVERY sink in your house (they will want to wash their hands because they come in fun colours and smells so good)
– if you are leaving the house, always carry some form of anti-bacterial soap because some how that urine or feces will end up in your hands (true story)
– you can never have enough wipes on you and around your house: regular wipes on every floor and flushable wipes in every bathroom (needs to be in reaching distance)
– kids see that nicely rolled up white toilet paper and want to unravel it and use it so badly but DO NOT LET THEM. It breaks apart and crumbles in their tiny little hands. No good comes from using it, TRUST ME ON THIS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I was introduced to the Kandoo line about 5 years ago and I have never been let down by them. Their products have been there for me for all problems: leaky nose = Boogie Wipes (smells great and uses saline to help clear their noses), Kids not wanting to wash their hands = Kandoo Hand Soap (smells amazing and is coloured for having fun while washing your hands), Kids don’t want to take a bath = Kandoo Body Wash (also comes in fun colours to entice them to go take a bath) & Kandoo Bubble Bath, Kids learning to potty train = Kandoo Flushable Wipes (safe for toilets)

One of the scariest parts of potty training is leaving the house with your undiapered child. Now Kandoo has their flushable wipes in soft packs for the “on-the-go” moments. Make sure it becomes an essential in your bag.

Kandoo Wipes Facts:
– they are made from plant material
– they are both flushable and biodegradable
– comes in tubs, soft packs and refill packs
– the sheets are the perfect size for little hands
– moistened with lotion
– comes unscented or magic melon

Kandoo Flushable Wipes

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Kandoo, they are giving away a $50 Gift Pack of Kandoo & Boogie Wipes products to 1 lucky Canadian winner. Here’s how to enter:
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Good Bye Tech and Back to the Basics with Good Ol’ Hasbro Family Gaming

Hasbro Games

I remember when I was a kid my mother always yelling GET OFF THE COMPUTER to either myself or one of my siblings and now fast forward 30 or so years and I sound like my mother yelling at my own kids GET OFF THE IPAD about a million times a day!!! Now, I am not 100% opposed to tablets, I think there are some great educational websites and apps, however being on that damn thing morning, noon and night is just ridiculous and to be quite honest was our reality (NOTE: my judgement here is strictly based on my own household and children and nobody else’s, I do not pass judgement on other families and I ask you do the same).  

My husband and I had a long talk after one of our family vacations and decided there were going to be limits with the iPad and by not following those limits, there would be repercussions. Now, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy as there would be a lot of fights, but we figured let’s replace the games they are playing on the iPad (some educational and some not – depending on the kid) with … well … games! We went to the store to buy 1 game (Monopoly Junior) to test and it worked!!! When my older guy saw the game, he immediately put down the iPad and wanted to play. Even my littlest guy wanted to dump the tech and join in the board game fun. He didn’t get it at all, but he loved the act and laughing with all of us (especially with Operation … full on belly laughs from both kids).

In case you didn’t know: Hasbro has created junior versions of our old school games (Scrabble, The Game of Life and Monopoly) which is just brilliant! With these junior versions, they made the games shorter, they changed some of the rules making it WAY more kid friendly and created cute characters that makes them excited to play the game. They have also taken some other old time favourites (Connect 4, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders) and made them smaller making them perfect for long airplane rides or airport waits.

Hasbro Board games

So now our evenings are full of good ol’ Hasbro family gaming instead of hours of tablet gaming so THANK YOU Hasbro and get your gaming on!

Some 0ther great Hasbro Games Include: Jenga, Clue, Sorry (this was my FAVORITE game when I was a kid), Trouble, Twister, Guess Who and Perfection

T. xo

Netlifx Helps with Bedtime


How many parents out there struggle with getting your kids into their bed for bedtime and then to actually stay in their room to fall asleep? A few years ago, bedtime was easy: hugs, kisses night night. In the last year, the stall tactics have taken over our bedtime routine: “this is old water, I need new water”, “I think I have to poo”, “can you read me just one more book”, “i’m scared of the dark”, “i’m scared I am going to have a nightmare”, “you only gave me a kiss, no hug (even though I did give him a hug)”, “I need another kiss and hug” and of course the old time favourite “just five more minutes … please! I promise I will go straight to bed”.

So now your wondering how can television possibly help me with this bedtime struggle? Well, when your little one say’s “just 5 more minutes” let them have their 5 minutes and turn on the all new, hit show Diontrux Favorites which is an entire episode jam packed into 5 minutes!!! It’s really a win, win: they feel satisfied because they feel like they got their way, and you get an easier bedtime WOOT WOOT.

Dinotrux Favorites with Netflix

What excuse does your little one use to stall at bedtime?

I can’t wait to try this one out



The ‘Baby Care Basics’ – Enter to WIN!

Parenting is hard … plain and simple!
Whether you are about to have your first baby or your third, those early days (that can stretch into weeks and months!) of parenting are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights and questions (a lot of questions). And while we all have come to expect unconditional love to happen and exhaustion to reign supreme, what can take many a new parent by surprise is the constant question – “Am I doing this right”.
While no one has the magic bullet to calm your fears of making the “wrong” decision, there are resources available that will help guide you through. One such book I highly recommend is Baby Care Basics by Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Natasha Saunders. Working full time at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has given these two doctors the background and knowledge to write a comprehensive but easy to read (and understand!) book that covers topics new moms needs to know; from breast- and formula-feeding (with no judgement with which you choose), introducing solid food, treating your baby’s illnesses to sleep habits, playing with your baby and much more. Seriously, where was this book after I had my first!!!!
 Why is this book important? 
    • Because, we all know despite all the planning in the world (and all the advice people will put upon you), nothing can quite prepare you for the big step from pregnancy to parenting.
    • Taking care of your baby is one of life’s biggest and most important challenges (challenge being the operative word here)
    • There is so much conflicting information available on the Internet, how can one be sure whom to trust?
    • Baby Care Basics replaces uncertainty with knowledge and insecurity with confidence
​Containing a wealth of reliable information that will help parents make the right choices for their baby, The Baby Care Basics Book answers the questions every new parent has on a daily basis, providing practical, expert advice on everything you need to know from pregnancy through your baby’s first year.
Thank you to our wonderful friends, they are giving us 1 book to give away to 1 of our lucky readers!  The giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents ! Here is how to enter: 

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Let the book help you!

The Install #DionoRainier

Guilty: I previously have had all my car seats professionally installed … until I received my Diono Rainier Car Seat.

I have to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I was as nervous as I was before installing this car seat. Wouldn’t you know that your most precious cargo is going to be sitting in this car seat that you just installed?! I’m not a professional!

I received the car seat and was so beyond excited to test it and then panic set in … I have never installed a car seat. So I did what I do best, procrastinate. I left it in my hall for a few days and just stared it down, it was me against this car seat. Sunday afternoon, I mustered up the courage and unpacked it and the large car seat was in one piece and instantly my heart rate slowed down. For some reason, I had it in my head that it was going to be in a lot of pieces. Yes, I have gone through a lot of car seats, but I usually pre-order them and then pick them up to be installed and it is already out of the box by this point.

Now that I was feeling all confident with how easy the initial set up was, I was ready to take the car seat head on and install it, instruction booklet in hand (plus I read all the stickered instructions too!)

Diono Rainier Car Seat

Being an install rookie, I can confidently say that the installation was pretty easy! Here’s how it all went down:

The instruction manual was extremely helpful providing detailed written instructions, as well as diagrams (I am a visual person so that really helped). On top of that, the SuperLATCH system is probably the best invention and easily takes 20 minutes off your install because you don’t have to hold down a button while finding your way in the dark zone to the hidden latch. Using my body weight, I tightened everything and let me tell you, that sucker didn’t budge, I was quite impressed with myself! As my car does not come with an anchorage point under the passenger seat, I used the tether to create a tether anchorage point, tightened and that’s it … my car seat was installed! How easy?!

Diono Rainier Car Seat

For those of you who are scared to install a car seat, this is the perfect car seat to try on your own! I promise you, if I can do it, you can absolutely do it!!!


Note: this post is also featured on Parents Canada and Mommy Connections

All Good Things Must Come to an End #MomTrust

I don’t think a summer has ever flown by this quickly! I am still in shock that its the second week of August and in only a few weeks time I am back at work, BUT I feel very fortunate that I had the summer off to be with my kids (well the older one is at camp, but at least I can drop him off at the bus and pick him up everyday).

I truly think my older son had the absolute best summer of his life (so far) with lasting memories for both him and us and though my little guy is in his first year of life, it was a summer of exciting firsts for him including his first birthday coming up!

Here are some of our favourite memories:
My big guy was able to experience camp for the first time: When he got on the bus on the first day, naturally I cried and he just looked at me and said good-bye with no tears … NOTHING. Of course I was so proud of him for being so brave, but come on I was hoping he would be a little sad and miss me (better he wasn’t I know).



My husband and I took my big guy to Canada’s Wonderland with one of his best friends: Although we took him last summer, he was too small for all the rides he wanted to go on and cried 90% of the time because he couldn’t understand the concept of a lineup so needless to say we didn’t stay very long. This year was a WHOLE other ballgame: he ate all the yummy stuff he wouldn’t be allowed on a regular day like candy floss, big huge lollipops etc (sugar rush much), and best of all he got a blue bracelet and was able to go on all the rides he wasn’t allowed to the previous year like the the Ghoster Coaster (I am actually scared of that ride, but he insisted so my husband took him on). I had to enlarge the pic below, because his face is CLASSIC (front row – the little guy in the sunglasses and that’s my husband)

Canada's Wonderland


We got to meet our cousins from LA for the first time: I am fortunate that I have a very large family, but sadly they are all over the United States. My father told me our cousins from Los Angeles were coming to Toronto to visit, so immediately I planned a big family get together so that the kids could all meet their cousins for the first time and it was as if the kids had known each other forever. The best part of the meeting was that when F’s oldest cousin walked in, he noticed that he had the same jersey as his cousin was wearing and went upstairs and changed into a matching outfit so he could be like his big cousin. A memory that will never be forgotten

Frankie and Jake

Spending time with my whole family: My family consists of my mom and dad, my two older brothers, my older sister and their kids (S is 11 years old, P is almost 5 years old, J is almost 3 years old, B boy is 6 months old and B girl is almost 1 year plus my two boys). We are a very close family, so much so we all live about 5-10 minutes max from each other. I don’t think there was one weekend this summer that I didn’t see a family member which truly is the best. To me, there is nothing better than being surrounded by family


Although all good things must come to an end, the memories we make are forever!

Make sure to check out Playtex Mommyville to see what other moms have to say about their products and give them a “like” on Facebook

The Battle of the Bang

The Beauty Supply Outlet

I recently made a HUGE decision … to cut bangs! That may not seem like a big decision, but for someone who has had the same hair cut for the last 10 years … big decision! I walked away loving my new do until I showered and tried to do the bangs myself and it was an EPIC failure. My bangs looked like tree’s … straight and stiff.

I had two problems to work with: one being that I had to find the time every other day to blow dry my hair straight since I have naturally wavy hair which I really don’t see wavy working with well with the bangs and two, figuring out the right products to make these bangs look normal.

I went to The Beauty Supply Outlet which was the only place I knew would have a selection of the products I would need to maintain these puppies and walked out with a bag full of brushes, a new flat iron (that was on sale woot woot) and combs to try out and … I still could not perfect the beauty of the bang though they were soooo much better than before. Talk about a complete coincidence, a month later I was offered a chance to go to The Beauty Supply Outlet (at Yonge and Eglinton) to help with my beauty routine and I happily accepted since my last visit I went in for the sole purpose to buy brushes and didn’t even look around or see what they would recommend (my bad).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

The Yonge and Eglinton Store

First off let me say that I actually took the time to walk around the store and was so shocked because they had the specialty shampoo and conditioner that I normally order through my regular salon and takes over a week to get, and best of all is that it was so much cheaper at The Beauty Supply Outlet (don’t I feel dumb) not to mention a lot of the other high end brands (Joico, Paul Mitchelle etc). Secondly, they were so extremely helpful with taking the time to walk me around show me products that would help me tame these suckers. I hate to say it, but all those brushes I bought previously were all wrong (oops by bad), so this visit I walked away with a new ceramic brush in the right size and a salon quality blow dryer which I have to say, both made a WORLD of difference. She even convinced me to not always straighten my hair and leave it natural (and only blow dry my bangs – I will let you know how that goes).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

My purchases

I am always looking for great deals, especially when I am constantly buying products for my hair and The Beauty Supply Outlet really does have them. Not only was my shampoo and conditioner cheaper, I saw the product I use for my wavy hair, two for $30.00 when I have been previously buying them for $20 each. Oh, did I mention that I bought my new flat iron on sale and my blow dryer (those are the big ticket items that you want to get a deal on).

I do very much appreciate when staff members take the time to listen to their customers problems (whatever those may be, in my case battling the bang) and provide you with solutions and that is exactly what this staff member at The Beauty Supply Outlet did and for that I am grateful.

I’m also excited about the weekly Red Hot Deals available on the website – check out this month’s deals here

So there you have it, a little dose of my daily hair drama.
If you have bangs, PLEASE share with me your secret on the upkeep


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Netflix helps Teach Your Kids about Earth Month #StreamTeam

Did you know April is Earth month? So how do we educate our kids about the importance of being good to our planet and all that lives on it? Lucky for us, Netflix has made it easy!

They have great documentaries for kids of all ages. For the older kids (who will actually sit through a movie), there are documentaries (they are even great for us adults since we can all learn a thing or two). For the younger one’s, there are some great Netflix TV shows using some of their favourite characters like Diego, Bubble Guppies etc. to help reinforce the message.

Here are some great titles to choose from:
Older Kids

Netflix Earth Month
The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans
Moving Art: Oceans
A Sea Change
Chasing Ice
Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?
Addicted to Plastic
David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
The Hole Story

Younger Kids

Netflix Earth Month
Curious George: Mulch Ado About Nothing / Gets a Trophy
Go Diego Go: Rescue of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Bubble Guppies: Boy Meets Squirrel
Dinosaur Train: Stargazing on the Night Train / Get Into Nature
Sesame Street: The Camouflage Challenge
Wild Animal Baby Explorers: Beaks and Bills / The Mighty Oak Tree

 Even for Yourself

Netflix Earth Month
Food, Inc.

I showed my older son all the titles he could choose from and he chose to watch Sesame Street: The Camouflage Challenge and learned what the word camouflage meant and how insects camouflage themselves to protect themselves. He did learn a thing or two because every time we are out and he see’s an insect he asks if it is camouflage (it may take some time for him to fully understand, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day).

If you are looking for a craft to do with your kids to help them learn about earth month, try doing what we did: Explaining about recyclable items wasn’t too easy, so I compiled a few non-recyclable items that were around the house and would have been thrown out and told my older guy to choose one item and we will use our imaginations and make something to save it from disposal. He chose a piece of old tupperware, we cut a hole slightly larger than a twoonie in the lid,  decorated it with stickers and pom poms and voila you have a custom made piggy bank from something that was going into the garbage.

Happy Earth Month