Mom in Sneakers Holiday Gift Guide!

So here is the truth: I had decided against doing a Mom in Sneakers Holiday Gift Guide this year because life at this moment is just too busy with hockey, holiday planning, hockey, hockey, more hockey, school responsibilities and with my day job, but I have received countless messages asking me what the best gifts [Read On]

12 Days of Starlight #Givethegiftofadonation

I am sure everyone has heard of the Starlight Foundation, but you may not know exactly what they do. Starlight is a wonderful foundation that brightens the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Their mission is to bring joy, laughter, relief and a whole lot of smiles. Their large variety of in-hospital and [Read On]

The Protein Bar that doesn’t taste Vile!

I have always struggled with protein bars! I want one, I buy one (sometimes based on the image from the wrapper), I open it and it tastes VILE. I then get annoyed because I just spent anywhere from $5-$7 and have to throw it out. I know there are a lot of people out there [Read On]

Introducing Playmobil’s New Spring Theme Playsets! #Giveaway

You know what they say … big box, lots of pieces ūüėČ O.k so by “they” I really mean “I” because that’s what goes through my head when my mini picks up a toy that comes in a large box. That being said, I oddly enough don’t mind it because for 1. I find it [Read On]

The Latest in Drink and Snack-ware!

Hello my name is Terri and I am a coffee addict! Yup, I am that person who can not start my day without a cup of coffee and if I don’t have it, I get the dreaded “no coffee” headache. So basically, what I take this from this is that I can not leave my [Read On]

Help Keep Your House Clean with the New Bissell Crosswave

Mom’s and Dad’s this one is for you and I am going to blow your mind right now!!! What if I told you there was a new vacuum on the market that could mop your floors while at the same time picking up the schmutz (Yiddish for dirt) at the same time??? Bissell reached out [Read On]

Holiday Gifts for Mom and Dad #GIVEAWAY

¬† Well we can’t forget about us, we like gifts too! We spend so much time looking for gifts for our kids that sometimes we forget about ourselves or our partners until last minute and then scramble. So for the first time on my blog, here are some great gifts that are great for the [Read On]

The Must-Have Toys for the Holidays – List 3 #GIVEAWAY

Are you ready to see what the must-have toys of the season are? We (yes “we” does include me) had a lot of fun testing out the newest toys for the Holidays and I am excited to finally let you know what they are. Brace yourself there are A LOT that we loved and want [Read On]

Spin Master’s Holiday Must-Have’s – List #2

O.k brace yourselves for some of the coolest toys from Spin Master that I chose to review and my kids LOOOOOOVED!!! Air Hogs Supernova (6+) This is officially the coolest toy EVER!!!!!!!!! I knew my kids would love this but what I didn’t realize is that I would love it just as much. The Air [Read On]

Hasbro’s Hottest Toys for the Holidays #GIVEAWAY #FortniteMonopoly

Hasbro always has the best toys and I have tested and reviewed some of our favorites for the Holidays. So here we go: Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader 8+ Alright friends, this Nerf gun is the Nerf guns of all Nerf guns (well that I have seen)! I am sure there are many of you [Read On]

The New Play-Doh Poop Troop Playset is sure to get Laughs! #GIVEAWAY

I bet I got your attention with the word POOP didn’t I?!!!!! Or wait is that our children that can’t get enough of that word! I feel like I am not alone with this, but it seems that the word “poo” is one of the funniest words alive according to my 5 year old and [Read On]

The Back-to-School Snack Struggle #SimplyProtein

For those who know me and my children well, you know I struggle with my kids eating! I have VERY picky eaters and I am not ashamed of it though I do feel judged at times when people ask me what I pack my kids for lunch daily. So now you are curious right?! Snacks: [Read On]

Celebrating with Disney Princesses #DreamBigPrincess

Calling all Disney princess fans!!!! So it’s starting to get chillier out (well not this weekend) and you don’t want to freeze your butt off sitting at a park so what can you do instead that your kids will still enjoy??? Well, we are celebrating with Disney Princesses of course! This fall from September 7th [Read On]

The Bath Kneeler

I have to say that these girls who created The Bath Kneeler, they get it! I remember moving into my new house over 5 years ago and instead of decorating it with adult type beautiful pieces, I made everything into a baby/toddler zone. Instead of an end table next to my couch, I had a [Read On]

The Royalton Riviera Cancun Review

Like my previous review post of the Nickelodeon resort, I am starting this post off by saying I was NOT paid to review The Royalton Riviera Cancun, nor was I given anything (NO freebies) to review it … I am simply providing families looking to travel a detailed and most importantly an honest review since [Read On]

The Movie “Wonder” Will Bring You to Tears #GIVEAWAY

I am not sure if you are looking for a tear jerk-er for movie night, however the movie Wonder is a MUST see! As a mom of two young boys, I always worry about them bullying another child and it’s something I am constantly talking to them about (especially my 7 year old). I have [Read On]

The Newest Toy to Hit the Market – Your Hearing About it Here First

You probably don’t know about Simbrix and it’s not because they are hidden on the shelves,¬† it’s because they are a hugely popular product in Europe and now they are launching here in Canada for the first time (lucky us). I don’t know where to begin because there are so many things I love about [Read On]

A New Year Calls for New Netflix Shows #StreamTeam

Bye bye 2017, HELLO 2018!!!!!! Although I am sad to see another year pass (which means my kids are going to be another year older and I guess that means that I am going to be another year older EEK) I happily welcome 2018 for many reasons and I promise I won’t bore you with [Read On]

Breathe with HydraSense Baby Nasal Care #Sponsored

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by hydraSense¬ģ all opinions and views are my own To make sure hydraSense¬ģ products are right for you, always read and follow the label.   When you think of winter time, what are the first¬†words that come to mind … darkness, cold, gloomy and¬†sickness are mine. Top of that list [Read On]

What’s Better than a Great Children’s Show? Great Toys that Match the Show! #LunaPetunia

Who watches Luna Petunia??? It’s probably one of the cutest kids shows on Netflix and the best part … there is a line of adorable Luna Petunia toys to go along with it. Here’s what a Babylish Advice tester had to say about¬†the toy line: Luna Petunia is my daughter’s favourite show on Netflix, so [Read On]

Your MUST-HAVE for Travelling with Kids #StreamTeam

I can say first hand that travelling with little one’s is not easy! I have been doing it for years and solo at that (my lucky husband). When I think of the airport, all I think about are the lineups after lineups after lineups and after an hour or so getting through all those lineups [Read On]

What’s on your child’s List? It’s the 2017 Babylish Advice Toy Gift Guide

This is by far my favorite time of year … not so much the weather (snow sucks period the end), but¬†it’s when all the new, hottest toys for 2017/2018 are released and I get to touch, feel, test/play and best of all I get to share my top favorites with everyone and offer some REALLY [Read On]

Family Gaming with Blast Box

So first off, I am going to start by telling you I truly DISLIKE balloons (I was going to use the word “hate” but I have my big guy¬†in my head telling me “hate” is not a nice word which is often what I say to him – how about that for throwing it back [Read On]

Streaming Smarter #StreamTeam

Have you ever watched a Netflix show, been curious about a fact in the show and then Googled it to find out more about it? I like to call this Streaming Smarter I often find myself watching a show and then asking my husband about it and then we both Google it to get more information. [Read On]

The Newest Netflix Hack – You DON’T Want to Miss This! #StreamTeam

How cool would it be if your child’s favourite Netflix show could wish them a happy¬†birthday on their special day? Well I have BIG news that¬†I have been holding onto for weeks now and been so excited to tell everyone. Netflix just launched the best hack that will bring a HUGE smile to your little [Read On]

What’s a Stikbot? #FamilyGaming #Giveaway

What’s a Stikbot you ask? I certainly had the same question and to be quite honest, I was worried I wasn’t going to be overly impressed with this toy. I’ve seen Stikbots around toy stores, but I just assumed they were a toy kids can stick on smooth surfaces and that’s about it (meh right). [Read On]

Have you Heard of the MomSneak? #Netflix

Have you ever found yourself sneaking away from your children just to have a few minutes to yourself with one of your guilty pleasures like watching a show you are addicted to on your tablet or in my case reading a book? Yes, there are times that I run into my bathroom, close the door and [Read On]

Fun Family Games with Yulu #Giveaway

Is it just me or is the “family gaming” aisle in toy stores extremely overwhelming?! Jam packed with hundreds of different games, I literally pace back and forth¬†looking at all the titles and then most the time I walk away empty handed and frustrated because I just can’t seem make a decision. At one point [Read On]

Gazillions of Bubbles #Giveaway

I’m pretty sure there is not 1 child out there that doesn’t love bubbles! I mean what is not to like, you pour liquid into a bowl and put a wand through it, blow and magically these pretty coloured bubbles appear. Now I am going to age myself here, but when I was growing up [Read On]

Unwind with Netflix #StreamTeam

From school to play dates, hockey practice, swim lessons, baseball practice and now to long days at camp, sitting back on a couch and unwinding with Netflix for a few minutes is a BIG must in my house. I love nothing more than my kids running around out doors getting some exercise, but sometimes it [Read On]

McDonald’s New Launch for Happy Meals

If you haven’t already heard, McDonald’s has big news that has just launched for their Happy Meals! Through a partnership with Kids Can Press (the world’s largest children’s book publisher), ¬†you now can get a book OR a toy in your little one’s Happy Meal. When I think of my childhood, one of the first [Read On]

The New Hottest Toy on the Market

Everyone is looking for the new hottest toy for their kids and Thumb Chucks¬†has earned it’s spot on the shelves! Test your skills and show them off learning how to control the roll. Now, this is not an easy task, but the more you practice the better you will get and well if your mini [Read On]

Media to the Max #StreamTeam

Kids now-a-days are exposed to so many¬†forms of media … it’s Media to the Max! It’s hard to stop them considering they are constantly surrounded by it whether it be television, movies, video games, apps on their tablets or computers, websites etc so we look for outlets that help our children learn. There are a [Read On]

Bath Time with Live Clean #GIVEAWAY

I always have been and I always will be a full supporter of the entire Live Clean line as their products are simply the best. Bath time in my house is ALWAYS with Live Clean products. My kids have NEVER had a reaction to any of their products, they all smell so good and best [Read On]

Looking of an All Inclusive Family Getaway? Review of the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana #Giveaway

Your looking for an all inclusive family getaway … now the question is, how to choose a family resort … pictures on the internet? O.k fine, but¬†remember that commercial you saw on television that shows that super delicious perfect looking hamburger and then you go to get it and it looks deflated and NOTHING like [Read On]

Are you a Netflix Cheater? #StreamTeam

Since my husband doesn’t read all my blog posts, I can openly admit that I am a Netflix cheater! That’s right, I have Netflix cheated on him. I am sure you can all agree there have been 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4) Netflix shows that you start watching with your “other”, you get [Read On]

Tis the Season of Runny Noses #BoogieWipes #Giveaway

I feel like I should be a spokesperson for Boogie Wipes because I LOVE them and have been using them for over 5 ¬†years on all the runny noses in my house! In fact, in winter I don’t leave home without a pack in my purse or bag because my kids have runny noses ALL [Read On]

A New Year calls for New Shows #StreamTeam

Television show endings these days are not all fuzzy peaches and roses. They seem to be more controversial or they leave you with lots of questions and of course for us (adults) we like that, but children (well up to a certain age) they think endings should all be happy ever after which as we all know [Read On]

This Holiday Netflix has you Covered #StreamTeam

Whether you are changing your location (some like to call it “vacation” however with children it is no vacation so I prefer to call it a change of location) or having a staycation, there is always a moment of child boredom due to bad weather of any kind so that’s the moment you cuddle up [Read On]

Unwrap Hasbro’s Hottest Toys #HolidayToyList

Furby Connect Furby’s baaaaack and with a vengeance!!! Prior to getting the new Furby Connect to review, I was always curious about him. I mean how could you not, he is so damn cute and looks so lonely on the shelves sitting in that box (shame). When I heard that the new Furby Connect was [Read On]

Leap into the Holidays with LeapFrog #HolidayToyList

LeapFrog #1 fan right here, always have been, always will be! Now it’s time to leap into the Holiday toy buying with LeapFrog. If you don’t know the LeapFrog brand (not sure there are many people out there that don’t know their brand) their products¬†are educational, age appropriate, interactive and simply just fun. My kids [Read On]

What’s New in the Kid’s Shoe Market #Skechers #Giveaway

I like to consider myself a little bit of a shoe connoisseur. I know, that’s a bold statement, so let me back this¬†up by explaining¬†myself. I collect running shoes (some people might call it odd but those who know … know!). There are women out there that like to collect purses, some like to collect [Read On]

Licensed Labels to get Excited About

I have recently realized¬†that you can never have enough name labels in your house! These days I pretty much label everything because¬†of a common theme in my house … ¬†missing items! Whether it be an article of clothing, accessory or toy, it leaves the house and it’s a toss up as to whether it comes [Read On]

What’s Streaming for Halloween #StreamTeam

I swear my kids wait all year for Halloween! In fact, as soon as Halloween is over they start planning their costumes for the following years Halloween however they probably change their minds about 6 times throughout the year since they really base it on their favorite tv/movie at the time. My little guy (not [Read On]

The Toy that will Make your Kids Laugh #HolidayToyList

I was recently introduced to a new toy called Sing-A-Ma-Lings and when I mentioned these cute toys to a friend thinking they were new, she looked at me as if I was crazy for not knowing them! I gave these funny looking yet totally adorable little things a go, handed them to my mini toy reviewer and [Read On]

Potty Training with Kandoo Flushable Wipes #Giveaway

You know what’s hard¬†… having kids, you know what’s harder … potty training them!!!!!!! Just when you think you found the light at the end of the tunnel, your mini decides they are going to throw you through a loop and has accident after accident after accident (AHHHHHHHH SOOO FRUSTRATING). If I have learned some [Read On]

Don’t Forget about Family Time #StreamTeam

So you blinked and it somehow turned into fall! The kids went back to school, the after school programs started, the weekend programs started which means in my house one parent takes the older and one person takes the younger and after a crazy week of running around you realize that you have spent little to no time [Read On]

Come Together with Beat Bugs on Netflix #BeatBugs #StreamTeam

What do you call cute little bugs that sing great tunes … BEAT BUGS! My television¬†is heavily consumed by Kids Netflix shows that I am made to sit down and watch if I want some cuddles. 90% of the time¬†I tune out what¬†they are watching¬†and the other 10%¬†I actually pay attention to and this show [Read On]

All Things Canadian #Netflix

We celebrate our birthdays yearly, so it is only customary to celebrate Canada’s birthday with friends, fireworks and BBQ’s (can’t forget¬†a day off work – thank you very much Canada) which is customary! Every Monday of the Canada day long weekend, my entire family gets together for dinner and the kids play outside. Typically my [Read On]

The Summers Best Natural Sunscreen #GIVEAWAY

How many sunscreen’s have you purchased and then weeks later find yourself¬†reading the latest¬†recall list only to find that new sunscreen that you just purchased and¬†put on your child countless times¬†is on that list because of an active ingredient in the product? So what brand do you trust??? I am sure I am not the [Read On]